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     ShenJen are the masterminds behind Clan Leou. A species that prefers the shadows, they are hard to trust and are often found in places people least expect.

     Found inside of a rogue planet, ShenJen had their world view expanded rapidly when the Ureon discovered them. Due to this, they have little trust for anyone outside their own species and tend to find manipulation their best option to achieve their goals.


     ShenJen are intelligent and cunning but lack common knowledge thanks to their recent induction into the modern era.


"I want to show you that we can be trusted, even if it's just one." - Kiara

ShenJen Artwork
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Can breathe in water. ShenJen Swim Speed matches their Movement Speed.

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Natural Weapons
Umbral Claws: Range – 5ft | [BAS] D8, 1D4 Corrosive | HtH + [BAS] | B, Piercing
The ShenJen take 3x the damage from their own species’ [
Umbral Claws].

  • At level 7, all Corrosive Damage done per tick is dealt as a D8 instead of a D6. 

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Perfect Adaptation
ShenJen have the ability to change between two different states, Umbral and Morphic. In the Umbral state, they are in their original form, fins out, bodies having a darker shade. But while in their Morphic state, they blend with their surroundings and their fins hug their body, reducing their surface area. 
They may use a Major Action during combat or 6 seconds out of combat to change between them a number of times equal to their character level, returning after a Rest. 

Umbral Form
The normal form of the ShenJen with darkened colors and vibrant paints.
While in this state, they gain Advantage on all Persuasion and Intimidation checks. 

Morphic Form
A more chameleon-like form, the ShenJen’s body can partially shift to match their surroundings' colors.
They gain the ability to crawl on any surface with a Climb Speed equal to half their Movement Speed. 
The Stealth Skill and Reflex Saves gain Strength, but the Strength Save and Instinct Save gain Weakness. 
Their [Umbral Claws] become extremely venomous, gaining an extra 2D8 Piercing Damage and doubling the Corrosive damage dealt per turn (not the amount given). While in this form however, their Damage Threshold is reduced by 4.

Umbral Claws
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