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Saturday Session Log: 06/05/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 06.05.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. They were sucked into an alternative timeline where Ackron and Olrius were working together and the NEXUS is intact. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!


Everyone has jetpacks.



They do some more final shopping.

Abraxas and Odessya go somewhere together.

Allein asks about singularity crystals. His Marquen appearance causes him to be asked why he is there. He explains the fact he is there with bounty hunters. The guy he talks to says he will give him information on a station where there is a high ranking black market person. He asks to talk to his non-Matrix person.

Clay removed his permanent mark off of Kiara. She feels a cool feeling on her forehead. She rubs it and some dust fell off onto her hand, like dandruff off of a dry scalp. Clay nonchalantly comments about the weather. He follows Kiara as if to make more security.

Clay gets out of his armor and asks Kiara to step into it. (Note: this is not his nano armor.)

Clay and Kiara descend into another level of the place they are in. She looks for someone to fix up the Preserver core. She enters a shop where a Matrix person is working. Clay asks for credentials from Abraxas. Abraxas says he cannot give them to him because it is only Matrix. The Matrix looks at Kiara inquisitively. Clay explains he is security detail and does the explaining of the purposes. He shows him the core but retains it in his hand. The Matrix insists that he needs to see it in order to appraise it. The Matrix's helmet shifts a bit to move a small side glass to examine the core.

He asks about the core, intrigued by it. Clay gestures to Kiara to explain. She says it is from a robot called the Preserver. She says the fight was difficult and was not sure how they got out alive.

The Matrix comments that he likes the voice changer. He doesn't seem certain that he can repair the core, given how advanced it is and old it is.

Clay flips his hand over; the Overseer appears. He then asks the Overseer to explain. The Overseer turns to the Matrix and explains how the core works and that it is outdated tech. The Matrix comments on how freely the entity is willing to share the information.

The Overseer comments that he is glad to share it.

The Matrix says that he doesn't have the materials to repair the core. He lists a bunch of items that they do not recognize. He states that most of the components that are required need a Preserver Foundry. He asks where it is.

Clay does a salute to him. Th Matrix doesn't respond. They leave.

As the two leave, Abraxas and Clay enter. Clay salutes Abraxas. Clay is reminded that he is not Matrix. When the two have gone, the Matrix asks what the Shen-Jen is doing. Abraxas explains she is an informant.

He explains the disc worlds and the informing of Kyron. The Matrix wants to know why he didn't inform Arkcron about the disc worlds. He says he doesn't understand his ways. Abraxas flashes his sigil and says he is not just Matrix. The guy acknowledges that.

He says he works for Ackron as Abraxas should as well. He jabs at him with his words.

...brief intermission...

Abraxas requests upgrades on his core. He wants more energy storage. He says it is old. The Matrix asks why he doesn't get a new one. Abraxas states he is not exactly interested.

Odessya has the storage capacity on her camera upgraded. The Matrix replaces it; however there seems to be something he is not saying. She checks the upgrades and discovers something called God's Eye in her systems. She searches it, it shows up, but is redacted once she tries to look at it. It says Deep Institution. She asks Abraxas but he just says it is insurance in case of emergencies. Odessya is not satisfied.

Abraxas then frolics over to Clay and asks if he wants to ride bikes. He takes Kiara and Clay by the hand and skips over to where the bikes are.

They start to look at the bikes. Clay tells Allein where to meet them on their space bikes.

HARVEY and Clay have an altercation. He goes to Abraxas and asks if he can get HARVEY. He scans the drive. Clay removes the Mark from HARVEY. HARVEY's leg goes to Clay and he gets damaged. Clay is told by Abraxas that he did not tell him to do that.

Odessya tries to remove the God's Eye. She tries to but she finds it is interconnected to all the nodes in the camera tech. As she tries to, she feels pain. She then gets a ping from the God's Eye. She accepts it and then is knocked out.

