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Lotus Session Log: 06.14.2020


DATE: 06.14.2020

Written By Courtney Lambert



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space.

The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.


[Decrypted Transcript Start:]

Cadaran and Adrogenes are heading to their brothers.

The station is tall and wide, having a curve in it. They dock in the curved part of it, and they dock in the station. (*Connection was lost with Valmara's transmission....Regained...) The station is a Factory station and has a decent amount of wealth because of its being the sole station.

Zeynerx, Adrogenes, and Cataran go together. They find the presence of the Legacy to be interesting. They walk to the main Felhammer ship that is docked. They quickly get there and are greeted when they approach by a guard outside. He welcomes them.

They request to speak with the Captain Alec. The guard eyes Zeynerx for a while and then lets them all pass into the ship.

They make their way to the bridge where the captain is. He is massive with the same armor that is typical with the Felhammer.

He welcomes them aboard. They ask about the Legacy ship. The captain says they are there for that ship. The Legacy has said that they have no hostile intentions. They speak about how hard it was to find them since they disappeared. The brothers speak about their purpose aboard the Lotus. They ask about the area. The Felhammer says that the Viren here are odd from the

rest since their gate is very active. The Bulwark has not tried to get into the Viren space. The brother says that they should try to wipe out the gate. The captain says it is a silly idea. He tells him that the Seraphim tend to fight in this area of space, but he does not know what house they are. Adrogenes asks if they met any and if they were hostile. The captain says they

met only one and it was hostile. There is Clan Leou presence in the area. Adrogenes then says that they need to have caution with the tunnels in space lest that clan aquire them. There also area Seraphim ships with strange markings. The captain asks Zeynerx for his own thoughts. They say they need to depart. They wish each good travels and go their own ways.

Usi is looking for a black market on the station. He finds a small portion of the station that has a black market after some time searching. He looks for Magrunn tech. He has brought Osias with him. He finds a man who interests him and approaches him. He asks for Magrunn hull fragments. As he talks, Osias is rummaging through the piles of metal material. Usi asks how much for

the scrap of Magrunn hull fragments. The man says that he can have it for free. The man asks him what ship he is on. Usi is cautious and asks what ship. Osias blurts out that it is the Lotus. The man then asks that Osias does the talking since he is already so forthcoming with knowledge. The man says that there are tech that can be found for increasing the warp speed of ships. He describes it as beyond Viren space and that he will give him the information on the station and coordinates. Usi asks why he is giving this information. The man replies that he has his reasons which he will not share. Osias says it is sketchy. The man asks them to go elsewhere. Usi does an about face and signals Osias to follow. They have concealed the tech they procured in a bag.

Valmara goes onto the ship to look for the tech Julianne offers. She finds several different markets on the station. She finds terminals with a large amount of items. She does a sense on the area and she sees a Verlen and Juliem. They all seem non-hostile. A couple are carrying personal equipment and materials. She approaches. One says that they saw a Prakumm a couple days ago.

Valmara asks about it, and they say it went to the Viren space. She asks them for some of the equipment, and there is a Legacy that walks past. Valmara wants to inspect the wares that they have (they are bickering and chattering with each other the entire time),

The Legacy officer is inquisitive and interrupts them before they enter the warehouse to inspect. The science officer says that they have the equipment that Valmara seeks. She is interested and learns that they are the Legacy, a conglomeration of several races.

She decides to look at the vendor's wares and then if they are not up to snuff to investigate the Legacy's offer. She inspects it and finds most of the equipment are in "Ok" condition, and one is in worse condition.

She then goes to the Legacy officer and inquires about their equipment. The Legacy says that they have the equipment. Valmara talks to Juliane about if she should investigate what the Legacy have. Julianne sees no issues with it but requests that she know what information they are seeking in exchange for the equipment. Valmara asks and they say that they need to know about the Viren space, mentioning how they have lost some ships recently in there. Valmara decides to go to inspect the equipment.

Nyx sees Valmara go off with the well-dressed officer. She decides to find a black market. She sees the Magrunn and the others there.

