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Saturday Session Log: 05/29/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 05.29.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. They were sucked into an alternative timeline where Ackron and Olrius were working together and the NEXUS is intact. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!


We met the eyeball.



A Magrunn stepped into the chamber. His eyes deadlocked onto Allien. Kyron walks into the doorway. Abraxas and Allien only notice Kyron. He locks his gaze on Abraxas. Abraxas reveals only his eyes as the giant man walks toward him.

Clay is too engrossed in his armor. Odessya is interested in the new dagger she found. She slips it into her boot.

Kyron greets Abraxas and thanks him for the information about the objects of interest in the structure. Abraxas explains the suits and the Overseer. He explains the Overseer's terms of sharing the bounties. Kyron wants to know what the Overseer wants. Abraxas tells him to talk to the Overseer about it. He mentions that there are more Overseers over other disks doing their own experiments. He explains that they seem to be bored of their experiments.

Abraxas gives Kyron an ancient Institution salute. Kyron does not acknowledge it and continues on.

Clay activates his suit. Odessya tries to overhear the conversation between Kyron and the Overseer. Kyron's expression is blank as he talks. His tone is neutral.

Clay walks over to Kyron. Clay comments on his stature. Clay tells him that he is from 1863. Kyron does not seem surprised. The Magrunn says that was a simpler time. He asks if his badge would be reforged. Clay says he would. He energizes the badge and gives it to him, as good as new. There is a shimmering energy and glow around the sheriff badge. Clay attaches it to his chest and proudly says that he is the sheriff. Kyron shakes his head and laughs.

Kiara went back the ship, terrified of the Forgeborn.

Valeera made her way down. She catches up the group. She sees Kyron. She tells him that the suit looks good.

Valeera is hailed. She answers. A holographic sphere appears. It asks if she wants one. She says she does, and a tube opens up, revealing a suit. The Overseer introduces itself to Valeera. She asks if the Overseer knows about the machine she talked to. She learns that the Overseer witnessed the interaction with the machine as she slips into the suit. The suit asks for permission. She gives it. The suit burns off her previous one.

She comments on the pain she feels. She looks for better armor. She continues to talk to the Overseer. She asks where the other disk worlds are. She learns that there is one more in the Milky Way and in another galaxy.

The Overseer asks if anyone wants the advance communications. Odessya asks if it is needed to have a suit for it. She doesn't need it. She accepts the addition.

Clay learns that Daniel Trayden is heading to Earth with a bounty on his head.

Abraxas asks Kyron if he will grant them passage into the space of Terra Aplha. He says he cannot guarantee their safety since the Zakon is hard to manage. Abraxas says he doesn't worry about that because he has Azaezel at his back.

Someone wants to speak to them. The person is called an interested third party. Abraxas asks if he needs to inform the others. Kyron says he can. He asks if the Clan Leau ships will be useful for the war. Kyron says it is useful. He says that the Shen-Jen's usefulness has saved her hide. He says that a Shen-Jen who talks instead of hiding information is a valuable asset.

Kyron tells his children to leave. He vanishes into a beam of light. The rest follow. The Magrunn pauses, looks at everyone, and follows suit.

Abraxas was given a message that his ship is given free passage to get to Earth. The individual they are to meet was not given a name. Clay asks about him. Abraxas says they will meet him on the way to Earth.

Odessya communicates with Abraxas and voices her concerns about the trip and Allien. He gives her an institution pendant and says she will be fine.

Clay looks through holo-magazines for motorcycles. He and Abraxas make a deal (slvr for gu) so Clay can buy a motorcycle. Clay buys one and so does Clay. Abraxas looks for modifications that he can purchase. Clay tries to ship his bike to where they will be on Earth. The shipper says they cannot deliver there for unspecified reasons. He sets the delivery location to the Contact, as Abraxas suggests instead of Eva.

Abraxas bought three motorcycles, and Clay bought three jetpacks. Clay tells Odessya and Abraxas that he has a gift waiting for him.

The tank goes so far. It then tells them to disembark and open the doors. They do. They ready for beaming up. They see a person walking toward them. He salutes them. Abraxas salutes him back.

The man taps something and his helmet retracts back. The man is a brown-haired human. He has a scar running around his right eye. He introduces himself as Cassian Dawes.

Abraxas recognizes the name. Cassian talks about his timeline being gone. His being from the future. Odessya comments that they have a lot of people out of time. He says that his timeline was destroyed by a convergence in the timeline. He tells them that the Verge is not one entity. He is indeed four entities. Odessya comments that she had heard of there being four weapons related to the Verge. Cassian says that the four weapons can be used to destroy the Verge.

Abraxas tells them that they will be going to Earth and stopping by the Contact. Twike is very happy to see you all. Clay gives him a cigar. He then lites it and tires to teach the confused Twike how to smoke. Abraxas looms over him and asks if he has been able to continue his training. Twike says he has been. He gives him a note which says that no one is to know what he is doing. Twike says no one knows.

Twike is a bit more taller now. Abraxas injects him with nano-bots. Clay looks at his arm and then at Abraxas.

...transmission lost...

Allien is busy drinking.

Odessya and Abraxas go off and watch Tron together.

Clay names his bird Raven and feeds it. He trains it to sit on his arm. When he takes it into the hallway, the bird flies away, having remembered what he had done previously.

After the movie is over, Abraxas makes a hatch on HARVEY for the bird. He connects to the bird. Abraxas has his bird fly around after Clay's. He then recalls it.

Odessya, after watching the movie, goes to her room and removes her suit from her upper body. She runs her knife over her shoulder. She sees a line of energy running over her skin. She notices the suit seems to have shape and mimics her action.

She gets out of her suit. She learns that she can have the suit mimic what she is doing, equaling whatever action she does with equal strength. She discovers that she can have it move independently.

They get to the location. They are greeted by a commander. He asks if they want to trade and gives them authorization. They find that they have landed a couple hours before the shipment. While they wait, they hang out and explore. The station seems to be a black market hub.

Clay looks for a Mark 3 core. Clay tries to barter his bird for the core. The bird understands it. The bird steals the core.

Clay meets the Contact whom he does not recognize and who witnessed the entire thing. He has an interesting discussion with him. He tries to buy the bird off of Clay. The Contact leads him up to Abraxas.

He greets him. He introduces himself to Clay as the Contact. Abraxas emphasizes that that the Contact is Kyron's personal friend. The Contact asks if they have checked the bounty boards. He says he is on it.

Abraxas knows that he can't do anything without incurring any deaths, instantly. Clay is very emphasizing the thought of killing him. Clay is warned by Abraxas that there is a Fellhammer fleet, body guards, and his friendship with Kyron.

Clay glances down at his hip where his pistol is. Clay instantly is feeling the point of something against his back. A Magrunn is behind him.

Abraxas asks if he can shoot the Contact. The Contact spreads out his hands and offers it. Abraxas fires a heat round at him. The shirt he is wearing is worn away. His body armor is revealed and the ammo round is very thin.

Odessya asks about the armor. The Contact explains that the armor is made from a monster friend that hunts Trillion (a swarm that moves through space and eats through ships).

He gives him information about Trayden. He finds Clay's story quite interesting.

He heard about what they did to Allien's uncle and was quite impressed. He wants the remains. Abraxas asks Zanara and says that the Contact wants the body. They start to negotiate the price. Abraxas uses leverage with Zanara's looks to get a good deal. He tells Zanara and asks her to give some flair.

A shopping spree ensues. Abraxas tells her to make the offer extra nice.

They saw a man in Trillion armor.


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"We met the eyeball."

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