She finds herself in the network. Ackron is in front of her. He introduces himself to her. She is scared and doesn't like the fact he has access to her camera which has a lot of recordings of some of her previous blackmails which she keeps for retaliation.

She returns and finds Clay slapping her face to wake her up. His face is about a foot away. She leans forward and gives him a peck. He washes his mouth with whiskey.

The Contact comes out of the shadows and laughs at the scene. He leans on Kiara's shoulder. He asks if Odessya gets knocked out often. Clay says it is the third time. Odessya objects.

They go off on the bikes. Clay is able to handle the bike. As they ride closer to the building, a turret emerges. They are hailed and asked to enter. They give Kyron's pass. They are accepted rather begrudgingly. They are told to go to a certain place.

The ship is very utilitarian. It is kinda like a Fellhammer ship but black with white stripes.

The Escape is hailed. Abraxas asks if he can handle it. He opens the hail. Abraxas explains that he is there on the authority of Kyron and indirectly Azael. They explain they are hunting for Daniel Trayden. The Terra Alpha person tells them they don't know of Trayden but they have access and are to follow the ship.

The guns on the ship that they are following are pointing at them. The rail guns that are floating everywhere.

They get to where they are told to dock. Abraxas goes to his space bike. The station seems strangely inviting and ornate. It is a little too pretty. The exterior ships and appearance don't seem to reflect the interior.

They are welcomed and told to enjoy their stay. Abraxas knows the true state of Terra Alpha and says something sarcastic.

A tour guide in military garb approaches them. She asks how they can help. Clay explains that they are hunting someone. (Kiara is still in her room. Allein is in the captain seat of his ship. Allein says there is a difference between trading with people and rabid dogs.)

Allein is notified that there are intruders on board. Allein shuts down the ship in places except where there are designated people. He warns that there are boarders on the ship to Abraxas.

Abraxas tells him to not kill them. He turns on the life support. He walks to the tour guide soldier.

Allien is told that they are needing to do a mandatory search the ship. He tells Abraxas. Abraxas is added to the call. He contacts Azazel and he tells him to humor them. Allein is told to let the boarders in so that they can examine the ship. He explains that they must be warned beforehand because of previous experiences.

Soldiers with rail guns start searching the ship. They are very advanced looking and very tall.

Kiara hides. Abraxas tells Allein that if anything goes wrong to not worry. He says that as long as Azazel knows they will be okay.

The door of Kiara's hiding spot opens and the soldier tells her to exit the room. She looks up from her solitaire game and does so. She is told to go to the bridge. He does not point the weapon at her. He tells both her and Allein to exit the ship. He is informed that the ship is on complete lockdown until the crew is told to leave. Allein turns off everything before he leaves.

They are very hostile to the Shen-Jen.

The tour guide in military uniform tells him in a sweet voice to follow and informs them all of the places. Clay tells her all about Arizona, etc. Kiara gives Abraxas glances like she doesn't want to be there.

Abraxas asks the tour guide if she can “cut the crap.” She doesn't know what he means. He scans her. She is fine. He gives her a couple chips and asks her to cut the charade. She refuses. He then comments on the indoctrination. He then starts asking her questions and wants specifics. He is very curious. He asks if she has a family. She doesn't seem to process it. She continues to talk on and on. He perceives fear on her, fear for her life.

They perceive that there is a crime scene going on. There are a couple soldiers walking around and a bloody man lying on the floor. Clay tries to walk toward it. He sneaks off successfully without the tour guide noticing.

Odessya learns her name is Jane. She introduces herself as Adelle. Abraxas tries to give her a card and ask if she can join them. The card drops.

Clay is able to get close to the crime scene. He is able to hear the guy was shot and that it was a guy with a cowboy hat. Clay appears and claims he knows who did it. He tries to explain he is not the guy because they have guns pointed at him. He manages to explain Trayden. They look at cams and the information that he has. He is told that he will have eyes on him.

