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Saturday Session Log: 03/20/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 03.20.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. They have been hired to find out why a rig was leaning, escaped the NOMAD (an ancient enemy who used timelines), got revenge on a man who put a bounty on a friend's head. They have now become trapped in an alternative timeline where they have met Olrius and Ackron who in this timeline are allies (an unthinkable alliance for them) and the NEXUS.


They have found themselves in an alternative timeline with Olrius and Ackron who, unlike in their time, are allied with each other and have a working NEXUS that the Matrix warn about.



Clay looks for a control panel he can access. The only one is the one the two had used to open the door at the other end of the hallway. He passes the information that to the Matrix.

Abraxas asks the other Matrix what they should do. Odessya asks if it had gained sentience.

Valeera reaches out and feels the NEXUS trying to do something to her mind. She opens several channels on her helmet. The NEXUS immediately floods her helmet's systems, displaying jargon that is glitching into existence. She thinks it has something to do with the Verge and time because of the glitches. She sends this information to Clay and Abraxas.

Clay is able to decipher a little bit of what she sent to them. It feels like the reading it was similar to when he was passing through the time vortex. Translation: I know you. I know who you are. Where are you from. He turns off all network access. He rips off the network node.

Valeera switches hers off.

Abraxas looks to the other Matrix. Shares the information.

Clay tries to use his incinerator charges.

Kiara cannot find any weak spots.

Valeera says the NEXUS spoke to her. Abraxas responds that it knew us. It has intelligence. Valeera tells them she has their back.

Ackron takes his pistol and holds it. His stance is defensive. Abraxas begins to draw. Odessya follows him. Ackron points his gun. Olrius pulls out energy from the crystal on his chest.

Abraxas tells Auzen that now is the time. She says there is something unseen. Abraxas asks is she needs to go into the NEXUS. She says no. Abraxas messages Allein that he should be ready to pick them up. Allein's node is off. Abraxas tells HARVEY to find the Beaming controls on the ship.

Odessya switches connections from the Matrix and tries to connect to the one Ackron is on. She succeeds. She finds Olrius is connected indirectly to the network through his core on his chest.

She deciphers the NEXUS's comms. It asks her what timeline she is from. It scans her and says: Divergent timeline. Both Olrius and Ackron say the same. Odessya starts pointing at her chest repeatedly.

Abraxas is on high alert since Odessya lost connection.

Clay notes that Ackron's hand is shaking as if he doesn't want to draw his gun. He shoots the gun out of Ackron's hand. The gun is eaten up inside the light. He looks for their shields and studies Olrius' armor.

HARVEY is still going for the controls.

Abraxas calls out to Ackron to help them if he is their Ackron. He is unable to get to him though.

Abraxas tells Nova and Walen to call Ackron together. He throws off his helmet and takes a knife. He cuts out a network device from his neck. He then turns to the NEXUS and yells: What?!

He tells him to come with them. Ackron is questioning. He says alright.

Olrius blasts into Ackron. He is blasted to the side.

Odessya watches as the NEXUS loses a connection, recoils, and sends a blast to an entity that must be Olrius. She then finds the NEXUS's attention back to her again. She tries to pull out.

Abraxas gets a flashback of Ackron ploughing his ship into the element. He is enraged.

Clay shoots at Olrius, aiming between the eyes. Olrius pulls energy in front of him, and it absorbs all the energy. The energy Olrius gathered vanishes with it.

Abraxas asks just for vengeance as his pent up anger gathers. As he does so, he feels an anger rise up over him. He loads his gun with heat rounds and a single corrosive round at the end of it. He unloads bullets into him. As Olrius gathers up energy, a bullet goes through it. He grunts.

Walen is called to grab the Ackronar. He starts to sprint.

Abraxas starts to send HARVEY the sequence for beaming up.

Allein shoots at the NEXUS and shoots it since Abraxas seems to be upset about it. It hits one of the rings. Olrius reacts in pain. Then resumes his actions. He tries to connect to his ship since his energy is decreased. He sees that the station is getting torn apart. He sees a metallic being attacking. The Sentinel looks up at the ship and fires at a ship in front of it. Allein activates shields and engines. He starts to prep for takeoff. The energy beams on the ship start to cut through the connections on the dock.

