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Saturday Session Log: 06/19/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 06.19.2021

Written by Courtney Lambert (Formerly Riojas)



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. They were sucked into an alternative timeline where Ackron and Olrius were working together and the NEXUS is intact. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!



The Yeager is just standing there. Valeera activates her armor and scans the Yeager. The armor does know what the Yeager is. It is a scout that goes to anomalies to figure things out. This particular Yeager had previously stated that he had been following signals that were Sentinel. The suit's data seems to not be able to detect the Yeager's stats. Valeera's suit readout is in the Harbinger language.

The Yeagers are Pre-Multiverse. The suit designates that they did not have much contact with the Yeagers and that they did not desire to have much contact with them.

Abraxas asks Azazel what he thinks. He says that the Sentinels were probably there in another timeline; however that they probably will be there shortly. The Yeager looks at them and says he thinks that they will be here shortly as well.

He says that since the world is 71% water, the planet would make a very good construction site for them to transform. He suggests that they fortify the planet.

The Zakon tells them to do so.

Abraxas and Azazel snicker about the Zakon. Clay suggests that they stay.

Some soldiers report that they lost contact with a group of four soldiers and there was something mentioned about a cowboy. The Zakon looks at the group. He asks them if they want to get him.

Valeera goes up to the Yeager and asks what its original purpose was before it became a Sentinel-Killer. The Yeager says nothing. She then asks what its thoughts are on the Harbinger. It says that they will be returning and that the gates will be activating in a year.

The Yeager kneels before the group and comments on the fact that they are hunting a cowboy. They talk about the cowboy. He offers his assistance in hunting the cowboy.

Valeera asks where the last contact of the men were. The soldiers give them the information. Apparently, the location is 30 miles away in the forest outside the cityscape. Everyone, except notices, that Clay's hand glitches out. Part of his arm does as well and reappears. His hat follows suit.

Allein comments that whatever Clay was sending on his messenger should be sent again because his hand disappeared. Clay disagrees about it.

They all hop onto bikes. Odessya slips her leg over the back of Abraxas' bike and settles down. Abraxas requests a transport for HARVEY. The soldier is about to do so, but the Yeager lifts HARVEY. HARVEY adjusts himself to give himself more control. (Note: Yeager is Zaon.)

They fly off out of the city. The city starts to sprawl out around them. Obviously something is happening around them.

Valeera and Clay are zooming along. Clay is slowing down a bit. The Yeager goes over to the two of them and asks if everything is alright. Valeera says that the timeline is getting worse.

They realize that the planet from another timeline is starting to bleed into Terra Alpha. Ventilation shafts from another planet seem to be appearing. There is a gash in the air from which a sunset can be seen from.

A pillar rises from the ground. Abraxas tries to jump over the pillar in the bike. Clay's body vanishes before Valeera. His body starts to disappear in pieces. Valeera is able to manage to regain control of the bike and avoid accidents. Abraxas is unable to slow down as much. The front of the bike is a bit dented. Allein is more successful. The Zaon stops in front of the bike.

Valeera comments that Clay disappeared. Odessya says she can't do anything to help. Valeera contacts him. She hears static and then Clay wheezing. He says he was standing somewhere. He sends Valeera coordinates. They manage to get through. He apparently is where Daniel Trayden was supposedly.

Allien is able to see where Clay is via his suit readout. For a moment he is able to see it from his eyes.

Allein asks the Yeager if he is going to destroy the structures of the Sentinels. He says he doesn't.

…transmission failure...

Everyone hears a loud crash as a tall building falls. Something seems to be digging under the ground and then up again. Various pods carrying Sentinels shoot off the huge snake-like machine digging through the city.

Abraxas tells HARVEY to build something so he can keep up.

They start to fly off.

A pod opens and a Sentinel shoots up. It has wings that emerge from it and it follows them.

HARVEY swivels his guns. He and the Yeager shoot at the Sentinel. They shoot his arm off. The Sentinel gets thrown back and then re-emerges, its arm regenerating.

They land on a landing platform. The Shuttle activates. Abraxas orders HARVEY to salvage the shuttle. The Yeager drops HARVEY off and turns to face the Sentinel.

Valeera heads off to where Clay is.

HARVEY starts to rip the shuttle apart while it tries to lift off. The pilots realize it and try to shoot it. HARVEY shoots the gun off. The thrusters start up. HARVEY shoots one and then later cuts off the other one.

HARVEY attaches the thrusters to himself. He starts to hover. They proceed forward. HARVEY beside Abraxas and a little bit behind. Smoke is billowing out of his thrusters. He flies with his arms back, adjusting for any changes in direction.

The main group lands within the forest. The trees are vanishing and reappearing in areas. They hear a whooshing sound as HARVEY detaches from it sides. He starts to disassemble the thrusters and reassemble smaller ones.

As they look around, there appears to be a rift a quarter mile away. There is desert on the other side of the rift. Abraxas sends his bike. A snake transport emerges from the ground and falls in front of the rift.

Several Sentinels land in front of them. There is an Archon and several others. Abraxas contacts Azazel and tells him that they are in a situation. Azazel asks if the Yeager is there. He says no. Azazel asks what he needs. He says he just wanted to let them know how things were going.

