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     A mechanical race that gained sentience after being manufactured and enslaved by the Kyzen, the Nempetaket are known for their ingenuity and calculated thoughtfulness.

     Nempetaket often reconstruct and modify themselves; building their own path for the next 82 years until their own hard coding sadly resets, destroying the original personality and granting their body a new life. Due to this, their outlook on life is pure as they honor their past lives and forge their own even though they are doomed to die when their bodies can live on for millennia.


"Reset completed, do not eliminate allies, affirmative." - Morgana

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Focused Modifications

As Nempetaket level up, they receive Focuses like any other Race. Although, instead of using Focuses like they are originally intended, they can instead convert Focuses into Armor or Body Mod Slots instead, upon receiving them. For every 1 Focus converted, they gain an additional mod slot on the body part of choice. 

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Living Omnitool

Nempetaket have a natural instinct for mechanical construction and repair. They have the ability to repair and construct as though they have a Mk2 Omnitool equipped to them.

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Machine Senses

Nempetaket have several benefits due to their utilitarian nature. This includes thermal and infrared vision, making them only roll with Weakness while [Blinded].

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Quantum Heart

Due to them requiring a Quantum power source, Nempetaket may choose to swap out their Quantum core with another color. Each different color they choose to use will grant them different benefits. The Quantum will stay charged within the Nempetaket until it is removed or its abilities are used, in which it will become Dead Quantum, and will need to be replaced.

Quantum Storage

Nempetaket may store multiple different types of Quantum within their core at once.

  • At level 1, 5 units of Quantum can be stored.

  • At level 7, 6 units of Quantum can be stored.

  • At level 14, 7 units of Quantum can be stored.

When all Quantum is drained, their backup battery will activate, giving them until they Rest to insert at least 1 unit of Quantum back into their system.

If no Quantum is available at Rest, they will gain a Depletion Level that cannot be lost at Rest. If Quantum is inserted later, they lose all Depletion Levels pertaining to this. 

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Quantum Types

Use a Minor Action or Reaction to Drain any amount of Quantum units.     
Quantum may be swapped at Rest.
When Quantum is Drained, it becomes Dead Quantum and gives no Passive benefits.

The Quantum values listed below are all by 1 unit, but stack. (Ex. 2 units of Blue grants +2 Flat Damage to all weapons.)


Passive: Gain +1 Flat Damage to all weapons.
Drain: Gain +1 Power.

Dark Green

Passive: Gain +1 to a chosen Skill.

Drain: Gain 1 additional Win on the current or next Skill or Save roll.

Dark Red

Passive: 1D4 Resistance to Fire Damage. 
Drain: Deal 1D4 Fire Damage on the current or next melee attack.


Passive: At Rest, gain an additional 1 unit, if the core is filled with another type (including Dead Quantum), it is consumed, until the core is completely filled with Pink Quantum. If other Quantums are available to be consumed, the Pink Quantum will choose which to consume, at random.
Drain: Gain 1D6 + BAS Health


Passive: 1D4 Resistance to Corrosive Damage. 
Drain: Cause 1 Corrosive Damage to the next individual who makes a successful melee attack against the Nempetaket, lasts 6 seconds


Passive: 1D4 Resistance to Shock Damage. +5ft Movement.

Drain: Deal 1 Disruptive Damage on the current or next ranged attack.

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When attempting to recall information that they wouldn’t regularly know, the Nempetaket may attempt to prompt their past lives for the information. When doing so, they must roll a percentile dice with an X% chance where X is 3 x their character level. If this chance is met, they gain an additional +10 win to their Knowledge roll. 

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Once a Nempetaket reaches 82 years old on the dot, they will reset. This will reconfigure their mind and personality into a completely new individual with no knowledge of their previous life.

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