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Lotus Session Log: 05/31/2020


DATE: 05.31.2020

Written By Courtney Lambert



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space.

The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.


[Decrypted Transcript Start:]

A week has passed on the ship. They are still at warp with nothing much happening.

They have stopped at a station from which they heard that there is a supply chain farther away to which they can fly to pick up things and some interesting tech. They have set the ship's course

toward this station.

Adrogenes and Cataran are chilling at the bar. They both are being discrete in their

drinking. Adrogenes talks to Owen, asking about any news from his ambassador. He says he

has not and excuses it for delays. He asks if Owen ever gets out of the bar, but Owen says

he doesn't. He wishes to do an armor idea for Owen's kind. Owen says his design will not

help his throat and doesn't want modifications to the Zakon physiology. Adrogenes explains

it was just a thought and thanks him for the spirits. Adrogenes gives him another flask

of his kind's mead.

He finds Julianne in engineering, examining the modifications that Belial made to the

ship's core. He asks how he can help. She replies that she would like the tech

finished that Belial was doing. He says Cataran can finish it. Adrogenes apologizes

for Kyron's ire that he had directed toward the Lotus's captain. Adrogenes explains

that Kyron has been having issues and has been trying to fix the "dent" he made in the

galaxy. He asks her for any missions. Julianne says no, but that they are going to a

station to which they hope to find more tech to make the warp faster.

Adrogenes tries to prod Julianne mentally. He gets nothing back and does it again. There

is nothing. He then replies that he thinks that she should keep an eye on the Prakkum

who seems to have tried to end herself. Julianne says that the Prakkum is not entirely to

blame for the results, since the rest who went with her went of their own volition.

Usi tries to research an organic material that can withstand light. He is able to find

material able to withstand light, the one that they had encountered on a Magrunn ship.

The material is made out of a space-faring creature. He researches another material

which is like a Viren skin that also resists light. Usi rules out the Viren as a source.

He makes his way to Medical to check on his DNA for any changes in it. He gets an

intense ringing in his ears and drops to one knee. He sees out of someone else's eyes

for a moment. Once again he sees himself strapped into a device. There is a Matrix

who is taking notes on a data pad. It is a Azazel. He greets the person from whose eyes

he is seeing and asks if he/she is ready for another day of tests. Usi finds himself

on the face ground and when he comes to, he looks about. Nyx sees him and kneels by him

poking him and asking if he is dead. Usi looks up, and Nyx sees Usi's eyes are pitch black

and then the darkness seems to crawl away. Nyx looks at him for a moment, decides to not

say anything, and walks off.

Usi makes the rest of his way to Medical. Talos knows of his blackout when he enters, and

he asks for Usi to tell him what he experienced. Talos said that he finds it odd that

he is still having blackouts when Osias has been on the ship. Usi suggests that there

be logs off all the encounters, and that perhaps his suit's A.I. should take over for him

when he does so that he doesn't blackout in combat. He mentions his desire to speak with

Ieye. Talos says he will continue to monitor Usi's progress.

Usi returns to the bridge to sit down.

Zeynerx is still grumpy over being annihilated by Gallimus. Zeynerx is on the bridge at

the reinforced pilot seat. He all of sudden gets tunnel vision that blackens his entire

vision. He just sees eyes light up in front of him. The being says: "Hello." He pulls

himself out of it. The two other people in the bridge, one looked toward him for a moment.

Zeynerx goes to Adrogenes to speak of his encounter with Gallimus. The Felhammer asks him

what caused it. Adrogenes contacts Cataran that Zeynerx should be monitored and if he falls,

he should be terminated.

Nyx walks onto the bridge as Zeynerx walks out. He declared that everyone is crazy. With

Zeynerx off of the piloting seat, Talos has taken over. Nyx sits down and thinks about what

Usi did. Osias walks onto the bridge and greets Nyx. He seems delighted by what Nyx says.

Nyx does say that he did see something odd and beckons Osias to come closer. Osias does and

his ears flip forward. He explains the weird thing that happened to Usi's eyes. Osias says

that that is odd to happen to a Protian and suggests that perhaps Myx should mention it

to Talos. Osias queries that perhaps it could be due to his genetic changes. Then he

recalls that he did work in medical and could do some research. As Osias leaves, Usi

enters and mentions in passing to Usi that he fell. Then later in the hall, he asks Usi

to eat lunch with him.

Usi bores his eyes at the back of Nyx's head and thanks her for telling what happened to

him to his brother. Nyx sends the message with his observations to Talos as Usi sits

down in his station. Usi then states that his tendency to fall down is not really that

odd anymore. Nyx suggests that comedy is needed to liven the mood on the ship. Usi asks

if he has any more questions. Nyx goes out to get food. She is waiting to find stuff

for her armor on the station. Owen gets her food, without speaking or looking at her.

Nyx says nothing in return, except for thank you. Owen looks at Nyx and his eyes look

like they are on fire with the hatred that he has now for her.

Valmara is still in engineering. Julianne is still there. She is talking to the head

guy (Mark), and he is the most intimidating human she has seen. Part of his eye is mechanical.

She talks to Julianne. She says she would like Valmara to research ship parts. Valmara

says she will. She goes to the mess hall to eat and talks to Owen asking for food and

for it to be a surprise. Delora makes her some food. She had poofy red hair. Valmara

eats the food and likes it, to the delight of Delora. She tells Owen thank you for what

he did last week. She knows that the space that they are entering is dangerous.

The ship drops out of warp at the station that is just outside of Viren space. In the

distance there is Viren space, a green blob against the blackness. They dock on the station. There is another Felhammer ship sitting on the station. There is another large bulky ship that is also docked. It is made of a bronze material. There is a ship that looks like a bird also. (*Note: It is a Legacy ship)

They dock.

Notes: The connection for the file tranfers kept falling apart throughout the transmission.

Though it has not been noted in the file, it died more than several times.


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