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NEXUS Tabletop Engine (NTE) is a sci-fi tabletop roleplay system built by a close group of friends and has been in the works for 9 years. It is designed to be simple yet open and as complex as any individual player wants it to be.

NTE runs a combination of a D20 and D6 system, which allows for extensive amounts of customization. The D20 adds to the classic feel of a tabletop roleplaying game, while the D6 add a rewarding flair to the system, especially during combat.

It is currently in a work in progress state and the developers are hard at work perfecting its many portions. Join them as they work through the process and follow their progress. ISR sessions run on Tuesdays and Saturdays using the NEXUS Tabletop Engine, check them out if you want to see the system in action! We also have a forum where we discuss items and topics with the community! Give it a look!

Planned Features


  • 50 playable races, each having their own unique attributes, abilities, and characteristics. 

  • Unique and simplistic combat with an ability to become as complex as each individual player wants it to be. 

  • Adapted skills that do not tie down to a class, but allow for limitless combinations and customization.


  • An entire second half to the system, starships.

  • Strategic and rewarding space combat with a deep weapon system. Movement and position matter.

  • Unique ship classes built to fit any play style.

  • Starship skills, similar to a character for a singular experience across the board.

Much more.

Head Developers

Cole Longacre

Lead Developer

Cole started NTE as a fun side project while in high school and has since become far more passionate about his project after his College graduation.



Join the discord and chat!

We'd love to talk and hear your feedback!

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