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Saturday Session Log: 4/24/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 04.24.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. They were sucked into an alternative timeline where Ackron and Olrius were working together and the NEXUS is intact. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!


Due to the transcriber taking a brief vacation, there is no session log for the 24th of April.

However, it is rumored that Abraxas, Clay, and another character are in a tight situation in the the temple-like structure they saw in the last transcribed session. Apparently, a Harbinger is there.

Odessya and Kiara seem to be still in the tank, far away from the others who are trapped and fighting to make it out alive. What will happen if their companions do not make it?

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