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Saturday Session Log: 03/13/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 03.13.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. They have been hired to find out why a rig was leaning, escaped the NOMAD (an ancient enemy who used timelines), got revenge on a man who put a bounty on a friend's head.


After flying to the place that Walen was last seen, they met Nova and found a time anomaly. They entered it and wound up stuck in another time dimension.



Clay wakes up from his nap to blaring alarms as he hears Allein shouting for those outside to be picked up. Aboard The Escape, Clay feels the ship moving faster and hears the ship saying: “Ship recall. Ship recall.”

He looks out the command deck window and sees an explosion. A fleet of ships has just appeared before him. He looks around for weapon controls and cannot find them. He asks Twike to help, but he refuses. Clay reminds Twike of what he did to his friends. Twike gives him a face and backs out of the room, facing Clay as he does so.

Clay turns back to the ship's windows and looks at what is happening. He sees a ship with disconnected parts. It tractor beams the ship. Clay feels the ship shaking as it is drawn. He is not able to communicate to Allein.


Back on the other ship's bridge, Kiara is too focused on surviving. Valeera and Clay see ships that are not the same as the Earth ships. They are close but not the same. The bridges are disc-like, off-center to the ship. Abraxas can see that the ships the other two see have a different logo to the UTF ships. They have a purple glow and a silver aesthetic. He sees just two of them. They have very detailed sensor arrays.

Atraxas goes to Nova and points out the ships. “Those are different ships,” he says. “The colors.” Nova responds that the colors are correct but nothing else.

Valeera points out that everything is similar but very different. Allein sees his ship being tractor beamed by the UTF ship. He notices that comms are not available. He thinks about beaming over to it; however, there are no transporters on the ship. He grabs a nearby UTF crew member who sends something to the ship that is tractor beaming his ship.


All of a sudden, they are beamed aboard a vessel. They also beam Clay to another ship.

Clay is a bit shocked. He looks beside him and sees Twike just staring in amazement. Several crew are nearby with weapons, not pointed at him though.

He greets Clay. Clay studies the soldier who greeted him. The man has a pistol on his left thigh. He has some armored plating on his forearms and shoulder. His hair is brown, blue eyes, and very nice hair and teeth.

Clay just tells him that his name is “Clay Arizona.” The soldier says that Arizona is a nice place. He then tells Clay that he needs to take him to another place – not the teleporter room. The man (the first officer) tells the captain that Clay wishes to speak to him, at Clay's request.

He takes Clay to the bridge where the captain is standing surrounded by a glass thing. Clay confesses that he is confused. He then babbles about what has happened to him. Hearing him, the captain becomes more confused and asks him to slow down. He asks if he knows what he was in. Clay confesses that he doesn't know and is not a smart man. The captain seems a bit disappointed.


On the other ship, where the group was beamed, the officer looks confused when he sees them. He then tells them that they don't recognize their uniforms and tells them to follow him to the captain like he has been directed. He looks at Kiara and asks what she is. The Marquen asks why on earth he has no idea who she is.

He asks if they know who the Shen-Jen are. The man says no. Valeera asks if they have seen the Clan Leau. He says he has.

The officer explains that they are the UTF and that the group is not prisoners. Allein asks if he can have his ship. They explain that they are trying to identify the ship but when they are done, they will turn it over to him.

They go to the bridge. The other UTF soldiers who were with them are sent to the infirmary. The other group are scanned to search for injuries. They are fine, except it beeps over Kiara whom they know nothing about. She explains that she got a good punch.

The captain asks them where they are from. Allein tells him where he is from. Valeera asks to see a timeline of history before she answers. She explains to the captain that she has a theory. He directs her to a panel for her to examine. She looks through the archives. She sees several factions she doesn't recognize. There is no reference to Clan Leau. There is reference to the Sentinels. She says they are not from their timeline after she processes their history.

He asks about their other crew members. He asks if they want to rejoin them.


Abraxas asks if there are other Matrix around because he has no connection to his kin. The captain says that he doesn't know what clan he is in. Abraxas seems confused. Abraxas asks if there is an Ackron. He seems appeased when the captain tells him there is an Ackron. He then turns to Odessya and HARVEY.


The crew on the the other ship ask Clay if he wants to join his crew on the other ship. He doesn't seem to want to but is more interested in the weapons. Upon hearing his interest, he then is transported to the other ship. Clay immediately asks the first person if he has food. The guy responds that he will get some.

Clay walks into the bridge with Twike holding his hands with both of his. Valeera sees Twike and motions for him to join her. He goes to Valeera.


