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Saturday Session Log: 12/05/2020

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 12.05.2020



Kiara is on public transport, hooded and trying to keep her identity hidden.


Abraxas and Odessya met Malahanz, Valeera, Allein, and Clay. They go on a mission and meet the Grand Master. They descend in an elevator.


Kiara is on her way to the Rig. She sees some news feeds, the one of the woman with the jeweled headband on her forehead. She had to switch trasport, but checks if there is anyone following her. She sees there is one following her. She pretends that she didn't notice them. She tries to lose them. She bumps into someone and her hood falls. The person is tall and hooded and seems to be reptilian. It looks like a Drake from Andromeda. He takes off his own hood and says that he is looking for her. They get some glances from some bystanders. She asks the Drake why they want her. The guy believes her. He turns and his buddy gestures at her. He looks back and realizes she lied to him. She runs as he chases her. The crowds around them part. She tries to hide and succeeds. The big Drake gets a gun pointed at him by a bystander for being threatening. She sprints off and hides. She gets to a transport that has just arrived.



Back on the transport there are two drones moving toward Allein, Abraxas, and Odessya who are all on the platform. The railing that Allein leans on glitches out of existence. He sees a drone's arm reach over the railing, grip it, and pull itself up. He fires at it with his pistol. He tries to stab it with his saber afterward to cut off its legs. The leg he attacks falls off, and he can hear the leg fall into the liquid below.

Abraxas draws his blades. He sees the one crawling by Allein. He tries to connect to one of the nodes on the drones. He finds that he has near full control on the drone. He designates Odessya, Abraxas, Clay, and Allein as precious cargo. He loses connection to it. The drone stops and then continues to climb over the rail. He informs Allein that he has reprogrammed it.

He looks toward the direction that the other one is in. He then is able to connect to it, with just a small amount of resistance on the part of the drone. The drone when he controls it gives him a bit more control over it. He does the same thing he did to the previous drone.

Clay and Malahanz are in the elevator. He tells the cat to follow him out of the place. He scans with his glasses. He finds that most of the place is solid. A bit higher up, there seems to be another level to the pylon with disks and rings around it.

Clay goes to the door. He sees a bar outside that he can hold onto. Below him, is a drop. He has no rope on his person. He grabs onto the bar and starts to climb down. He gets down to the platform.

Valeera looks down, and she sees the remains of the shaft descending into the thick gas. Past that gas, she can't see much. She can faintly see the maintenance ring. She starts to make her way down. She uses her magnetized staff to descend, alternating ends. She lands on the platform safely.

Malahanz magnetizing his boots and starts to descend, using the nearby pole to assist him. He looks around for any drones. He panics and is unable to tell anything in the thick gas that surrounds him. His paws are sweaty.

Odessya sees the other drone below. She looks at the pylon. She tries to scan it to see if its hollow. She can barely get past the first few inches because of how solid it is. She looks around and sees the glitches around her. There are some on her glove and she sees it change colors before reverting.

Allein sees the drone get to the top of the platform. It is 6 ft long. It has tubes on it running down to the main tanks on the top. One of the drones legs starts to reach toward him. It grabs him by his leg and into the air. The body of the drone opens up and the parts of it heat up. The gas around it starts to burn. Allein is being held in place by the disks that are trying to protect him. It starts to climb up further as it carries him up. The suit starts to warn him that he is taking temperature-based damage.

Abraxas watches and makes a mental note to rectify the commands.

The second's drone's arm starts to break through the floor. It grabs Odessya's leg and starts to pull her through the floor. It succeeds to pull her through the floor. It starts to draw her to the top where the heated pads are. The shields and armor of the drone absorb the attack. Her armor is able to divert the heat so that she is unharmed by the heated material.

Allein swipes at the leg holding his arm. He is swinging down. The arm holding onto his leg is trying to lift him up. The drone is 30ft higher since it is heading to Clay. He tries to stab his saber into it to use as a holding place. The blade scrapes against the outside. The interior of the drone is heating up.

Abraxas reconnects to the nodes, correcting his command from “precious cargo” to “protected personnel”. Odessya is lifted to the platform,the heating element is retracted, and she immediately backs away from it as fast as possible. Abraxas apologizes for the heat and how close it was. Odessya responds that she likes heat but not like that.

The other drone releases Allein but cannot place him anywhere. Clay grabs him and tells Allein to hold him by the belt. Clay kicks the drone with his leg.

The drone falls, nicking the platform which sends it spinning. Clay watches it with his thermal vision and it strikes the liquid below, shattering. Clay is back on the platform and tries to do charisma on Odessya.

Abraxas doesn't notice that Clay is doing this. Clay lowers the side of his hat and winks.

Valeera looks at the other drones and tries to perceive what is going on there. The three extra drones are spitting out molten material and putting out helixes to get the structure repaired. Valeera tells the rest that the drones are trying to fix and stabilize the Rig, only they are taking material from the other structures to fix it, compounding the problem.

