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Lotus Session Log: 05/23/2020

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

ISR -- Lotus

DATE: 05.23.2020

Written by Courtney Lambert



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space.

The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.


There is a ship with golden adornments and lines in the distance as the shuttle docks

into the Lotus in the station. The ship is kilometers longer than the Lotus.

They dock into the Lotus which is still docked up.

Valmara and Osias are both hailed. Julianne calls them to the ready room. Valmara

states that they are probably going to be in trouble, and Osias agrees.

Julianne is at the door when they enter and gestures them inside with a very unexpressive

look. They sit down, Osias' ears folding back. Julianne sits down and starts playing

her pen. She then proceeds to question Valmara and Osias on what happened. She confines

them to the ship for a week and ordered them to arrange for Belial's funeral.

As Valmara leaves the ready room, she sees a Felhammer (Adrogenes) and a Felhammer-like


Zeynerx meets these two and is shown his new body. He goes into the new body.

Usi is in medical and scans for any changes. He talks to Osias and introduces him to his

old room. Usi makes him a new code to allow him access to his room again. Apparently,

something had changed for Usi. He says he had talked to Ieye in the past. Osias decides

to re-acclimate to his room.

Septum does his own thing. Nyx is talking with Julianne about the two new crew members,

about situation and everything else. They agree to undock. Julianne tells everyone to

get to their posts or return the ship.

Julianne goes to the bridge and tells Usi she wants to talk to him about some issues.

She calls Zeynerx to the bridge. His new body throws Julianne off. His new body is

bigger than his old one. The pilot's chair bends underneath Zeynerx's weight. They

all agree that they might need to reinforce the chair. They set course for home.

Nyx goes down to upgrade her armor. She interacts with the Felhammer. She then goes

to the bar and has her usual.

Valmara goes to the bar as well after her shift. She joins Nyx. She asks Owen for a

lighter Prakkum drink and ten olives which she has never had before. She does not like

them at all. Nyx does charisma on Valmara and sowly seductively eats one of the olives.

Owen and Valmara look at Nyx and fall under her spell. She then tells them that she will

talk to them later and leaves.

Valmara stays and continues to drink. The two Felhammer go to the bar. They trade Owen

the Zakon mead and the their own Forgeborn liquor. Then Valmara leaves.

They each try to break Belial's record. The two Felhammer are getting drunk. Valmara

returns to the bar out of curiosity and the desire to not leave Owen alone (there are

others in the area). She is asked to join in the two Felhammer's fun. She agrees to,

after a while. The Felhammer get very far. The one gets drunk and damages the door because

he is upset. Adrogenes downed 15 of the mead and Caderan downed 20.

Valmara leaves and goes to her room.

Julianne is on the bridge. Cervius tells Julianne that he wants to join Kyron's ship

and join the Felhammer early. Julianne supposes that he can give them a try and speaks

of her suprise that they are recruiting early.

They warp off and then get pulled out of warp by the Felhammer ship. They hail the

Lotus and take Cervius.

They see a ship that only has one life-sign on it. They decide to go visit the ship.

Julianne orders Valmara to assist the Felhammer brothers.

The shuttle goes in. The main cannon gets tractor-beamed toward the ship. The shuttle

attaches to the outside of the ship. They enter the shuttle, the other half of the ship is

peeled off and they are in suits. It looks like a cannon blast took the ship out. There

is a smaller ship attached to the vessel by hooks and chains. They suppose that it is

where the life sign is from.

They see that the ship seems to be scarred by enery-based weaponry that they cannot

identify. They approach the smaller ship.

On the ship, the cannon is partly in the ship, being the size of it is about the size

of the Lotus. The components are degraded from what Valmara can see. The Two brothers

see that it is a Genoan. He informs the captain who tells him to the tell the other.

The two agree that the ship needs to be built bigger in order to fit the gun and decide

that to do so that they would need to stay longer. They discover it is a warship and

tell Valmara to tell Julianne that. Adrogenes contacts someone. They decide to take it

apart and use the parts for the ship.

Meanwhile, Usi jumps onto one side of the ship. The other two go to the door. Nyx knocks.

