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"I'm sorry, did you say something? I wasn't paying attention." - Aera

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Alpha Dek

During character creation, roll a D20, if a natural 20 is rolled the Dek created is an Alpha. If the player wishes to outright play an Alpha, they may discuss it with the Mastermind.

Some Quantum and racial abilities are limited to Alpha Dek specifically.

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Charged Melee

While most of a Dek’s abilities are ranged, they are also competent unarmed melee combatants. When doing so, they may choose to make an unarmed attack against a target and expel any amount of Quantum Energy on impact. For every 1 Quantum Energy used, add an additional 1D6 Impact or Scorching Damage. The Skill bonus of this attack is equal to the [BAS].

Damage Type and EU do not need to be chosen until after the attack has either hit or missed. 

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Competent Fighter

Dek have an additional Major Action, bringing their starting total up to 2. 

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Quantum Energy Storage [QES]

Dek have a limited amount of Quantum Energy they can safely store within their bodies. The QES is equal to their Base Aptitude Score. Any energy above their QES stored in their body at the beginning of their turn will deal 1D4 Emissive Damage for every 1 Quantum energy above the QES.

Alpha: If the Dek is an Alpha, their QES is equal to 1+ their [BAS]. 

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Quantum Abilities

Dek can have a number of Quantum Powers equal to their [BAS]. 

Alpha: If the Dek is an Alpha, add an additional 1 Quantum Power. 

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Quantum Overflow

If a Dek, for any reason, has 10 or more Quantum Energy within themselves, arcs of Quantum Energy will leap from their bodies as they struggle to contain it within their form.

At the start of their turn, for every 10 Quantum Energy stored anyone within 10 feet of them must make a Strength Save (12 + Base Aptitude Score), if failed take 2D6 (4D6 if 20, 6D6 if 30, and so on…) Radiation Damage, if passed they take half instead. 

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Dek Abilities Chart

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