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Tuesday Session Log: 12/1/2020

ISR- Age of Unification

Tuesday Session




Entaurus made everyone get wanted by space police by messing with sensitive date and got chased around by people. Aera shot him. (ensues arguments). Boiled down and got off the wanted list. Now they are in a hotel chilling: looking through lists of housing and found a building that begins with an Obaish, crapping little hotel next to a fancy hotel; busy streets dragged Aera into the building because he was drunk and tired and set him up in a bed. Morrak did prayers to the creators, Entaurus wanted to head to the building, Umakha went back to his shop.

End Recap


Rolled percentile dice for funds for each of the characters. Then rolled for another fund.

Entaurus: Rolls stealth to go The Obaish and sneak over past the first hotel's receptionist. Rolls perception.

Nesrin rolls stealth and follows Entaurus after becoming suspicious and seeing him leave. She decides to follow. Entaurus rolls tech to see if he can meet his contact but gets nothing. Entaurus goes into The Obaish, and Nesrin sees him go inside and disappear. Nesrin then rolls stealth and is unnoticed, or at least she doesn't think so.


Aera rolls durability to try to wake up from his drunken stupor, but he's still confused about where he is and falls back asleep. (Cute puppy interrupts session)


Entaurus ventures around in The Obaish, a small building, looks and runs down, talks to the front desk person (human), and wants to access the wifi; the human tells him to get it. He asks about the lodging they have there and then tried to exit; the receptionist calls him back. After an awkward conversation, he goes to one of the bedrooms, the doors slid open, everything is eehhhh. Twopenny lodging. He sees the bed has been well made, and there is a datapad on the bed and goes to check it out. It says encrypted data, checks to see him the wavelength he got is the same one. Or if it can access it??

Nesrin enters, the doorman is falling asleep. She askes about Entaurus and says there were two but one left. She tells her that the one in armor left, and there had apparently been yelling and stuff. The other is still there. Doorman grumbles, and Nesrin goes back to the bedroom to find Entaurus. She finds Entaurus looking at the tablets. He's checking the wavelength and unlocks it. Nesrin is right behind him in the doorway. He notices someone is there. Nesrin. She asks what he's doing. He says he is investigating the building; he is curious. Nesrin rolls perception for lies; she knows he isn't telling the full truth.


Aera rolls another durability. Barely wakes and goes back to sleep.


Nesrin and Entauras are still talking. He asks her what she could hear when she came into the room. The encrypted data asks her to keep quiet about it. He missed his contact. Tells her to keep an eye out for the armored dude.

They both roll perception. Entauras notices data signals in the hallways but not in the room. He rolls for tech to see what they are for.


Luca meets Umakha, who is researching old weapons. They talk. Luca has been buying, selling, trading. He is on his way to housing, preferably something nice. He finds a nice place for the night. He notices a Dek walk past him, and a woman follows it out. One is in a uniform, science; the other is dressed in (Female) boots, shirt, very simple. Informal clothing. The first didn't want to be noticed, and the woman looked like she was stalking him. Luca ignores them and goes to his room. He lucks out that he gets one that spaces that face the asteroid. He watches the couple go across the street and into the other housing.


Morrak-Is trying to get in contact with Soremrion. He rolls fate and doesn't get much of anything. He sighs in disappointment and then goes to check on Aera. Aera is still out drunk. He steps past a Protian who goes to his room. Aera is not in bed, and he moves him back. Aera wakes up feeling a little better, and he sees a robed bird above him and freaks out about it. It shocks him awake. Then calms down. Aera wants food. He's still a little dizzy, but they go together to get food in the hotel. They find food and roll perception and see someone walk into the building walk across the street. They roll knowledge. They see a hooded figure with a long cloak.

[10-minute break].


Nesrin and Entaurus: Entaurus thinks the things in the hallway are just there to monitor things. Someone enters the building. They walk up to the front. There is a hooded figure that they recognize the Turi they had met earlier. The Datapad chirps, awkward silence. The pad says, "I would have met you, but they are following me. Check the cameras".

Nesrin talks to the Turi. They're standoffish. Entauruas accesses the cams while still talking.


They all notice this Turi from various places.

Umakha follows the Turi to that point and finds Nesrin and Entaurus.

Luca notices from his window.

Entaurus slowly creeps behind the front desk.

Morrack goes over to The Obaish and blocks the front door with his wings.

Luca is bored in his room watching this.


Entaurus asks why the Turi wants the tablet. He also downloads all the content from the tablet. Entaurus claims the tablet, and the Turi argues that he wants specific location information. One of them puts their hands on their gun. The turi claims it's his, his races.


