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     Kyzen are natural born warriors. Fighters to the core, they can face down targets with brutal and precise efficiency.


"My devotion to my people is stronger than any fear I have of you" - Savvik

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Aptitude Pool
The Kyzen have a pool of Aptitude Points [AP] equal to their Base Aptitude Score, these points can be used with different Kyzen abilities. Points return on Rest.

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Combat Reserves

Kyzen can use a Free Action once per turn and spend [AP] from the Aptitude Pool to cause additional damage on a successful attack as well as grant themselves additional Actions and other Abilities. These abilities cannot be stacked together until specified.

Attacks made during additional Combat Reserve Attack Actions do not require Power to use weapons.

  • At level 1, Kyzen can spend 1 [AP] and gain Advantage to their current or next attack roll.

  • At level 9, Kyzen can spend 2 [AP] and gain an additional Attack Action. They can also spend 2 [AP] and grant an ally within 30ft an additional Attack Action during the Kyzen’s turn.

  • At level 16, Kyzen can spend 5 [AP] and grant themselves a number of additional Attack Actions equal to the number of Major Actions they have previously this turn.

  • At level 20, Kyzen Combat Reserve abilities can now be stacked, but multiple of the same cannot be used.

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Quarry Mark

Kyzen may use a Minor Action and point at a target they can see and place a Quarry Mark on it until the end of the encounter, or until the target dies, whichever is first.
While the target is Marked, the Kyzen and all specified allies gain an additional 1D4 damage against them on a successful hit. The damage type matches whatever damage they were dealing. 

Mark Pool:
The number of Marks available to be used. If a Mark is lost, return it at the end of a Rest. 
When a Marked target dies, roll a D100, if below a 35, return the Mark to the Mark Pool, if not, the Mark is lost. For each additional Mark on a target, the D100 roll must be an additional 10 lower. (ex, 2 marks = 25, not 35). Although, one roll will return all Marks on the target.
At the end of an encounter, if a Marked target survives, the Mark is lost. 

  • At level 2, gain Quarry Mark.

  • At level 4, increase the D100 max roll to 40.

  • At level 8, deal 1D6 extra damage, instead of 1D4. Also, the Kyzen and all allies gain 1D4 Wins on attacks against the target. 

  • At level 10, gain a second Quarry Mark. Multiple Marks may be placed on a target at once. Increase the D100 max roll to 45.

  • At level 13, deal 1D8 extra damage, instead of 1D6. 

  • At level 18, deal 2D8 extra damage, instead of 1D8. Also, gain a third Quarry Mark. Increase the D100 max roll to 50.

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Deadly Analysis

  • At level 5, Kyzen gain Strength versus an opponent after one successful attack until another successful attack has been dealt to another opponent, at which Deadly Analysis switches to that individual instead. Any bonuses are applied after the first successful attack.

  • At level 10, Deadly Analysis applies to any attacks dealt to any targets of the same creature type, meaning a successful hit against another target of the same creature type does not remove the bonus. If another attack succeeds against an individual of a new creature type, the bonus changes.

  • At level 20, Deadly Analysis applies to any successful attacks after the first, to anything the Kyzen is in combat against, until the end of combat. 

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