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Lotus Session Log: 09/12/2020

ISR -- Lotus

DATE: 09.12.2020

Transcribed by Courtney Lambert



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space. The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.


Valmara talks to the older Prakkumm and gets her mother's ship's code for contacting her.

She talks to Julianne and then sends a message to her mother informing her that she is alive.

Androgennes gathers his brother and the curator. He takes them to Felhammer section and tells

Kyron they will be in the Bubble in three days. Then goes to Julianne. She thanks them for

what they've done for the ship.

Julianne visits Usi. She talks to him. Goes to see Nyx.

Nyx is in the captain's seat. She is looking through the files and finds information on Nyrobix Laboratories.

Nari-tek 02 is the station that Valmara's mother's messages her to meet her at.

They meet up with the Sun Rose and they talk over what happened. The captain goes over the

ship's logs with various states of shock and disbelief as he reads what they encountered.

They go to the cafeteria and learn that they had been spoiled by Owen.

They go to the Lotus Board meeting. Several decide to help Usi with his quest to find his

sister. Idalyis joins them. Meso is mentioned.

Kyron enters the board meeting.

Valmara does a sense. The Daydren blocks him. Kyron wants to speak to her. He warns her

to not kill any more of his sons or else actions would be taken.

This is the last piece of data that could be found from the tablets. This is the end of the transmission from the Lotus ship log.


Written by Courtney Lambert

To see more of her work, check out her other blog posts and her own website!

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