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Saturday Session Log: 04/03/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 03.03.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. They have been hired to find out why a rig was leaning, escaped the NOMAD (an ancient enemy who used timelines), got revenge on a man who put a bounty on a friend's head. They have now become trapped in an alternative timeline where they have met Olrius and Ackron who in this timeline are allies (an unthinkable alliance for them) and the NEXUS.


There is unfortunately no transcript. Whatever was left is too much garbled gibberish that the log has been abandoned. Whatever the log did contain however, the transcriber must not have recorded much due to the small amount of corrupted data -- unless that data too has been lost.

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