The captain says that they seem to all be there, including the bug. He then begins by mentioning that they were from another timeline. Allein starts to talk, but Abraxas raises his hand. The captain acknowledges him. Abraxas sends him data. The captain seems to be interested in the contents. He then states he might need to send them to their flagship.

Valeera asks if the time breaking has occurred frequently. The captain says that this is probably the third major one, though they had no idea that it was due to time fracturing. Allein asks if there was any metal glitches. The captain says there was reports of it before a major event.

Valeera notes that whatever is happening is bigger than their own time: that it is spanning timelines.


Clay sends him some data. He feels someone tap him on the shoulder and offers him a plate of food. He takes it and gives some to Twike who eats it gladly.


Clay explains that he is from 1863 which shocks the captain. The captain lets Clay know that Arizona is a massive park. Clay says that he will want to go there.


Abraxas asks the captain what his standings are with Ackron. He explains that Ackron co-leads a large faction that the UTF is on uneasy terms with. He asks for contact.

The captain seems uneasy but professional to Odessya. He has a pistol on his hip as well.

The captain mentions to Kiara. He then asks about her. They explain who she is.

Clay tries to mess with the orb. The captain doesn't notice, but Clay is too distracted to focus.

Odessya asks the captain if he knows of the Radrian and what the Kiia-Ty is. The captain says yes to the first and no to the second. Odessya responds that the second was just a name.

Kiara is wrapping her mind around the fact that her race is unknown and not hunted in this timeline.

Allein learns that in his timeline, his race has been conquered by another.

The captain asks if they are ready to be beamed over the flagship if none of them have any other questions. Valeera asks for his name. He says that his name is Denis.

Abraxas asks if the two ships that were glowing purple are his. He says they are the Undying Empire's science ships. Abraxas asks what those are. The captain says they have an interesting alliance with them. Abraxas repeats his question what they are. The captain responds that the race likes to upgrade themselves and has been messing with time. Abraxas asks if they are approachable in the future. He is warned to just be careful.

He explains that the name is the Triumvirate (Abraxas perks up, and Nova and Walen step up.) Walen has just returned from the medical center. He greets Abraxas and comments that it is like a family reunion without the familiar timeline. He comments that he can kinda sense the two and Odessya.

The captain explains that the Triumvirate are back-stabbing fiends. He explains that they are all Matrix, but are three groups with different focuses.

Abraxas tells the captain Allein to start speaking up. The captain of the UTF explains that there are other Matrix. Abraxas asks about that. The captain explains again that it is a joint operation.

A soldier comes over to them and puts on the devices to beam them over to the flag ship. He tells them that they have nine to beam up. They also are transporting HARVEY in storage to the ship. Abraxas tells them to not tamper with it otherwise it will go defensive.


They are teleported to a bridge. There is a Genoan with white wings. The soldier in front greets them and welcomes them aboard the UTF flagship Intrepid.

Allein has been starting to chart trade routes for this new area. He is very focused on his holographic diagrams. Odessya just looks around, but doesn't take anything in. There are the two science ships on either side of the vessel.

Kira notices that there are grey feathers in the Genoan's wings. Valeera sees that the ship is huge, dwarfing the other ships nearby.

Abraxas sees a Matrix-like individual. He senses a net-presence from him, but it is very faint.

Clay sees that the admiral is much older. As he turns around, Clay sees that the man has a marking that he recognizes. It is branded on his neck. It looks like a royal symbol. He remembers it from something that he had seen in a holo feed.

Clay asks him about the mark. The admiral says that he is called Admiral Koronus. Clay says that he knows the guy from somewhere. Clay shows him the symbol he drew in his diary. Clay seems disappointed with the admiral's response. The admiral asks him to back off as he seeks to interrogate the others. Clay backs up.

The admiral says he has the names of the others. Odessya takes his hand and shakes it. Allein is distracted with his holograms until the admiral waves his hand through them. He then introduces himself to the others.

He welcomes them aboard. He asks them about the pirate ships. Allein asks if they were fighting them. Apparently, the UTF had been sucked in to the time anomaly before they met the pirates. Abraxas explains that the pirates were from a dead faction from the Unity area. He tells him to reference the data file he sent to the captain.

Abraxas explains that he is a little disoriented. He says that he is not only from a different time but that he is also cut off from his kin's network. He says that he wishes to contact Ackron if they are in decent standing. The admiral explains that it might be possible. He then says they will probably actually send them to the Undying Faction's homeworld.

