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     Better known as the Tabb, this feline race is dexterous and mischievous. Often found in criminal undergrounds or as loners.

     They are quick, light on their feet, and cunning. They are often known to use their stealthy skills for theft but do also appear in more reputable positions.


"A well-aimed swing with a bat can accomplish wonderful things." - Kras'ko

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Soothing Purr

Tabbron have the ability to take 1 minute outside of combat and return Nerve, Health, and reduce Cryptic and Forgotten Damage done to everyone within earshot of the Tabbron, once between Full Rests. This can also be done at Rest and Partial Rest ([Catnap]) without cost. Tabbron also benefit from their own Soothing Purr. 

  • At level 1, return D4 Nerve Damage, reduce D4 Cryptic and Forgotten Damage.

  • At level 4, return D4 Nerve Damage, reduce D6 Cryptic and Forgotten Damage, and return half of the total Regen Dice amount. 

  • At level 8, return D6 Nerve Damage, reduce 2D6 Cryptic and Forgotten Damage, return half of the total Regen Dice amount, and return D4 Health.

  • At level 16, return 2D6 Nerve Damage, reduce 3D6 Cryptic and Forgotten Damage, return half of the total Regen Dice amount, and return D6 Health.

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Feline Reflexes
Tabbron can add their Base Aptitude Score as Wins directly to any Reflex Skill or Save roll. This can be done as many times between Rest as their Base Aptitude Score. (Return half on [Catnap]).

  • At level 5, gain a Reaction.

  • At level 7, double Movement Speed.

  • At level 13, gain the ability to use Reactions as Fated Actions. 

  • At level 15, gain a second Reaction. 

  • At level 20, all Major and Minor Actions can be used as though they were Fated Actions. Initiative in combat is still required to restore Actions when their turn passes. 

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Tabbron can take an hour and Partial Rest at any time they are in a relatively safe location. During a Catnap, the Tabbron regains half of what would be returned at a Full Rest, including Health, Nerve, Regen Dice (roll dice, take half), and other stats.

Using [Catnap] will not always cause the Tabbron to directly fall asleep, but more so enter a state of lounging and general rest.

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Nine Lives

Tabbron have a pool of 9 Wins that they can apply to Death Saves at any time they choose. But once the pool has been expended, they can no longer use Nine Lives.

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Sharp Claws 

Tabbron also have very sharp, retractable claws with the following stats:

  • Sharp Claws: Range – 5ft | [Base Aptitude Score] RD | Skill – HtH | B, Slashing

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Tabbron can fit into spaces near 1/4th their size, if the space is almost too small for themselves, they must roll a Reflex Save (threshold 14 or Mastermind’s discretion) or become stuck until they roll a successful Reflex Save.

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Uncanny Tumble

Tabbron take 1/4th Fall Damage rounded down and cannot be made Prone when thrown or dropped.

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