Odessya scans a large drift and glitch that is forming up. She tells Abraxas about the drift. Allein and Clay also see it.

Clay tells everyone that they should head out and get reinforcements.

Abraxas sends commands to the drone to carry him and Odessya up to the elevator. Clay is climbing up. Abraxas names his new drone H4R-VY.

Clay remembers Ava telling him that Kairon is a dangerous force in the universe.

They all make it up to the lift. H4R-VY starts to reattach and supports the elevator. Valeera flips the switch to the elevator and they shoot upward toward the top. Valeera is being held in place by H4R-VY. She is starting to slid off of the side of the drone. H4R-VY catches her with her far back arm. She feels that her wrist is dislocating. The other arms are clamping onto her. She feels her ribs cracking. She gets knocked out from the pain. Everyone hears her scream.


Valeera wakes up in a hospital bed. There are other people around her and grabs the doctor. Valeera is unable to walk. Her appendages are very numb and she doesn't feel any pain where the drone's arms had injured her in its attempt to rescue her. She is freaking out and feels her hair.

The doctor walks in and sits down beside her. She asks her some questions. Valeera starts to say something unknown. She recognizes that the doctor is not actually a doctor. The heart monitor starts to beep even more. The “doctor” says that she should not be afraid and that she fought very hard to keep her there. She demands to know what she did. He says that her father sacrificed herself. The “doctor” informs her that when she falls deep into sleep then she returns here.

The “doctor” asks that she prove herself to her now. She says that she is a duo. The gem is a bind to the “doctor”. Valeera asks who she is. She is only told that she is important and leaves. As she does, the real doctor rushes in.


The drone drops Valeera on the floor, closing the hole it made afterwards. It goes into a rest.

Kiara sees this. The monk runs to headmaster. They see Kiara. Abraxas sees that Kiara is a Shen-Gen. He draws the “gun”. It is a massive revolver that is about as long as his thigh. He sets H4R-Vy to attack stance. Malahanz and Odessya approach Valeera and examine her. Abraxas also posts a notice on her.

Abraxas' revolver causes Clay to have a recollection. He starts to bleed again and sees another revolver replace his. He sees trees around him and a man named Daniel Traden pointing a gun at him. They have an exchange.

Those around him do not see what Clay sees. Clay is pointing his gun at him.

Abraxas says that Kairon would give a pretty penny for Kiara's race. She says she is just there selling spices. She then points out that there is a gun at him. He just responds by telling the drone to focus on Clay.

Kiara gets a message saying that a message was delivered but there are people are on her tail. Allein delivers the message to the headmaster: that there is a situation, someone is in need of medical treatment, and that they solved the issue.

Odessya tries to flirtatiously run her fingers down Clay's back. He starts to cock the gun. When that doesn't distract him from pointing the gun at him, she tries to knock him unconscious. That fails. Clay starts to go forward. Abraxas sends the drone at him to incapacitate him. Odessya backs off and subtly flanks Kiara.

Clay suddenly sees glitches everywhere and Daniel Traden disappears. He then slumps to the ground.

Everyone sees this. The headmaster is running toward them all. They feel a rumble as the platform tilts and he approaches. The drone stops. The Headmaster steps up to them and demands what is going on.

Allein tells him what is happening below, and that there is a need for metal so that the structure integrity can be improved. Malahanz looks around and sees so much blood.

The headmaster says thank you for the information and tells the bounty hunter that he should lower his weapon. Abraxas does and wants more pay. Headmaster says not happening. Abraxas says he will tell Kairon.

Malahanz washes his paws free of the blood, crying as he does.

The headmaster has his hood off and has a gold stone embedded in his forehead. Abraxas notices that is a Rifter. He says fine that he will put his weapon down.

The headmaster decides to pay them. Odessya and Abraxas leave out in the passing of information that a rift is below the Rig.

The platform quakes again. Allein suggests that they feed the drones metal. The headmaster says that they won't get a metal shipment in time. Odessya says that they could feed unnecessary parts to the drones.

Valeera wakes up to the pain of her broken body. She tries to get up and Abraxas sees it and orders H4R-VY to assist her in getting up.

Clay starts making notes. He writes that Daniel shot him and disappeared from existence.

Kiara warns that some Clan Le'al are heading over there. Abraxas gets contacted by someone in response to his bounty. Clay gets the link that Abraxas gives him of the bounty. Abraxas helps Clay up, and they bond.

Valeera rises and stumbling over her words asks the Headmaster if she can talk to her. Th headmaster asks if it can be done at a different time, given how the Rig is falling apart. He pays them 400 gu each and 1000 slvr to divide.




  • Odessya is annoyed at the fact that her attack on Clay was unsuccessful. The payment of money was at least a little consoling.

  • Abraxas dislikes the Rifters.

  • Allein told the Headmaster about the rift below the Rig.

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