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     Created using altered Evix DNA and some kind of mutation serum, designed originally by Zakon engineers who were working with the enhancement powers of Evix. When this serum is injected into an individual, they gain the ability to willingly or unwillingly shift into a monstrous beast.

     As a Lycan, an individual gains several distinct features that carry over into their original form. While they do look normal, their eyes now glow a monstrous orange while in the dark. The closer to Wrath they become, the more obvious their glowing eyes become as well.



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Lycan are beasts of uncontrolled power and rage as they have an intense need for destruction and chaos. Lycan have Bloodlust, which fluctuates on a regular basis. The higher Bloodlust gets, the more powerful the Lycan becomes as well, but also the closer to losing control they also get.


Bloodlust starts at 0 and has a maximum score of 5 + Character Level. While at a Bloodlust of 0, the individual has no physical benefits, but as Bloodlust climbs the following applies:

  • Bloodlust 0, No changes. The individual is nearly indistinguishable from another member of their species. 

No additional advantages.

  • Bloostlust 5, Become more predatory, eyes begin to glow a faint yellow tint.

[Blood Scent]

In [Beast Form]:​

  • Bloodlust 10, Gain sharper teeth as well as longer nails.

[Beastly Fury]

In [Beast Form]: [Unrelenting Howl]

  • Bloodlust 15, Any hair or fur becomes thicker; senses are further improved. Become slightly more jumpy or prone to anger.

+1 Win to Perception and Intimidation

In [Beast Form]:

  • Bloodlust Max (6 – 25, level dependent.)

Enter [Wrath]



Bloodlust is gained by experiencing, or in rare cases witnessing, violent or vicious acts.

Start Combat: Gain 1

Make Attack: Gain 1

Take Damage (Every 5 taken, minimum 1): Gain 1

Maintain Beast Form (at the start of turn): Gain 2

Rest (On a very active and/or traumatic day): Gain 2

Roll Death Saves (Every time they are rolled): Gain 3

Night Gain:

Night: While it is nighttime, whether it is obvious or not (underground, in a structure, and so on) Bloodlust Gain is increased by 1.

Moons: For every moon present around a world, while it is nighttime, Bloodlust Gain is increased by 1.


Bloodlust can also be Depleted, reducing Bloodlust.

End Combat: Deplete 2

Leave Beast Form: Deplete 5

Prowl: See [Prowl]

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Bloodlust Abilities

[5Blood Scent - Choose to Gain 1 (or more) and gather insight into the scent of your surroundings for 1 minute.

Use a Major Action and cause everyone within 50ft to roll an INS Save (13 + Base Aptitude Score + Gain), if the collective average is less than the Threshold specified, the Lycan may see their scents through walls and other surfaces. If the Lycan so chooses, they may Gain additional Bloodlust, for each additional Gain over 1, an additional 50ft is added to the radius and the Threshold increases.

[Beast Form] Ability:

[10Beastly Fury - Choose to Gain 1 Bloodlust and add an additional 1D8 Slashing Damage to any melee attack. This can be done after the attack has been confirmed to hit.

[Beast Form] Unrelenting Howl: The Lycan may use a Major Action to unleash a vicious howl and cause everyone in a 60ft radius of them to roll an INS Save when failed they become [Frightened] of the Lycan for 1 Minute.


[Bloodlust Max]

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While at Rest, the Lycan may choose to Prowl. This pushes them to enter [Beast Form] but allows their normal mind to rest at the same time. At the end of their Rest, they are returned to their original location, have Depleted to 0 Bloodlust, and gain the full benefits of a Rest.

Wrath Prowl:

Additionally, if the Lycan hits maximum Bloodlust while at Rest, they are forced into [Wrath] and begin to Prowl. At the end of the Rest, they will return to their original location. Instead of receiving all benefits of the Rest, they instead regain only half their Health, Nerve, reduce Bloodlust to half, and gain no other Rest benefits.

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Beast Form

The individual may choose to enter Beast Form at any time by taking a Major Action to do so. They may stay in Beast Form for as long as they wish, but will continually gain Bloodlust (as stated in [Gain]).

                Revert: See [Revert].

Note: The Mastermind may also choose to make the Lycan roll an INS Save (Bloodlust Amount) at any time they wish, if they feel it fits with what may trigger a Beast Form transformation from the individual. In rare cases, the Mastermind may do the same, but for [Wrath] (normally at half of the Bloodlust Amount).


While in Beast Form gain the following:

Additional Health: [BAS] D10 + double the Lycan’s Level in False Health

Once this False Health is depleted, the Lycan is forced to roll an INS Save (Bloodlust Amount), if failed they are pushed into [Wrath], otherwise they [Revert]. Additionally, if the Lycan is forced out of their Beast Form this way, they gain a Depletion Level.

Stat Changes:

+2 Wins to all Strength and Reflex Skills and Saves

-2 Wins (2 Losses) to all Intelligence, and Communication Skills and Saves.

Increase movement speed by 10ft.

Increase height by 2ft.


Claws of the Beast: 10ft | Half (RD) [BAS] D10 Slashing | Brawn

Teeth of the Twilight: 5ft | [BAS] D6 + 1D10 Piercing | Brawn

Empowering Howl:

The Lycan may use a Major Action to unleash a powerful howl that fortifies their own abilities. The Lycan gains Advantage and an additional 1D8 Slashing damage on their next melee attack. Anyone hit with this attack must roll an INS Save (12 + BAS), if failed they become [Frightened] for 1 Minute.

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When the Lycan enters Wrath, they become uncontrollable and vicious. Their eyes become wild, and minds turn far more feral.

While they do still somewhat keep their intelligence, it is far more difficult for them to control their hostile urges.

When entering Wrath, gain Bloodlust up to the maximum amount.

During Wrath, the Lycan cannot Gain Bloodlust. Every turn, they instead roll 1D4 and Deplete that much Bloodlust.

If Bloodlust becomes 0, they [Revert].

At the end of their turn, they must roll an INT Save (Bloodlust Amount), if failed they maintain Wrath, and if passed the Lycan [Reverts]. (This Save cannot be force failed.)

Uncontrolled Rage:

While in Wrath, all damage dealt by Lycanthropy abilities is doubled, their Damage Threshold increases by 2D4, and the Lycan gains an additional 2D10 False Health.

The Lycan may prioritize opponents over their allies first, but once no more enemies exist, they will begin to attack their allies. For every attack made against their allies, they may roll the same INT Save (Bloodlust Amount), if failed they must continue to attack their allies, if passed they [Revert].

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[Animal Instincts]

When a Lycan is made [Unconscious] or is [Dying] in their normal form, they must roll an INS Save (Bloodlust Amount). If failed (or chosen to fail), they may roll any number of Regen Dice that are available to them and return that much health. They will then instantly Gain their maximum Bloodlust and enter [Wrath]. They also lose any Depletion Levels they may have previously had, or would have just gained.

Once [Reverted], they are instantly made [Unconscious], but are not [Dying]. They also take on double the amount of Depletion Levels that they would have gained and already had.


If a Lycan is made [Unconscious] or is [Dying] when in Beast Form, they Revert.

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The Lycan may choose to use a Major Action and leave [Beast Form] at any time, unless in [Wrath].

Once the Lycan decides to revert to their original form, all [Beast Form] benefits are lost and they must make a STR Save (Number of seconds in this form, i.e. 6/12/18…). If failed, they are [Stunned] and take 1D6 Cryptic Damage, if passed they take 1D4 Cryptic Damage instead.

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