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Saturday Session Log: 05/15/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 05.08.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. They were sucked into an alternative timeline where Ackron and Olrius were working together and the NEXUS is intact. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!


Sean does the recap.



They see the empty shell of the machine that they just destoryed. Kiara is holding the empty shell of the core in her hands. The imprint of the machine is in her mind.

Valeera wants the armor, and Clay assists her. Abraxas wants to keep the head.

Valeera jumps off the edge, telling them that she will meet them at the ship. Kiara is concerned and doesn't understand what Valeera is doing. She tries to grab her and misses.

Odessya sees that there is some data storage on the robot.

They (Abraxas, Odessya, and Allein) travel back to the tank. They lose the machine's head in an attempt to rescue HARVEY from falling into the abyss. HARVEY rebuilds his bridge.

The other group (Valeera, Clay, and Kiara) jumped over the edge. They are picked up by Cutter. Cutter looks over them. When she sees Kiara, she grabs her pistol. Kiara pulls an arrow. Cutter points out that they have a Shen-Jen and didn't they learn from the previous war. Clay gets defensive. Valeera tries to calm the situation. Cutter puts her pistol away but threatens Kiara that she will have her thrown out of the ship if she does anything fishy.

They guy asks who they should be worried about. Valeera says no one else except the Matrix.

With the other group, they catch up with Nova and tell him what happened to them and the other group. They hear a shuttle come around. Abraxas gets defensive immediately when he hears it.

Cutter introduces herself to them. Abraxas greets her. She addresses them as the “Ill-tempered Matrix.” He asks what faction she is from. She says the Alliance.

Abraxas does a private hail to Cutter. He asks her to pardon the rabble. He explains that the Shen-Jen is alive because she has valuable information on Clan Leau. Otherwise, she would have been killed. She responds that she is interested and drops the private hail.

She then asks if she is still needed and if they need a ride. Valeera wants a ride to the ship. Allein wants to try to keep the tank.

Odessya claims the pilot seat of the tank. Abraxas takes the co-pilot seat. Kiara goes with Valeera. Clay comments to give her hell. She looks back at him puzzled. Cutter says she will remember him. Clay says they always do.

Abraxas tells them all to strap down or fall down. He then guns the tank forward.

Cutter tells the She-Jen that she is probably going to trust her. She comments that they are a rag-tag group. She says thank you for Cutter's help. Cutter hops onto the shuttle as she drops them off at the ship. She opens up a comms as she leaves.

Valeera pulls up the coordinates and finds that they are in the disk world. She flies to the other side. The door is still sealed. AS she waits, she flies above to where the coordinates would be. She hovers above it.

Clay takes a gunner seat. He talks to Nova a bit.

They are zooming across the bridge. They hear the tank. They reach the mainland which is several hundred miles in. Clay tells Nova all about Arizona. Nova says it must be beautiful and is sorry Earth had such a bad fate. He explains about Saturn's explosion and its effects on the planet and solar system. Clay comments that is a barbecue that he would not want to be a part of. He tells them that a Zakon rules Terra Alpha. He warns him to never go there.

At the mention of Terra Alpha, everything around Clay fades to the background. He gets a lot of flashbacks. He is being dragged across the ground. Flags with “TA” are written. The guy dragging him is cursing. There is another person being dragged next to him. The guy is Traiden. They are loaded into a shuttle. There is a crowd shouting in the background. The shuttle's walls muffle them.

Clay blacks out in the shuttle. When he wakes, the man next to him wakes up, looks around, and then looks at him. He asks where they are. Clay says he doesn't.

A guy comes in and has a medical device. Traiden leans over to Clay and asks if things are real. Clay suggests that they must be in limbo. He knocks Traiden out with a sedative. He walks over to Clay and does the same thing.

Clay comes back to. He hears Nova once more telling him about the Zakon. Then he asks if Clay was listening.

Nova asks what Traiden is. Clay explains that he was an outlaw who had killed several men.

Clay writes up an update for Eva. He omits that he became a Prophet. He queues it to send when he has signal.

Abraxas looks up a map of the structures. He thinks the place is switching to a say cycle. The buildings seem to be made of a stone material. He wills a HUD to display and label structures.

Odessya looks around. The structures are holding up rather well. There is working ecosystem and day-and-night cycle. There are a few drones. There is some crumbling of buildings that have vines growing on them. It is a bit odd with all the lush vegetation and underground. She points out what looks like a possible storage facility.