HARVEY now attaches four other thrusters to the group. The Archon approaches Valeera and Allein. The eyes shift from red to blue. It looks at its arms and states that it is a new entity. It looks at its arms.

Allein states that it is in a new timeline. It asks what one. Abraxas whispers to the group that informing the Sentinels everything is a great idea.

Veleera looks at the rift. The Sentinel's eyes turned to red. It turns and walks through the rift. It vanishes on the other side when it does so.

The Absolver remains. Abraxas shoots Payday at it. The Absolver's shield is a bit damaged after his encounter. HARVEY uses his mining laser on it. A massive beam shoots out. A token shield absorbs the rest. Its foot is pushed into the portal by the force. It gets pulled into the portal. It screams, calling for help as it is pulled through the portal.

They debate going through the portal where they suspect Clay is and where the Sentinel's disappeared.

They try to contact the Yeager. They fail to.

HARVEY starts to walk toward the portal. Abraxas tells him to halt. HARVEY sticks his arm through and pulls it back. The leg appears like a bone and then shifts back into metal. Allein sees it and tries that with his own hand. The glove is gone, his skin is paler, and he watches his hand shift through.

Abraxas looks back and forth about his bike. Valeera makes a token shield, walks through, and vanishes. Allein walks through and vanishes.

Abraxas and Odessya talk about it. She asks if it is worth going through. Abraxas holsters his gun and staddles his bike. HARVEY steps half-way through the portal before Abraxas overrides it.

On the other side, Valeera finds herself wearing a duster. The staff is a wooden pole. Allein looks like a human fish.

Abraxas tries to pull HARVEY back out. He sees the front half of his body is split in two, bony and almost dog-like. HARVEY hunches down over. He states that they are in there, only altered.

They decide to go through. The space bike lands on the desert's craggy earth.

Odessya's outfit shifts into a tight leggings, ruffled shirt, and shirt. HARVEY changes into two wolves. The space bike seems to turn into a horse.

Abraxas and Odessya notice that they are just human. The Sentinels that passed through are skeletons, clawing over. Odessya tries to squash it. It almost breaks her foot to do so. She stops.

Allein moves the skulls a decent distance from the bodies.

As they investigate their new state, the rift closes. Odessya sighs. Some trees are left.

Abraxas whistles at the horse. It approaches. He gets on it. He offers Odessya's hand. She gets on behind.

There is a town not far off. A canyon is off in the distance. Allein wraps his face up to hide his features from sight. Their jetpacks have turned into backpacks.

The sun is level, setting. They start to cut down the trees nearby to start up a shelter and fire for warmth. They chop one down and take some dead branches from a dead tree.

They make a fire on the hard ground. Valeera tries to hunt. The wolves curl up around the fire. Abraxas takes two rocks, takes dry wood, makes a tepee, and starts a fire. He starts to make a shelter. Odessya tries to help, but is not successful. She returns to preparing food.

Valeera is able to find some small creatures. She is hunting them. She brings back three creatures.

Abraxas orders his wolves to hunt for food. He tells them to find supplies. They don't seem to understand. They do not look hungry, tired, or anything. The wolves have a faint purple glow. The horse has a red glow. He still has them look for supplies.

Odessya is cleaning the creatures. Valeera builds a spit for cooking over the fire. Allein is asleep.

The wolves bring back some tinder, sticks, larger stones, and two rabbits. One finds a large log. Abraxas uses it as a chair. The dogs start to walk around the tent and camp.

They fall asleep. The horse just falls over.

Abraxas and Odessya read a book.

Valeera just sits up writing. Allein doesn't think about keeping watch. He just falls asleep. She sees a pair of eyes looking at her between two of the dead trees. She watches them and continues writing. The eyes get closer as the hour passes.

As it gets closer,they see a skeleton head. It looks like a horse skull. Valeera looks at the wolf. It looks back at her. She closes the book. She hears something run away. Valeera stands watch.

The wolf circling is growling constantly and running around faster.

She wakes up Odessya to keep watch. She tells her of the skull. Odessya sits on the stump, gun on her thigh, and the wolf at her side.

She wakes everyone. It is 6am. The sun is not up yet. Abraxas starts to pack. Odessya starts to make food.

Abraxas whistles for the horse. Its eyes open and turn red. It rises and walks over.

He mounts the horse. Odessya joins him. He snaps to the wolves. She tells him of the skull. There are footprints and a trail of tar-like.

Abraxas decides to head to town.

They see four other individuals riding toward them. They greet them. They ask if they are from around there. They say that they are lost. They are the four soldiers who are missing from Terra Alpha. Abraxas tells them to stay with them. Alex, Arthur, Blake, and Aiden are the names of the soldiers.

They talk about the Sentinels that they found in skeleton form and stated that they might be rebuilding themselves.

They walk all day and get to town at dusk. They get to the edge of town. They whisper about them and the possibility that they might be bandits.

Abraxas and Odessya go down the town street on the horse with wolves.

Valeera and Allein go to the saloon.

Someone like Clay walks up to him. He has a sheriff badge. They explain their search for Clay and the strange sights they found. They part with the sheriff. They search for a bunk.

The other two walk into the saloon.



Due to busyness on the writer's side of the world, we are a little behind on our logs. Now that things are a little less busy, there should be a more scheduled and predictable release of the Saturday session logs and the archived ones.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

-Courtney (aka Q)

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