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Lotus Session Log: 08/15/2020

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

ISR -- Lotus

DATE: 08.15.2020

Transcribed by Courtney Lambert



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space. The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.



Adrogenes goes to the bar. Zeynerx is hiding in Nyx's mind. Dark Nyx is glaring at him since he as invaded her dwelling.

Valmara takes the other Prakkum to the med bay. Talos greets the older one and asks

if he will cause more trouble. The broken one is there as well. Then Valmara makes her way to the bar as well.

Zeynerx goes to Cadaran to get new body. He gives him a body that he can use. Zeynerx retells him what he can of what happened when they interacted with the Foremind. He mentions what happened to Androgenes, and Cadaran decides to go find him.

Nyx goes to Cadaran's workbench and wants to attach the ion blade to his armor.

Cadaran goes up to Adrogenes in the bar and asks what happens. Adrogenes tells him that he had

to make a sacrifice to keep his oath. He mentions that he called Gallimus to aid him. Cadaran

supposes that they could negate the effects of Gallimus on him. Adrogenes suggests that

he can perhaps join the Legion of the Void. Cadaran suggests the Rifters. Adrogenes

wants to talk to Kyron. Cadaran says that Adrogenes has probably lost his humanity.

Usi goes to Julianne. She then tells Usi that she had to report the loss of the Legacy crew member to his captain. She mentions her frustration about Valmara's bringing trouble to them. Usi seems sympathetic to her feelings.

Osias accidentally walks in on them. Usi tells Osias that he can give them their

debrief. He gives it to them. He mentions that Nyx has an ion sabre now. Osias says

he likes it.

Usi tells Osias about what he learned about their sister who is held captive. He mentions

a meeting that involves her. Osias asks if Meso knew where. Usi says he didn't think so. Julianne

interrupts to mention that they could be home in a month if they get the tech installed

from the station. She doesn't want to mention it to the crew because it could give them

a false hope.

Abuteu was in the closet for several months, while they travelled. She

opens the door, and it's in the maintenance area. There is a Deltan hooked up to the

panel, working. He hears the creak of the door and reports the strange Protian in the

closet. The Protian smirks at him as she leans against the door. She has eaten all

the food she had previously kept. Usi walks into the room, and Abuteu growls at him.

The Deltan asks if he wants help. Usi says there is no need to.

Owen sees the smaller female Protian and greets her. She asks him for a sandwich and a

Osias comments to Usi about Abuteu's presence. Osias looks to Abuteu and waves . r away from

Usi as possible. Usi and Osias sit together.

Osias comments to Usi about Abuteu's presence. Osias looks to Abuteu and waves.

Valmara talks to Adrogenes and tells him that he made a stupid decision. Gallimus

is present in his mind. She tells him his decision is stupid. Valmara tells him of her

feelings about what he did and how she wants to help him because of her father and the fact

that the Felhammer have saved them. She then pokes Gallimus and talks to him and then

does a mental hang-up.

Adrogenes leaves the mess hall, and Osias tries to greet him. Valmara goes to sit in

the corner of the room.

Zeynerx scoots to another part of the room, trying to keep far away from Valmara and


Nyx goes to Cadaran's forge. She offers to help Cadaran build armor for Adrogenes.

She tells him about how the armor melted off of Adrogenes. Cadaran says that that is

what Galimus does. Together they make some basic blueprints. Nyx helps him with his


Usi goes to the medical bay. He sees Talos checking on the two Prakkuum. Usi meets the

young Prakkum and the older one. The older one is in good health. The younger looks

more chipper. The young one asks where Valmara is, and she enters shortly. He cheers up when he sees her.

Talos gives them a report on their health. As they talk the younger Prakkuum grabs hold

of Valmara and buries its head on her side. She senses that he is broken but that her

presence comforts her. She wraps her arm around his shoulder and strokes his head.

Abuteu watches everyone depart and is mostly alone in the mess hall. She goes to the

closet and finds the maintenance door that she had hid in earlier to be locked. She slides to the floor and pouts. The Deltan asks if she wants assistance. He tells her that she has a room for her use. She behaves rather frustrated about where the room is. She then gives in and is guided to her room. She falls on the bed and is still upset. She looks for a blade that is not there. She

considers seeking new weapons for herself. She decides to go explore the ship.

Usi collapses to the ground again. Valmara senses him and sees that he is seeing some-thing

through someone else's eyes. She can't sense anything else. Talos appears by him. Abuteu hears Usi's body thud against the floor and walks in, asking if he is dead yet.

Usi is seeing from anther person's eyes. The hands are feminine. The person standing

in front of her is a Tauri. He mentions that the woman is princess. Usi tries to make

himself more present inside her mind. He succeeds. She senses and recognizes him.

They talk to each other. He tells her of Ieye's return. He warns her to be cautious

about any traps. Usi tries to recognize the Tauri but is unable to. Another person enters the room: this time it is a Matrix. The person looks like Acheron.

Osias is at the door and sees Usi. He asks if he had another episode, and Talos tells them

to go to their quarters. They do so.

Androgenes does a scan in the med bay. He watches the three Prakkumm. Valmara stares back

at him. He reminds her of the training he had promised, and they agree to begin training


Usi and Osias return to their quarters and talk. He tells him that he thinks that the

device in his head allows Azazel to see through Osias or something. Usi says that he keeps

seeing things from Osias's past.

They travel for several more days. They approach the station. The Blood Swan is there.

Valmara doesn't sense any hostility. Nyx sees another ship in the system that is giving

off weird radiation signals. Nyx notifies Julliane.

The Black Swan hails the Lotus. Abuteu is on the bridge. The captain spots her, and

Abuteu recognizes the captain as the one who was chasing her. Abuteu runs out of the bridge and

sits in a corner.

Julianne interacts with the captain of the Black Swan, making them think the wrong thing. The Black Swan ends the comms.

Julianne says that if she wants to go off the ship and visit the station and that what happens to her is not their responsibility. But if there is something that happens aboard the ship, it will be because she is part of the crew.

Abuteu wants to do some shopping. They throw out multiple ideas on how to smuggle her

onto the station. Nyx offers to go with her. She says that she will tear apart anyone who harms Abuteu.

Androgenes stays on the ship in the med bay. Valmara stays on the ship as well, spending

time with the other Prakkuum.

Julianne, Usi, Osias, Nyx, and Zeynerx go on the station. Osias asks Usi to check on him

after they get back.



Written by Courtney Lambert

To see more of her work, check out her other blog posts and her own website!

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