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Lotus Session: 03/28/2020

ISR- Lotus

Date: 28.03.2020


[The first of the decrypted log files has been processed. Though the previous logs are too damaged to retrieve anything to give us context, there is some information in the headers that gives us insight into the transmissions. Clearly, something was up.

We will learn more from the next decrypted log.]


A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space.

The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.


-Conrad's recap: unintelligible.

-Torin's recap: Lotus docks with the station, Valmara joins the ship. Captain Lothal and Nyx meet Valmara. Nyx seduces Valmara successfully. Belial doesn't like the Protian. The Matrix tells Usi that he has to kill the thing he loves most. Usi blacks out and finds himself in his sister's core.


-Cervius seeks energy source from Belial in Engine room and ends up having a sparring word match with Valmara.

-Belial goes to the bridge to report.

-Valmara does research into the other Prakkum whom she has heard about from others on the ship, learns that he was a good soul after he joined the Lotus despite his incarceration. She is in the mess hall.

-Zeynerx, the pilot, has interfaced with the ship.

-Julian, the ship's captain, asks for crew to gather. Zero realm space is near. Discussion on whether to go in or not commences. Belial has the information to navigate; however, he is unwilling to share it unless he is allowed to pilot the ship and their route is deleted afterward. After much deliberation, they agree to his conditions.

-They are sucked into a passage and end up in a bubble. Drive is inoperable. Investigations find that they are only able to operate at 50%. Study of the bubble shows that it is slowly getting smaller, and many passages appear and disappear on the sides of the bubble. Some end and split apart disappearing into somewhere else. It is assumed these openings lead elsewhere. They discover that the bubble is decreasing in size and determine that they have ~5-10 min till it has closed in on them.

It is suggested that they get out of the situation. Belial, knowing that it would do nothing but for the desire for explosions, built a zero bomb in 2 min and detonates it.

It accomplishes nothing to improve their momentum. They successfully escape into a passage. Nyx is now flying with knowledge she does not know the origin of.

-The next passage they find that there is a wreckage of infinerite(?) (a very rare and valuable metal), and the wreck was an Infinity Empire ship. They take in the wreckage for the infinerite(?).

-Belial sends a probe through one of the passages, and a signal is detected before the opening closes. Later, they find the passage again, and more information comes. There is an intact Infinity ship. The decision is made to investigate.

They narrowly get in, just as the opening closes, thanks to Usi's taking over the controls for Nyx.

-Belial, Cervius, Usi, Nyx, Zeynerx, and Valmara board the ship. They find the captain intact on the bridge, but there are not signs of injuries. He is mostly bones. They try to connect to the ship, and they are pushed out after 6 sec. No signs of crew aboard.

Nyx explores: no other crew aboard, doors are open. Mess hall is abandoned and in a mess.

-Valmara examines the medical room. No patients. Computers and displays are dark. Searches for any data pads. From the logs of one, the ship was sucked into the space, and after that there are no more log entries.

-Those in the engine room find a red and black throbbing singularity core.

-Cervius finds some data pads. Logs turn out to be lesser engineer's notes. In last log, the reactor core was described as stable. He discards those he considers un-needed. Valmara picks them up.

-Usi tries to activate the core. It emits a red flash and returns to its original state. Usi looses consciousness, and his vitals are low. This is unprecedented.

-Belial, Cervius, and Zeynerx go to the armory.

-Nys feels a presence as she explores and follows the presence, very carefully resisting the urge to chase it. It is bending the metal around it and seems to pull plates toward it.

Nyx then throws something at it, fearing it is building something. The metal collected around it blasts against the walls. The crystalline structure forms, and the metal reforms swiftly around it, as if building a metallic body. She then calls on comms. She escapes a concussive blast and waits.

-Belial tries to go in to Usi's mind. Zeynerx and Valmara join. Cervius ends up by himself with everyone in Engineering unconscious. Comms cannot communicate to the ship.

-They enter Usi's mind and everyone is there except Peter, whose form is in the state of an energy ball.

-Nyx's mental state is worsening as he realizes he is all alone and that everyone else is frozen. Attempts to communicate, but there is only static. Sanity is slipping.

-Cervius tries to run from the room but sees the metallic figure is approaching. He runs back. Ieye, the AI from Usi's suit, says he should try to wake up the the others. He kicks Belial in the groin and breaks his leg. He retreats.

...Brief corruption of transcript...Important data lost in transmission...

-Valmara pulls out and gets a brief run-through of what Belial has learned from Ieye. She looks down the hall and sees Nyx going down the hall. She hears noise coming out of the comms. From the sound of it, there is a struggle going on with Nyx and something else.

-Usi seeks to contact his siblings. His sister sees his mental state differently from him. The rest pull out as well once they see the singularity core expanding. Ship is to explode very soon.

-Cervius is attacked by Nyx who has suddenly become hostile toward her friends since her sanity has been lost. Cervius is knocked unconscious. He is dying.

-Both Belial, Usi, and Valmara rush to where the struggle is. Nyx turns on Valmar and goes for the gut. She tanks it with her shield. She was about to get another hit that would have killed her, but Belial charged and body-slammed Nyx. He tackles Nyx to the ground and subdues her despite her struggling. Some of her spine bones broke off, and she fell unconscious. Usi, with Nyx out of the way, stabilizes Cervius, but he is still unconscious.

Valmara tries to reconstruct Nyx's mind but fails. Belial does as well, with better success. Her mind is brought back to normal.

-Usi starts to drag Cervius to the bridge. Belial's approval of Usi improves.




Who is who:

  • Belial - Conrad

  • Julian - Cole

  • Usi - Torin

  • Nyx - Josiah D.

  • Cervius - Josiah R.

  • Valmara - Courtney

  • Zeynerx - Peter

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