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Update Save Yourself!!!



  • Added Skill Saves and Skill Save Leveling.

  • Added Death Saves.

  • Added new Skills and Skill Trees.

  • Added notes and general info on the character sheet.

  • Added additional changes to the character sheet to allow for better usage.

  • Added Crippling Attacks.

  • Added Reactions.

  • Started working on a digital ship sheet.



  • Altered the locations of some skills.

  • The character sheet has been reformatted.

  • Max level is now 20.

  • Gain an additional 10 Blessing points at level 15.

  • The character will now stop gaining level points past level



I think we need to edit Situational Modifiers because they are hardly ever used. Resistances based on race will work well still, but they need to be altered. Many more changes to come! We will continue to flesh this out as we go.

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