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An aquatic species, Marquen are intelligent and ruthless.

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"Who wants a drink? The entire bar's open, so now or never!" - Allein

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Can breathe in water.

Marquen swim speed matches their movement speed.

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Marquen may take a Major Action and enter their [Virulence] state.

At the end of their turn, the Marquen must roll a Strength Save (1), each turn the threshold doubles. If the Marquen passes, they may push on and further exert themselves in their [Virulence] state. They can choose to stop at any times, but pushing themselves to continue becomes very physically demanding.

While in [Virulence] all ranged attacks are made with Disadvantage.

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Creature From The Deep

While in [Virulence] all individuals within eyesight of the Marquen must roll an Instinct Save (13). D4 individuals who roll the lowest Instinct Saves take priority. Those who are affected become Stunned, all of the rest who failed are Staggered. This only affects anyone within eyesight once, if another individual enters line of sight, they must roll a Save, if they fail, they are Staggered.

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Venom Fans

Gain two fans attached to the arms that deal 1D6 B - Slashing damage, and 1 Corrosive. Every 12 seconds the Marquen is in their [Virulence] state, damage is doubled. These use Hand to Hand, and give a skill bonus equal to their Base Aptitude Score.

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Noxious Hatred

While in the [Virulence] state, Marquen secrete a noxious fume causing anyone within 5 feet to roll a Strength Save (15) at the beginning of their turn, if failed the individual takes 1 Corrosive damage. 

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At the end of the Marquen [Virulence], the individual takes half the amount of Corrosive damage to themselves that their fans would deal on that turn. Take 1 Nerve damage per 12 seconds that were spent in the [Virulence] state, minimum 1. The Marquen also becomes Stunned.  

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Evolving Predator

As the Marquen levels up, they may begin to mutate and gain special abilities that grant them specific benefits while in [Virulence] that other Marquen may not have.

  • At levels 3, 7, 11, 15, and 19, gain a Mutation.

  • At level 7, gain the ability once per 6 seconds to use a Major Action or Reaction to consume a Regen Dice while in [Virulence] and gain that much Health in False Health instead of real Health. Dice consumed while in [Virulence] are returned, once [Virulence] has passed.

Consuming a Regen Die while in [Virulence] also allows one [Mutation] ability to trigger.

  • At level 11, gain the ability to use a Major Action or Reaction and consume Regen Dice any number of times per turn.

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  • Abyssal - Scales darken to match the depths from whence the Marquen came. Gain Strength to Stealth.

Consume: Gain Advantage for 6 seconds.

  • Brumal - Dropping their body temperature to near freezing, the Marquen gains a frosted exterior. Any opponents who make a successful attack against the Marquen instantly take 1D8 Cold damage in return and becomes marked.

Consume: The Marquen turns on their marked attackers, gaining Advantage on all Melee attacks and an additional 1D6 Cold Damage against any opponents who have been marked, until damage is dealt to that target, at which point the mark is removed.

  • Carnal - The [Venom Fans] increase in length and cause their attack range to increase by 5ft and an additional 5ft while swimming.  

Consume: Cause a target to roll an INT Save (10 + BAS) and if failed become goaded into attacking the Marquen during their next turn as the Marquen puts on a menacing display.

  • Dreadful - Take on the form of an even more terrifying deep sea fiend and Increase the [Creature From the Deep] INS Save by the BAS.

Consume: Cause anyone who has already rolled and saved against [Creature From the Deep], to Save again.

  • Hadal - ​A deep heat boils under the surface, causing scales to harden and heat as they take damage, growing a stronger layer where it was once blemished. For every successful attack made against them, they gain False Health equal to 1 Regen Die roll in size. 

Consume: They seethe and boil the water around them and in reaction to the next successful attack done to them, gain False Health equal to the amount of Real Health lost at the beginning of the Marquen’s next turn. 

  • Luminous - Scales now have a beautiful and luminous shimmer. They cause anyone attacking them for the first time to roll an INS Save (8 + BAS), if failed they gain Disadvantage on the attack as they become blinded by the shifting color.

Consume: Cause anyone who has already Saved against the Luminous Mutation, to Save again.

  • Noxious - As the Marquen breathes, they begin to output a hazardous fume, adding to the [Noxious Hatred] and increasing its radius by 5 feet.

Consume: Increase the Save Threshold of [Noxious Hatred] by the BAS and Corrosive Damage by 1 for the next 6 seconds as the fumes ripple like heat waves.

  • Predator - The Marquen’s reflexes increase exponentially, granting them the Blessing [Lightning Reflexes].

Consume: The Marquen is driven with wild fury, causing all attacks they make to instead use a Minor Action for the next 6 seconds.

  • Ravenous - For every successful attack the Marquen makes, their [Virulence] deepens as they thrive off the bloodlust and they gain 1D4 False Health.

Consume: For the next 6 seconds they instead gain 2D6 False Health for each successful attack they make.

  • Spectral - Scales now have a ghostly glistening effect that causes their form to duplicate in their opponent's eyes. They cause anyone attacking them to roll an INT Save (6 + BAS), if failed the Marquen’s own DT increases by 1D4 for the duration of the opponent’s attack.

Consume: The Marquen’s DT increases by 2 for the next 6 seconds as their form shimmers and shifts further.

  • Stalker - The Marquen’s senses increase exponentially, granting a Reaction and immunity to [Sneak Attack].

Consume: [Venom Fans] elongate, colors deepen, and senses become perfected as the Marquen gains 1 Reaction and all Reflex Saves are made with Advantage for the next 6 seconds.

  • Tempered - The Marquen’s scales harden and now grant a 2D6 Resistance to all damage taken.

Consume: Gain an additional 1D6 Resistance to all damage taken for the next 12 seconds.

  • Tidal - Marquen gain even further advantage while in their own habitat and their swim speed increases by 10ft.

Consume: Double swim speed for the next 6 seconds.

  • Volatile -  The Marquen gains a powerful new precision, granting them +3 to all melee attacks made.

Consume: The viciousness increases, causing all damage done by the Marquen to increase by 1D6 Slashing in addition to all other damage done for the next 6 seconds.

Venom Fans
Creature From The Deep
Noxious Hatred
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