Aera is eating, Umakha is on a couch, Morrack is in The Obaish now. And blocks the view again.

Aera grabs foods and slowly goes to see what's going on. So does Luca.


The Turi says the man in the armor is a snitch. A trader to them. The Turi works with? As a researcher.

Entaurus searches to see what the tech thing is about? He finds very little; they are very close to activating the rings?

No one knows why the man in armor is a trader. Entaurus goes to try to hug the Turi, Morrak lets him out.

Aera hears heavy footsteps and sees the Turi, who freaks out.

Entarus tries to tackle him; the Turi avoids it. Entaurus ends up on the ground in front of Aera. Aera

Nesrin is watching what is going on; the avian lets him go.

Aera smacks the Turi over the head with a plate. Entaurus grabs him and holds him down. They try to figure out where they are taking the Turi.

Luca walks upon them and asks what the heck they are doing. Morrack explains what is going on. They argue over the treatment of the Turi.

Entaurus searches the Turi and finds nothing save for the Logo of his job and another one that he doesn't know; it's kind of hidden.

Entaurus programs a nod to putting on the Turi, but he catches him and then tells him to place on him, but Entaurus ends up not.

They argue over Protians and them being jerks. They let the Turi go. He flies off.

Entaurus watches the video cameras and watches all the footage. He sees someone get knocked out. They look like they drag the man to somewhere there are cameras. They see blood where he can access cameras.

They're trying to decide if they want to go after him. They try to persuade Entaurus not to do that so blindly. And why there are trying to save him anyway and what is going on. Entaurus says they need to act fast.

There is a gate they are concerned about being activated, but they don't know what it is and what is happening.

They ask who wants to go with: Aera, Morrak, Entaurus, Nesrin.

Umakha is just watching and waiting. They ask what he is doing and why he is always there. He wants information. Entaurus offers him quantum to finish his weapon to persuade him to come with it.

Luca says he might have something to help with the weapon.

Entaurus is checking out all the dates on the tablet and stuff. He's going through it and is finding a log "Magoritech is under control; they didn't know about it." Second log: "I have discovered further information the gate will be used to open into Andromeda." It lists some of the symbols. The Clan Leou, and also possible Matrix logos? Entaurus looks up stuff some stuff on the Matrix's involvement in this gate. There was involvement by them.


They follow a blood trail, a greenish-blue trail, and follow it down some steps? Down into a station.

Luca is just watching them, hanging back as he follows them.

Nesrin and Aera are just kind of following them around.

They are headed into the unmapped bowels of the station following the trail. Aera is excited about this.

Nesrin, Morrak, Entaurus all notice Luca but don't do anything. Nesrin acknowledges him but does nothing.

Entaurus uses stealth stuff. There are lots of tubes and rocks on this catwalk with a two-story drop below.

Nesrin and Entaurus both gather information on the station.

Some see a cloaked figure on a catwalk; it is an iridescent lined, humanoid that looks at them. Morrak sees it but doesn't care. Nesrin shows Entaurus the figure. The Humanoid pulls out a rifle and points it at them.

Entaurus flies down to him and jabs him in the shoulder (Her actually). Morrak follows the blood trail. The Humanoid is covered in blood, Turi blood on them. Morrak pulls his bow out and his wings and shoots. It hits the woman's shoulder and pins her to the tube behind. She makes the blades disappear, and gas starts to stream out behind her. She yells at them in her own language, "This will all be worth it in the end."

She turns to Cap and speaks in their language, "There is nothing you can do about it." Morrak asks her what she means; she spits on the ground. Morrak starts to climb down to her. Aera speaks back to the humanoid, "If you don't tell us what you were talking about, I'm going to kill your right now." She says, "I will never tell." Aera pulls out his pistol and shoots but she ducks.

It sparks the tube behind her. Entaurus's helmet envelopes him. Aera shoots again right in the forehead. She thumps to the ground. Aera and Entaurus search her clothes. Morrak tells them not to or at the very least leave her clothes behind. Entaurus finds the same symbol from earlier and tries to hack into her data. He siphons all the information to his own terminal. He sees the blueprints for a transport ship. The map overalls perfectly with the map they had collected earlier, and there is an escape route off the station through the tunnels they are in. Entaurus maps out a shortcut to get there.

Two more of them run out of the tunnels.

[End of session].

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Courtney L (Q)
Courtney L (Q)
Dec 07, 2020

Very nice to see that the Tuesday session has its own log writer! :D Nice job!

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