She decides to approach them casually. The Magrunn is organizing his wares (marking them as "Not Black Market material" and the male Radrian sees her and warns her to not try anything. Nyx replies that she wouldn't dream of it. She approaches one of them.

She tells him she is looking for a focus crystal. He offers her several types of crystals. She finds one that she might need. She asks for the price and is told an enormous price. She then pays it with the ship's credits and the vendor is very pleased.

She takes her wares and walks out. She finds Adrogenes and shows him the crystal. He says that they can begin working on the armor.

He then questions him about if anything happened. Nyx mentions the Radrian and nothing else.

Adrogenes asks Juliane about anything interesting going on. She says they might have a deal being made with the Legacy. She mentions the Prakumm's and Adrogenes' questions why it is the Prakumm and turns and leaves the ship, heading straight for the Legacy ship with Zeynerx

in tow.

The guard then stops the Felhammer and Zeynerx at the door. Adrogenes contacts the captain and asks what information they seek.

He says they have information on the Viren and want information in return. The captain says that they want to have information in return.

Zeynerx is allowed to enter while the Falhammer is remaining outside on guard.

Valmara is with the science officer in the science room where the main part is being constructed and the rest of the already built equipment is. He hands her the tech and it looks in pristine condition. Zeynerx enters the room with Captain Halen.

They say that the last piece they will beam to the ship.

Valmara talks with the Captain. He recommends that they go by the drive if they want to tour the ship. Valmara decides to explore.

Zeynerx follows her. There is a stable singularity core in the drive. The housing of the core if destroyed will cause the core to be unstable. Valmara reaches out to the housing and her hand is stopped a bit from the housing by a barrier. Jake tells her about the the core, that they make them, that they have developed them from some pre-gap tech. They also mention that the weaponry they developed from Infinity ship.

They leave the ship and Adrogenes is standing out there, sword out glaring at the guard. He demands what they learned from them.

She tells them what Zeynerx told them and that they got little information from her. Adrogenes asks if she wants to know why they hate the Legacy. She accepts. He explains to her the history between them. They return to the ship.

Usi and Osias return to the ship and they talk. Osias asks why Usi doesn't like the Magrunn. Then he asks Usi if the crew trust him.

They then talk to each other.

(Transmision error occurred...)

Osias mentions that it is curious how the episodes don't effect him when he does have it. They then decide to tell the information about the tech. Julianne is interested in the tech despite the shadiness surrounding the exchange of information. She is waiting

for parts before they move on. Usi is concerned that it might be a trap again like last time when there was

(Transmission lost....)

She suggests that they get going again as soon as possible. Usi says that he will go back to his projects. Nyx is vibing, waiting for her armor.

Julianne sends a general notification that they will be undocking since they received the ships parts which will be put onto the ship while they are moving. The ship is hailed and the captain of the Legacy ship tells her safe travels and that they will be monitoring them.

Adrogenes notifies his brothers that they are going to travel through Viren space. He also reports that they have not received any issues with the Legacy.

The Lotus undocks and they warp in the direction of Viren space. They find the thinnest part of the space to travel through, but the space is so large that it will be difficult.

The Viren space is thicker, and their scanners are more difficult. They scan organic matter and another ship in the space. Zeynerx tries to scan and the panel shuts down. Others scan a metallic hull with a strange signal coming from it. The ship seems to be covered with something growing on it. Adrogenes recognizes the ship as a Tingadon(sp?) vessel. He also is getting power signatures from it.

Zeynerx decides to inform the Zalos; however no signals are able to escape the filmy goop that surrounds them. He then informs Julianne. She is surprised since she thought they were extinct. She wonders why it is there. Adrogenes says that it has been sitting there for a while.

Valmara tries to sense toward the ship but only gets a solitary mind encompassing the ship. It is overwhelming and she cannot push through it

They then discuss if they will go investigate the ship or not. They weigh the options of boarding and not boarding. The material the ship is made of is a bit more valuable than the infinerite. They scan the ship for life signs and find some weak ones.

Some of them want to go back to get more ships to help them.



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