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Saturday Session Log: 07/17/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 07.17.2021

Written by Courtney Lambert



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. From their exploits they have become notorious. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. They have gone into alternative timelines at two instances. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!



Clay wakes up and finds himself in a hot desert. He checks if the Overseer is there, but he is not. He cannot sense any links. All his tech and weapons have converted to what they should be. He checks the badge. It is still there with the glow of energy he had previously.

Kiara is still on the ship back outside Terra Alpha. She looks at her comms and realizes no one is there. She looks to see why they are. She detects their last location: the forest.

She heads out and makes her way to there. She steps into the forest. She sees parts of it disappearing and reappearing. The transport guy tells her that she needs to get out and walk onward. He explains that whatever is going on: this is the center of it She ends up leaving his transport. She checks the coordiantes again. This was where they were.

She finds her clothes change, and her skin turn green. She sees the two skeletons by the doorway. Their heads are separate from their bodies.

Clay appears in the town and he sees Abraxas and the sheriff talking. He sees them go and takes the sheriff aside. He then tells him something about his leg. The sheriff asked why his party was searching for him.

He goes to the saloon. He finds Valeera and Allein.

Valeera sees a lizard. She grabs ....

Transmission is suddenly dead, unexpected static interference garbles whatever information is being transmitted....


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Hatchet Jack
Hatchet Jack
Nov 25, 2021

I wouldn't get off that transport in the first place. Grab the weapons and steal, yes steal the ship :-)

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