Allein is interested in it.

Valeera and Kiara finish their game of checkers. It made no sense. Twike watches puzzled to death. Valeera asks if Kiara is up for an adventure. She explains the coordinates the Preserver imprinted in her. She asks if she would like to do some more spelunking. She asks if it was hostile to begin with. Kiara explains that it was that way when she arrived and that she was late to the party.

Valeera goes down to the coordinates. There is a large metal plate.

She goes to the entrance. Valeera thinks “open”. The doorway does.

They beam down to the surface. The plate is two miles long and there is a building by it. It looks like the entrance to the tunnels; however, this one is significantly smaller.

A walkway becomes visible that does down. The tank could probably fit down it. It is stairs teps though. They go down two or three flights. They find this massive cylinder that drops. There is a small walkway that spirals down along the interior edge of the cylinder. They start to walk down. They play 20 Questions as they do.

The other group approaches the “storage facility”. It is all open air. Clay wakes up from the stopping of the tank. They both venture out to the structure. It is about the same height as the Preserver's main location. The design is different.

Clay sends message to Abraxas. He then takes point.

The tank is able follow behind them. Odessya remains in the tank and drives it. They go into the main doorway. She bumps into the main doorway.

They enter the room. There are mechanical structures along the sides of the walls. There are tubes that attach to them. Clay's scans show that there is biological matter in the tubes. There are hundreds of them. Clay scans the interior of the tubes. There seem to be organic frames inside the tubes. Clay sees a doorway on the tube.

Odessya looks into the records on the tank. She finds that it is a research facility.

Clay tries to rip open the panel. He pulls it open. Liquid starts to pour out, steaming a bit. There seems to be an exo-frame in the tube. It has organic mesh. It is 8 feet tall. Clay peels it open. He stands it up and tries to get in it.

Abraxas helps him. He gets in it. The suit seems to shift into his size. His armor is replaces with it. Clay gets a query: positive or negative. He leans to positive. Something digs into his neck, and he feels a connection to the suit as if it is him.

Abraxas looks at the manifest. It says Control Mind on the top of the manifest. There is a list. The harbinger suits are listed there. There are 200 on the facility. Abraxas goes to grab one. He directs it to Allein.

He puts one on. He feels it connect to his spine. A HUD appears that is not in his language.

Valeera and Kiara see something which has multiple legs. Valeera asks it to identify. It reads that the structure is an assault device. Valeera tries to link to it. She does and the machine has access to her and the information. The Verge talks to her.

It scans Kiara and classifies her as Shen-Jen. It says that it is hostile. It pulls up information on Kiara from when she first met her to then. It asks where the party is. It pulls up information on Down Below when she said it.

Valeera is given the knowledge in how to read and understand their language better. Her own language skills seem to have been overwritten a bit.

Kiara has the same thing happen. Shen-Jen is no longer her primary language. This one is now. It swapped it.

Kiara and Valeera start to speak Harbinjer to each other. Kiara says “Thank you.”

Valeera asks what its name is. It returns a set of letters.

She asks it if it wants to join them. It says no and says it needs to wait for the return. It talks some more and tells her to trust the Bright One.

It then severs the connection.

Allein puts the suit on. He then says no. The suit falls off. He puts it back on. He accepts it.

Odessya refuses it.

They sense someone watching them. There is a sphere in the center. There is rune on it. It is focusing on Clay who approaches it.

He contacts it. It tells him that two have contacted one of their drones. They mention that it is surprised the suit adapted to his size. It comments that his species is rather weak.

It says that it is a Monitor and much stronger than the Preserver. The Monitor continues to talk to them. The Monitor asks if they want to leave. Clay explains that they were sent there.

Abraxas asks questions. The Monitor explains that it is one of many to house the Harbinger species. It says that the inhabitants are deceased.

As Kiara tries to communicate, she switches to Harbinger. Abraxas asks her if she has lost cogitative functions. They meet the Monitor. Kiara asks it if it knows card games.

...transmission lost...

Odessya takes a dagger that is the smallest thing she can find.

Abraxas attaches a mining gun to HARVEY.

Kyron approaches.



The disk they are on is about the size of a solar system. Valeera jumped from one side of the system to the other. Artificial gravity is different on each part of the world.

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