An aquatic species, Marquen are intelligent and ruthless.

Marquen Standing.png


"Who wants a drink? The entire bar's open, so now or never!" - Allein



Can breathe in water.

Marquen swim speed matches their movement speed.


Marquen may take a Major Action and enter their [Virulence] state. 
At the end of their turn, the Marquen must roll a Strength Save (1), each turn the threshold doubles. If the Marquen passes, they may push on and further exert themselves in their [Virulence] state. They can choose to stop at any times, but pushing themselves to continue becomes very physically demanding. 

Marquen Rage.png

Creature From The Deep

While in [Virulence] all individuals within eyesight of the Marquen must roll an Instinct Save (13). D4 individuals who roll the lowest Instinct Saves take priority. Those who are affected become Stunned, all of the rest who failed are Staggered. This only affects anyone within eyesight once, if another individual enters line of sight, they must roll a Save, if they fail, they are Staggered.

Marquen Punch.png

Venom Fans

Gain two fans attached to the arms that deal 3 flat B - Slashing damage, and 1 Corrosive. Every 6 seconds the Marquen is in their [Virulence] state, damage is doubled. These use Hand to Hand, and give a skill bonus equal to their Base Aptitude Score.

Noxious Rage

While in the [Virulence] state, Marquen secrete a noxious fume causing anyone within 5 feet to roll a Strength Save (15) at the beginning of their turn, if failed the individual takes 1 Corrosive damage. 


At the end of the Marquen [Virulence], the individual takes half the amount of Corrosive damage to themselves that their fans would deal on that turn. Take 1 Nerve damage per 6 seconds that were spent in the [Virulence] state. The Marquen also becomes Stunned.