The admiral says that his name is Lumen. He then says that Avon is his son. Valeera mentions what happens to Avon on her timeline.

Abraxas is getting impatient.

Clay tries to access the systems with a chip. He is caught by the Matrix. Clay grabs his pistol and pushes it at the Matrix's side as he takes up his hand. Abraxas acts confused and asks why he needed the chip for.

The captain believes Abraxas. Abraxas tries to do a net conference. Then he realizes he can't because the man is on another network he does not know. Lumen crosses his hands and asks what Clay is doing. He says he has given him all the opportunities.

Clay says that he will cooperate if he is released. The Matrix wrenches his hand up, and Lumen tells him to lower it. Clay cocks his gun as the Matrix did that. The Matrix then lowers his hand as Lumen says.

Abraxas commands HARVEY to protect, but he is unable to contact him.

Lumen then tells them to get the child (referring to Clay) out. Abraxas then gets frustrated and yells at them. Odessya puts her hand on his shoulder. He asks the captain if the thing can be swept under the table. They have had a bad day.

Lumen says that is no excuse for Clay's behavior. Abraxas says that the responsibility for Clay's actions were on him because he had no idea what his intentions were. He then tells Clay that he doesn't want trouble from him, otherwise he might have to kill him.

Abraxas tries to make contact with the Matrix. He makes eye contact, blinks, and nods.

The group is beamed from the Intrepid and to The Escape. Abraxas takes Clay aside and explains that he would not have killed him but that he did not expect him to do that.

Their vessel is hailed. They are asked to respond. Allein does so. Abraxas just contemplates.

The rest are going to the bridge. They see the science ship. It leads them through a portal gate that opens up. They go through with the science ship and end up in another part of space immediately. They are tractor beamed to a dock. Upon docking, the beam is removed.

Allein locks out the ship as a precaution. They exit the ship.

As they exit there are people outside. They have smooth armor and a core on their back. There is a cape covering the core on their back. Clay attempts to split off from the group, but he is gestured to remain with his group.

They bring them to a space elevator. The whole station is very high tech. The uniformed people sit down and welcome to the Undying Empire. Abraxas thanks them. Odessya nods at them. Clay doesn't respond. The one looks at the box and then directly at Clay's eyes. Clay narrows his gaze and stares through him.

...Transmission is unable to be transmitted for a bit...

Abraxas has HARVEY interface with some things. They step forward and lead them toward the city center. There is more science and digital schemes. The colors are gold and grey.

They tell them that their leaders wish to speak with them. Allein warns Clay to not do anything.

Abraxas asks them questions. One of them looks like a Dek and has no net presence. The other has a large net presence. They proceed to the building.

They enter a flat area with tech structures here and there. People are near the structures. They reach a doorway and the guards there ask if they are there to see them.

They open the door for them. They enter. They hear people talking. There is an extra set of stairs. One of the people nods at them and speaks to someone over comms that the “other timeline individuals are here.”

Abraxas sends to Clay and Odessya and Walen to keep their eyes open. They acknowledge it.

A man with white and grey hair and clothed in white and gold steps down. Ackron steps down next to him. Ackron is sending out a massive net sense.

Abraxas stares at him and sends out his net presence. The man in the white and gold calls himself Olrius. He grabs Ackron's shoulder and declares that the day is so wonderful.

Ackron looks them over: Abraxas, Odessya, Walen, and Nova. He looks curiously at Kira. Olrius steps forward and shakes their hands. Clay doesn't shake it. All the Matrix are distrustful of Olrius.

Ackron greets them. Abraxas greets him as Ackronar. Ackron seems confused. Abraxas explains his history in their timeline. He offers him a pad with data on it. There is a summary of the Triumvirate on it. Ackron tilts his head, and data shifts over his pupil. He finds it interesting. He looks at Olrius.

Abraxas shows his eyes to Ackron and looks distrustfully at Olrius. Ackron gestures. Ackron points to Abraxas and says that he knows Azazel who stabbed them in the back for he leads the Triumvirate. Abraxas tells him that in their timeline that Azazel is loyal to him in theirs. Abraxas tells him that things are apparently different her than there.

Ackron turns to Olrius and tells him that apparently he is dead. Olrius states that so many things could have happened and asks how. Ackron tells him many things happened. That he rammed a ship into him, his girlfriend turned on him, and someone named Savik did something.

Olrius is curious to know who did it since they had been experimenting with time. Valeera tells him that someone else broke time, not them. Olrius turns to Kira and asks who she is. He says that he only saw her once before and that her kind was exterminated. Kira says she wasn't involved with them. Abraxas smiles a bit when he hears the word purged used by Olrius.