The ship is firing on all the personnel on the dock. Allein sees several ships sitting around the station that he doesn't recognize.

NEXUS is looking at Odessya like a predator at a bunny. Odessya tries to resist and has the NEXUS rewrite her Matrix additions (camera and neural interface). Her brain is switched off like a light switch, and she falls to the ground immobile.

Olrius perks up and shifts his head. He cries out in pain. The core jitters back and forth. He grabs a bunch of energy and targets Clay.

Clay's guts are pooling out on the ground from the damage Olrius causes to him. His health is brought back from the brink of death. He is resurrected.

Valeera is running to Ackron. He is slumped over. She puts a medipen on him. Ackron is not alive anymore. He grabs the dark saber blade that is on Ackron.

Valeera runs to Olrius and stabs him at his crystal. She hits his core. The knife slips to the side and into his chest. She cut him to the ground.

Olrius comes to himself.

Walen runs to Ackron and is mad when he finds him dead. He loses all his humanity on his face and stands up. He charges at Olrius. He sprints. The claw-like structures on his gear slash into him. He shoves him down (Olrius still has the blade Valeera dug into him in his chest).

Someone attempts to revive her. They fail. She does the same. She revives, her controls return to her. She then fires on the NEXUS. Kiara shoots at Olrius. She fires on him. He is on the ground, holding his head and wailing.

Olrius dies. The energy in the core on his chest fades away.

Abraxas' emotions fade. He goes to the body of Olrius. He has no weapons. His skin is pale white. His body looks as if it was dead for centuries.

In his nets, he hails the Infinite Empire and crushes the head of Olrius.

Odessya looks for the guards. She sees a Sentinel holding one of the guards with his hand. He drops the guard and turns around to look over them, as if confused.

She brushes the NEXUS away and reconnects to the network. She notifies the rest of them of the Sentinel behind them.

It asks: What happened here? It steps up to Clay. It is 7ft tall. It has a diamond head, with blue colored lights inside. It asks again what happened. Clay sings the song again.

Valeera responds and tells the Sentinel that the NEXUS was in control of Ackron and Olrius.

Clay retrieves the blade he gave to Olrius.

The Sentinel locks his eyes on Abraxas and states that: He has already done his work. He turns and goes down to the stairs.

Allein rewrites parameters to not shoot at the Sentinel.

Abraxas asks Auzen if this is what she wanted. She says not exactly.

They are beamed up. There is a flash of light on the surface of the planet as they are in the ship, looking through the windows.

Odessya tries to check her systems for any residue from the NEXUS. She is too tired and is unable to detect anything.

Odessya contacts Abraxas. She seeks help. She has no response. She sees Nova has no emotions about the death of Ackron. She contacts Nova. He says that Ackron was not his. Abraxas is upset because of his deep personal connection with Ackron, having served with him.

Abraxas goes to his room. He meditates. He tells HARVEY to stand outside.

Odessya sits opposite HARVEY, cross-legged. She stares at HARVEY and leaves her comms open for Abraxas.

Clay tries to force entry into her room. He shoots at the biometric scanner. The ship's security system activates and closes off that section of the ship. She, Clay, HARVEY, and Abraxas in his room are cut off from the rest of the ship. Odessya is upset that Clay tried to force entry. Abraxas bangs on wall.

Clay tries to sense any darkness coming from Abraxas' room.


Allein sees the station is in flames around his ship. He finds a nearest station.


Clay senses off energy coming off of Odessya faintly and Abraxas. He reaches out and grabs Odessya's hand. Her energy is too faint for him to draw off of. She squeezes his hand. He withdraws. She winks at him. He shuffles off further away. HARVEY activates. Odessya tilts her head at Clay.

They hear yelling and smashing from Abraxas' room.

Clay settles down and draws off of Abraxas' energy. He does into a dark state. He calls for Auzen. He sees someone drifting in front of him. The guy's head is bowed, his back toward him. His clothing is grey and gold.

Clay approaches him. The guy faces him. There is a calming light going from him.

Clay asks who he is. The guy is Alum. The Luro of balance and peace. He warns Clay. He says the power is seductive like his friend. Alum says they are both dangerous. Clay says he wants to go home. Alum asks what home is. Clay says 1863, his ranch, Arizona, his wife, and his kids.

