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     Able to master nearly any trade and survive in almost every environment, Humans are by far one of the most resilient and common races in the Milkyway Galaxy.

     Their adaptability has ensured that Humans have spread across the known galaxy, becoming one of the most numerous species, outnumbered only by a few.

     Spreading across known space they have encountered many other races, giving them a unique perspective on other cultures as they have assimilated other cultural features into their own while still sticking to their own core ingenuity.


"-I’m pretty sure I’ve got the best crew in the galaxy." - Ethan Swift


Aptitude Pool
Humans have a pool of Aptitude Points [AP] equal to their Base Aptitude Score, these points can be used with different Human abilities. Points return on Rest.


Humans have an intense drive to thrive and survive. With this natural instinct, they have Mastered Death Saves.

Terran Ingenuity
Humans may spend X [AP] and make X Losses turn to Wins in an Attack, Skill, or Save roll.

Unrelenting Will

Humans may spend 2 [AP], take 2 [Depletion Levels], and use a Free Action to cause their current or next melee attack to become a Critical (as though they rolled a natural 20.)

  • At level 10, Ranged attacks now work with this ability.

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