Abraxas gets a ping to go to the surface and bring his friends. He tells Jane authoritatively. She protests. The soldiers appear and confirm that they can go to the surface. They keep her with them. They try to convince them to let her go with them. They say that she can join them in 5 min. Abraxas says four.

When they get to the shuttle, Jane appears again, smiling and blank. Odessya's friendliness has not effect. Abraxas tells her it is no use because she has been wiped.

They get to the surface and the doors open. They are greeted with blaring noise: 'Join Terra Aplha! Join and defeat the Clan!' Abraxas comments on the fact the war is over. Odessya responds with propaganda. There is a great contrast between the station and the surface. The buildings are all compact and military structures stretch out around them.

Azael meets them. He greets them all. He talks to Clay. Abraxas comments on the wiping and how effective it is. Azael comments that is fascinating, chemical-induced, and not as effective as the Fellhammer. He says he is there as an ambassador and a nuisance. Abraxas explains that Cassian sent them.

Azael comments that they don't have any time anomalies. He then realizes it is Clay. He says that they have a meeting with the Zakon later. He tells Kiara to cover her face and that she should be okay. He says that with Azael there that they should be okay.

Abraxas asks if he can get vested with Azael's power. Azael says no because he can't be him.

He is fascinated by HARVEY. He is quite happy about the use of old Infinite Empire tech.

They are escorted to the chamber where a Zakon is seated at a long table. He stands up and welcomes them to his humble abode. He states that a friend of Azael is a friend of his. He says it kinda hatefully, slightly.

Abraxas goes over to Azael and wraps his arm around him as if they are old friends. Azael does the same.

Allein bows respectfully. The Zakon seems pleased. They all bow. Abraxas bows extravagantly. Odessya does a curtsy.

The Zakon is given the dossier on Trayden. He says that he would know if he is there. Clay then sends him footage of the incident with the man on the station. He then changes his mind. He then asks for 10,000 men to search the city. He was going to shoot him on sight, but he then decides to bring him in at Clay's request. Azael and Abraxas are talking.

The Zakon comments on the Shen-Jen. He walks over to her. He goes on eye level with her, comments that she is still alive and congratulates her. He warns her that if circumstances were otherwise that she would be in a puddle of molten lead, floating in space, or flayed. He tells her to watch and sends a file. He then walks back to the chair. He comments that Trayden will be found soon.

Abraxas thanks his hospitality. He then goes back to talking.

They are told by a soldier to follow. Abraxas thanks again, bows, and walks out. The Zakon is irritated and says it was a pleasure to meet them.

They are escorted out.

A couple of them notice some glitches around them. Abraxas bumps Azael and he notes it. They hear a noise. Sections of smoke appear and disappear in the sky. A glitch seems to be there. An object appears in the ground.

Almost instantaneously, a lot of soldiers rush toward the spot where the crash was. The Gollems scan the location and continue to march. There is a blinding light in the area after the dust clears. Allein starts to walk toward it, intent on a possible trade deal.

Abraxas tells the captain he might want to wait and not get involved right now.

Azael's eyes open in shock. He starts to run toward it and tell the soldiers: “No, no, don't.”

A soldier shoots a couple shots. The thing has no damage taken. The helmet on the thing opens up and it shoots a beam at the soldier. The red sea of soldiers part for Azael. The party also follows him closely. Behind them, the Zakon opens the doors and starts walking toward the scene.

The being seems to be beautiful in appearance and is not a sentinel. Abraxas avoids the beams of light emanating from the being. The other Prophets follow suit. They can tell that Light is from the being.

The being says this is not my earth. It seems to be from another time. It says the Verge is the Pure One.

Clay opens up the Overseer and says that the thing before them is a Yeager. That the being was created by the Creators before the Multi-verse was created.

The Zakon approaches. They hear heavy footsteps. The Zakon demands why he is there. The being says it is not there to be hostile.


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