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Saturday Session Log: 05/08/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 05.08.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. They were sucked into an alternative timeline where Ackron and Olrius were working together and the NEXUS is intact. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!



Kiara and Odessya are with Nova in the tank. They are both being taught how to play checkers by Nova who doesn't know how to teach it and is attempting to do it with cards. Allein, Clay, and Abraxas are in a life and death situation.

These three had awakened a creature left by the Harbingers. They ended up making it hostile when they tried to take a weapon that was lying there. Clay distracted it while Abraxas took the gun.

Valeera went with Walen to the rim world. They found a lot of tunnels and rooms with compartments filled with Harbinger. She downloaded a lot of information into her brain. They are now parallel to the other party.

Kiara is very focused on the game. Odessya is confused and doesn't remember. She sees the combat with the birda and feels uneasy. She gets her gun out and Kira does too.

Kiara and Odessya climb down the tank and go through this path toward the area that the others went.

Clay is tethered by something. Abraxas sets the gun on the ground and apologizes. He does this very slowly. The object that held the gun sinks into the floor. The creature does not reciprocate their gesture. It activates. There are 5 spheres with varying colors: gold, silver, bronze, copper, and another.

Abraxas notices that the colors correspond to the drones in their previous encounters. He fires at the gold sphere. He deals a lot of damage to it. He fires again. HARVEY attacks as well with the NOMAD beam. The drone's shield is resisting everything that is being thrown at it; however, it is being damaged.

Clay ties himself to the back of Abraxas with his rope. He takes his maker out. He fires at the gold sphere.

Allein shoots at the heavily armored sphere with his chain rifle. He shoots it a bit more.

An energy beam connects one of the drones to him and to another drone.

Gold regenerates its health. The drone that helped regenerate it was the plated drone.

Gold and silver do nothing. Bronze has just the beam connected to it. The other one sends energy to the preserver (the entity in the middle).

The Preserver takes a swing at Abraxas and Clay. It brings out one of its six arms and a haze appears around it, as if space is bending around it. The other turns into a weapon and shoots a beam in a slashing motion across their bodies. Abraxas grabs Clay's hand and uses his ability to teleport out of the way. They avoid the attack.

Kiara and Odessya finally reach the top. The energy barrier is blocking them. She contact Nova and asks him to move the tank forward and fire at it. They fire at it again. There is a small opening in the shield where the platform had fallen away.

Odessya and Kiara climb through the shield. Kiara has some trouble getting in, but she is able to get through.

She contacts Valeera and asks her to help them. Valeera and Walen wonder what they happened to do to cause this. She looks around for ways to help them. She gets a better shield. Walen is down if she is. She looks once more to see if there is anything else that could help them. They jump off the edge while Valeera salutes. The woman yells at them as they do so: “You idiots!”

Abraxas fires his weapon again. He fires at the plated drone. A massive plate is thrown off of the drone. He fires off a shot with his weapon that he found. The plated drone is blown to pieces with the weapon's blast. HARVEY fires the NOMAD beam at the gold drone.

HARVEY's weapon fires but does not harm the shields.

Clay asks how far away the Preserver is to them. Clay teleports behind the Preserver. He places his hat on Abraxas and teleports. He finds himself without the rope and the hat. Clay asks Abraxas if he can join him.

There are five open ports on the back of the Preserver that he had not seen previously. The drones seem to attach at those places on the Preserver's back.

Allein fires at gold. The drone's shield doesn't take any damage. Seeing this, Allein fires his chain rifle on him.

Clay is attacked. As the Preserver swings his blade down on him, Clay teleports out of the way. Mid-swing, though, the Preserver switches his blade horizontally. Clay tries to dodge. His shield is nothing. The sword crosses his chest and slashes him. He is dying.

Kiara shoots at the silver drone.

Odessya drops on her knee and shoots at the shield generators, taking them and the shield out. She looks out and sees that the platform is crumbling. She also sees something dark fall past them (Valeera and Walen).

Valeera pushes Walen with her staff toward the platform. He tries to grab the platform and misses. Walen grabs the staff and throws Valeera up into the air. She is now on the platform with everyone else.

She thanks Valeera for coming. Valeera is mad.

Abraxas teleports to Clay and injects him with nanobots to fix his arm which is hanging from him. The nanobots start to work on reconnecting his arm to his person.

HARVEY fires at the gold drone. It falls to the ground. There are only three drones left. The Preserver's shield apparently dropped.

Clay slowly scoots his body as far as he can without the entity's notice. Clay contacts Nova. Clay tells him to lay waste to the entire area.

Allein fires at copper. It seems to be the strongest one out of the other drones.

Valeera pulls out her blitz rifle. She fires at the Preserver.

...transmission corrupted....

Allein gets fired upon.

Valeera does something.

Kiara sees a slight amount of damage to the Preserver when she fires at him with her bow. She does the same thing. As she sees the damage being done, copper starts to glow.

Odessya fires her pistol at the copper drone and damages it.

Abraxas sees that silver, bronze, and copper are the drones remaining around the Preserver. He fires into the copper. It falls to the ground. He fires on silver. He takes out silver.

Only bronze is left.

Clay tried to patch into Nova. He asks to be patched into the ballistics optics of the tank. Clay sees that the pillar is destroyed. He asks Nova to move the tank forward until he can see the Preserver. He fires at him, trying to get the projectile through the gap in the shield and hit him. It deals a huge amount of damage.

The damage that the Preserver had is diverted to the bronze drone. The drone was a sink for damage and is destroyed.

Clay fires another round. He then damages him severely. The Preserver's chest is split open.

Allein fires at it and the Preserver slumps. All their networks are disrupted. Over the comms, they hear a threat.

Valeera senses and finds that the entity is still alive but its body is dead. The entity dies but leaves an imprint on Valeera's systems.


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