There is no answer. They then try to open the door. They find a panel.

.....Corruption in transcript.....

The people on the ship are in contact with a Protian-like creature. Usi asks the Protian

questians. Usi asks if they want to board the ship, and the Protian says that if they value

their lives that they would walk away. She refuses to tell her name. Usi perceives that

the Protian is damaged, armor is not intact and conduits are leaking.

Usi's words seem unconvincing to the Protian who insists to stay where she is. Nyx

suggests that she tries. She approaches the Protian and says that the destruction

of the air support is her fault and that if she will trust them that she will be much safer

on their vessel than the one she is on.

The Protian comes out of hiding a little bit, but does not take Nyx's hand. Usi checks how much oxygen is in the vessel. He informs the rest that the oxygen is gone and they theirs is getting low. Nyx takes the hand of the Protian and informs Julianne to beam out four. She says that the

shuttle can be remotely returned. Usi asks to take her to med bay. The Protian growls at

Usi. Nyx offers to accompany her to the med bay. Osias sees her and is immediately

interested in her. He tries to flirt with the Protian who begins to hide behind Nyx and as he

continues to back toawrd the door. Osias walks away.

Talos appears and requests everyone to leave. They do. Osias being as flirty as ever.

Talos gets the new Protian to give her name Ubuntu of the house of Diso (*records were

from Talos's med sheet*). He scans her and finds her skull is fractured. He is shocked.

She explains she was tortured for months. Her spine is also damaged. He catalogs 35

injuries and most are broken bones. He tries to give out a medi-patch and medi-pen. She

growls at him. She tries to get away, but Talos successfully administers the medi-pen. Talos

informs her that in 35 hours she will be healed.

She requests to be put off anywhere. Talos checks her history in the data base. Valmara

goes into the med bay and asks for depression meds. Valmara takes it, tries to introduce herself to

the Protian. She is unsuccessful and goes into her room, locks the door, and puts the

full dose into her. It has no effect. She collapses on her bed and just forms things

with her mind and destroys them.

Androgenes then goes to the bar again and Owen greets him that he will run him dry and

doesn't get paid enough. Androgenes gives him credits. Owen complains that he cannot spend

it anywhere. The Felhammers drink and Zeynerx is invited to join them. Usi and Osias join.

Talos suggests to the new Protian that she explore the ship. She ends up in the bar where

everyone else (Nyx is also there but aside). Owen greets the Protian only to be greeted with a growl.

He bares his teeth back at him. She smirks at him. Owen asks what she wants. Caderan

comes in. The new Protian joins Nyx when she spots him. Androgenes warns Caderan to

keep their eyes on her.

Osias tells Usi that he wants to talk to the Protian again. He advises him not to.

Osias slides out a chair where Nyx and the Protian are seated. He tries to flirt with

the Protian.

Valmara attempts to sneak into the corner and grabs some food and a drink. Everyone notices.

Androgenes sees her and prods her mind. She refuses. He prods again. She ends up letting

him speak to her mentally and he asks what is troubling her. She explains what is troubling her

and he ends up telling her that Belial's death and her father's were not her fault and

she mustn't grieve over them.

Owen sees her and leaves the bar. He doesn't lose his height as he leaves. He goes toward the

Prakkum and asks her what is wrong. She explains and he takes her medicine and crushes it, he having noticed

that it was empty.

The new Protian dumps her beverage over Osias' head and he leaves. Androgenes asks her questions, seeking her

intentions which he comes away from unclear.

People file out and only Androgenes, Usi, and the new Protian remain. Usi asks for round

two and gets drunk. Androgenes questions Owen about knowledge about certain houses and

for any contacts.

..... Corrupted data....

Valmara is drunk. (Apparently Usi got his ear flicked by the Protian, and Osias got

hurt by it). Androgenes then tries to recompete with his brother's score. Osias

leaves and finds Usi passed out in the hallway. He then drags Usi away.

Only Nyx, Owen, and Valmara are in the mess hall. Nyx decides to seduce Owen and

succeeds. Stuff happened.


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