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     Vuultaro are a wise avian species that have dedicated themselves to their scientific research, the arts, and many more things. They have even done this to such an extent that their own race has developed horns through gene splicing that allow them to create intense sonic shockwaves with only their voices.


"Protect them for me while I'm gone, won't you, Ahzen?" - Cressida

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Aptitude Pool
The Vuultaro have a pool of Aptitude Points [AP] equal to their Base Aptitude Score, these points can be used with different Vuultaro abilities. Points return on Rest.

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Vuultaro may use their movement to fly, while flying they have no advantages. 
If they are made [Prone] during flight, they fall and take fall damage equal to the distance they have fallen.
While Flying, Vuultaro cannot use any handheld gear. 

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Enhanced Rotation

Vuultaro have the ability to rotate their heads and necks up to 270 degrees. This makes them immune to [Sneak Attack].

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Can use chirps of high-pitched sonic bursts to see through surfaces they are touching.

  • At level 2, gain Strength to audio-based Perception checks. 

  • At level 9, gain immunity to darkness effects where they cannot physically see. Gain Immunity to [Blinded].

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[Sonic] Sonic Wave

Vuultaro may use a Major Action and spend 2 [AP] to generate immense waves of sonic energy in a 15ft long by 15ft wide square, originating at the Vuultaro. It causes anyone within the area to roll an STR Save (12 + Base Aptitude Score), if failed take XD6 Sonic Damage, where X is the Vuultaro’s Base Aptitude Score. If passed they take half the damage. For every additional 1 [AP] spent, the length of the zone increases by 10ft. 

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[Sonic] Subsonic Shock

  • At level 3, Vuultaro may use a Major Action and spend 1 [AP] to use their sonic powers, consistently holding a subsonic tone. Anyone within 10ft of them must roll an STR Save (12 + Base Aptitude Score), anyone who fails becomes [Staggered], if passed nothing happens. Once this ability is used, no more [AP] is needed to sustain it, however, while holding Subsonic Shock, the Vuultaro continues to use a Major Action at the start of their turn to hold it, and cannot take Attack Actions while doing so. 

  • At level 8, instead of becoming [Staggered] on a failed Save, those who fail become [Stunned], and those who pass are [Staggered].

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Nova Enhancements

  • At level 5, gain, when using any [Sonic] ability, the power to spend X[AP], where X is an additional XD8 Concussive, Shock, or Piercing damage. 

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