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Lotus Session Log: 07/11/2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

ISR -- Lotus

DATE: 07.11.2020

Transcribed by Courtney Lambert



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space.

The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.



The crew is on the bridge of the Lotus. The Viren ship is significantly larger than it. Zeynerx tries to move the Lotus a bit closer to the Felhammer. The Felhammer ship is hailed, and they address the situation that they are in. The Felhammer say that they will deal with the situation, contact the Tiadong vessel, and if they desire, the Lotus can seek to board it.

The Tiadong vessel's gun disengages from the hull and rises. The Felhammer's ship's guns rotate toward the Viren ship. Everyone on deck and the ship itself are hailed. Over the hail are garbled words mixed with English and other languages (including Prakuum). Translated, the Viren's words are: "Return Ship. Become One."

Zeynerx mentally responds with: "That is not happening." The telepaths recognize that the Viren mind is pressing toward the ship. Valmara senses that not the entire mind is focused on the ship, but she feels like an ant underneath a boot that is yet to fall on her. She debates touching its mind with her own, but Adrogenes senses this. He dumps a bunch of Viren history and images of it devouring entire worlds into her mind. Overwhelmed, she decides to wait for a bit.

The Viren ship continues to approach. It's outside is shifting in. Lenir, the captain of the Tiadong vessel, says that they will not be involved but will remain in LDC (long distance combat). Adrogenes is assigned to weapons, and tries to locate weaker spots. He coordinates with the Felhammer vessel.

Valmara goes to engineering.

Zeynerx takes the ship to follow the Tiadong vessel. The station's weapons are out. The Legacy vessel is undocked and running scans of the area.

There is a massive power spike on the Tiadong vessel. The two massive cannons fire, extending out and the metal rods tear two massive tears across the ship. Thrusters form on the broken parts. The Felhammer launch two missiles that do not have any heat signatures. One of the ships gets sucked into zero space. There is one ship left. Julianne allows Adrogenes to fire

the second to last zero-space bomb. It hits the remaining ship. It gets sucked into the open space.

Valmara senses the Viren mind again. She then decides to poke it and gets overwhelmed by the Viren mind. She senses and gets a flash of another Prakumm. She hears "Foolish being;" and then she falls to the ground, knocked unconscious.

Everyone senses that the Viren's mind is focused on something in the ship. Adrogenes gets irritated. Valmara is then talked to by Julianne, Zeynerx, and Adrogenes who offer to train her in mental powers. She accepts, preferring as many teachers as she can because of the potential knowledge they could share. Their methods would be very different.

Julianne decides to go through the cloud still, through the smallest part of the cloud. Zeynerx vocalizes that he dislikes the idea. They return to the bridge, Valmara with them. The Legacy ship (Protius) hails the vessel (Adrogenes contacts his brothers). The captain asks if they can join them as a wing. Julianne seeks advice of the crew who agree that two ships would be better when travelling through the Viren cloud.

Zeynerx plots a course that will take three days to get through the cloud. They head into the cloud. Protius stops every now and then to scan. Zeynerx spends his time on the console gripping the controls with stress. Nyx sits back and plays video games. Adrogenes wishes to challenge Cadaran. Cadaran decides to keep his mind stable in the current situation. Valmara decides to take lessons with Julianne. Adrogenes asks for the Burning Zakon Mead while he is at the bar. Owen slams it down and it has a gold amber liquid with flames rising from the surface.

Valmara goes to training. She goes into the bar in time to watch the Felhammer downing the mead. As it goes down his throat, it glows. Adrogenes has Forgeborn mead. Owen tells Valmara she cannot drink the beverages because she will die. Valmara has some regular mead and talks to Dolore (Deli). Zeynerx walks in while Deli is rambling about different things. He tries a drink.

Adrogenes distills his mead down so others less-stable can drink it. Nyx comes in and Owen's demeanor changes. She asks for Zakon mead and downs it, going off to a table and plays on her data tablet.

As she leaves, Owen sets a shot down, and the glass cracks. Valmara asks him what is wrong. He mentions in a way what happened with Nyx previously. It is clearly bothering them.

Valmara tries the distilled brandy and gets drunk, but not plastered. Nyx decides to try it only requests a little more that what was being offered. She drinks it and gets a little buzz.

Valmara asks for another drink and Adrogenes gives her another. Adrogenes downs the bowl. Valmara drinks more and doesn't get any more drunk. Adrogenes makes another drink and adds a whole canister of flux. Adrogenes vision goes, and he gets damaged severely. Julianne finds them and tells them to take Adrogenes to the medbay. She tells Owen about what she's said about getting people drunk. Owen explains that he made it himself.

Nyx and Owen discuss what happened between them, and they seek to repair their relationship. Julianne who has witnessed the entire dialogue is very shocked. She walks off.

Talos talks to Adrogenes and gives him a shot of something to help him get sober, if it can even help in that. Valmara is hungover badly. Nyx is severely hungover. Valmara reports to work an hour late while Nyx reports three hours late. Nyx gives Valmara a glass of water out of the jug. She downs the glass.

A vessel appears on their radar. They try to scan it but they don't get anything. Valmara cannot even read or make out the scan reports.

They contact the Legacy. They discover that there is a Prakuum still alive on the planet. The Legacy offer to help assist.

They travel to what they think is a system. They have a location on the planet of the distress. A select group from the crew beam down. Several Legacy beam down and join them. They greet them.

The planet's surface sinks as they step down, like a thick carpet. The surface is writhing and clinging to their shoes which are electrified. There are trees and structures that melted into the surface. They meet a captain and another crew. There is a Nepateket there with another being like Zeynerx there. The other person realizes what Zeynerx is. They greet each other.

Adrogenes and Valmara sense the Nempateket. They find a crash site and several stay behind to guard.

They find a cavern and start to climb down. Valmara falls but Adrogrenes catches her and puts her on his back along with Nyx. There is a ship in the base of the cavern smoking. There are Viren growths about the walls, goopy and eerie to look at.



Written by Courtney Lambert

To see more of her work, check out her other blog posts and her own website!

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