Alum nods. He shifts his hands and the scene changes. He is home in Arizona, surrounded by fields. Clay asks how. Alum says it is a false representation for the time being. He asks about getting back to his own timeline. He says he has ways, but Clay's ties to Auzen will not help him. He asks if Clay is wanting to change ties. He looks at him and says he will do what he has to to get home, even if it is selling his soul to the devil.

Alum says he already had. Clay responded that he would take whatever would help him get home.

Clay asks if it is possible to wield both. He responds that if he wants to seek the grey to seek Entorion, the Owl. Clay records it.

Alum states that Valeera already serves Solremrion.

Clay asks if Alum knows what path the darkness will lead him. He asks for an alternative. Alum says any alternative can be the way home.

Clay asks what Alum requires. Alum tells him. He returns to his state. Clay and Alum are both inside the ship now.

HARVEY sees him and turns off. A new dent appears in the door as he is waved at by Alum and turned off.


Valeera feels something shift inside. As if something were closer to her that previously. Valeera runs to where it is, dropping the cards of Go Fish she was playing with Kiara.

Abraxas yells for Auzen. A dark presence fills his room.

Odessya sees Alum appear. She feels an unnatural balance around him and she draws his knife at his sudden appearance.


Abraxas tells her that his vengeance was stolen. She calls Ackron his false god. She tells him that he should know that that was not his Ackron and that his own Ackron was too imperfect to be his god.

He tells her to watch her words. The darkness solidifies in the room. He says he wants vengeance. He wants to get back at whatever caused this. He wants whatever caused this to die.

Auzen tells him that another ally is acquiring another ride home. She tells him that she will let him suffer. She wants him to suffer.

Abraxas acknowledges that that Ackron was not the real one. He still wants vengeance and believes Auzen can do that. He states that he was dragged from one war to another. He wants those who dragged him back to die so that they can go through his pain.

Auzen grants him power to kill those who did this to him. He looks at his gun and looks at the thing outside the door for her to bind his power to. She takes his gun and burns a hand print into his grip. There is a black tar-like hand print on the weapon's base. She states he is now a Prophet for them. He calls himself a prophet of death. She warns him to not call on her as his servant.

He says he will begin his work. Abraxas senses another connection with his other item.

HARVEY wakes back up. Alum looks at HARVEY oddly. Alum states his trying to enlist the Verge to return Clay home is futile so he must do so himself. Alum opens up the doorways that had cut the hallway off.

Valeera is running toward him. Kiara is after her.

Abraxas steps out.

Alum greets Valeera.

Abraxas sees Alum floating partly off the ground. His emotions level themselves out. Abraxas looks at Clay and shakes his head.

He walks off. Odessya had risen at his appearance, and when he walks off, she follows him.

Alum says he will return them home. He raises his hand, vanishes, and reappears in front of the ship. The vessel stops and the is shifted. The space changes around them. They reappear in their own timeline. Alum nods at Allein and vanishes.

Clay looks at Abraxas. Abraxas looks at him a little unnaturally. He asks him why Clay was speaking to Alum. He says what happened to him and that they got home because of it. Abraxas asks what he was told. Clay explains that he was told Auzen was bad. He can tell that something is off.

Abraxas tells him to go to the cargo hold, HARVEY in tow. He gives Clay the gun. He feels that it is heavier that seems natural.

He feels the energy when he broke the box is the same one that is coming off of the gun. Clay feels being pulled toward it and pulled away. He pushes into the feeling. He can't connect to it. He hands it back.

He tells him that he can't seem to call on Auzen. He doesn't know why. He tells him of the burning eyes.

Odessya had followed from a distance. She is sitting in the shadows on a cargo box, listening.

Abraxas states he saw Galimus. Clay says he saw eyes and what he said. He tells him who Alum is and tells Clay to not sway to Alum's cause. Clay feels an obligation toward Alum. Clay tells Abraxas his feeling. He says Galimus will not be pleases with his serving two sides.

Clay says he doesn't know how to get past to Auzen.

Valeera is asked if she can play Go Fish again by Kiara. Valeera tries to focus and talk to

Solremrion. She says that she thinks Alum has made an impact on Clay. Valeera asks if she can help. She tells her to be a beacon Clay can rely and trust.

She feels the crystal grow warmer. She feels like she can call on things that she never could have. She thinks: I am a beacon.


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