Allein says that most Shen-Jen are bad (Olrius reaches for gun), and then continues to amend it with most (Olrius removes his hand from the pistol.)

Olrius asks if they want to stay there in the new timeline or return to theirs. Valeera says that they should probably help while they are there. Abraxas wants to return. Odessya responds she would also. Olrius tries to ask Clay for his opinion, but Clay ignores him. Abraxas answers for him, stating that he wants to return. Olrius asks if Clay is okay. Allein says he is not. Abraxas says he is. Allein explains that he is from another time. Olrius reminds himself that it is 1863 that Clay is from.

Abraxas gives Ackron details on the experiments that were done on timeline stuff on his timeline. Nova is very reserved, and Walen is confused. He tells the Matrix he is with that this may be Ackron, but it is not theirs. He is confused as to why he would side with Olrius.

Both step up to Clay. Ackron tells him to “Wake up.” Olrius states: “Time to poke the hornet's nest.” Olrius asks if he is normally like this: blank. They say of late that he is. They then ask him what he is fiddling with. He pulls out his knife.

Olrius asks to take it. He twirls it around and says it is a nice knife. He cuts himself a little with it when he twirls it. Clay tells him he can keep it. Olrius slips it into his armor. Clay says it can be a reminder of the space cowboy he met.

Abraxas realizes that Ackron is connected to a different network, that Olrius is not in it. Abraxas sees if he can merge with Ackron's connection. His network is not compatible with his; neither is theirs to his.

Clay continues to fiddle with the box that Grey gave him. Olrius tells him to follow him. They do.

Abraxas asks Nova for his thoughts. Nova is not sure what is going on. Abraxas tells him what he found out about their nets. Nova is curious as to why the two are working together. Abraxas wonders why the two would have ever agreed to this. They are curious as to why these two are curious about time. Walen states that he has no idea what is going on. Abraxas sends Walen the experiences he had gone through.

Valeera sends Abraxas a message that it almost seems too perfect.

They step up to the walkway. As they do, it expands out to an exterior structure. There are rings within rings on a statue structure in the room.

Clay suddenly feels something pleasant as he messes with the box. Eyes flash before his own. He is told by a voice to play. Clay continues to mess with something.

Some of them step up to the platform where the statue is and the plaque says Nexus. They are in a long deep hallway with conduits running down on it. There is a large spherical doorway that Allein notices. Kiara sees that the doorway can open. Several peopl are standing on either side. One side is Matrix. The other is Infinite Empire. Ackron has a core on his chest. Olrius has a core embedded directly in his chest. Abraxas sees this. He also senses a hum deeper within. He sends the sensations to the other Matrix. Abraxas looks to Nova and Walen. They don't feel comfortable.

Olrius and Ackron go to the door and open. The Matrix feel a network sense blaring over them. Atraxas steps back, horrified.

Valeera states to them that it looks like the shift frame. Olrius seems pleased.

Clay squeezes the box until it breaks. All of a sudden, Clay's senses are gone. He no longer hears anything. To everyone else, Clay falls to the floor. Abraxas is too shocked.

Abraxas is horrified because the Nexus should not exist. He makes it apparent that he is horrified.

Kiara is clueless. Her history on it says that it is the history of the Infinite empire. There had been locks put in place so that it could not become sentient (in their timeline's history).

Abraxas walks away. His hand glitches a bit as he does so.

They talk to them. Abraxas tells them that they do not know what they are doing.


Valeera checks his pulse. Clay's pulse is weird. Her hand is smoking when she removes it. Valeera recognizes it as guile. The Matrix don't care.

Allein sees that the Matrix are worried, and he is now worried.


For Clay all the noise around him fades to blackness. He feels cold and as if eyes are watching him. He calls out what it is. His voice echoes and fades. The black abyss darkens until it is the absence of everything. Eyes appear infront of him. He can't see the end of the being that is in front of him. It tilts its head to him.

Clay asks if it brought him there. The being says he brought himself there and calls him a prophet. Clay says he is a vessel. The being is pleased.


He wakes up. He feels a little cold still. The influence of the touch of guile box is gone. Something else though seems locked inside his being. He focuses on the feeling and blocks out everything else.

The Matrix are backing away. Nova declares that they are all insane to research the Nexus.

Ackron is insulted.

Abraxas sees eyes flash behind him. He senses a hum like his around Nova. He mentions: “You're working for her.” He shrugs.




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