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Saturday Session Log: 02/27/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 02.20.2021





Clay is in the middle of a nightmarish dream. He sees a woman standing against the light in a dark area. She calls herself Auzen. She calls him her child. She tells him that his interaction with Grey brought him to her attention. She says she has much to offer him. He says he takes it.

She is covered with smoke and the smoke washes over him. He wakes up in his room. The cube is in front of him and it lowers to the ground, closing.

He tries to open the cube again, but it doesn't. It seems like a single metal piece. He doesn't feel different. Daniel Traden's gun doesn't look different. He doesn't feel any connection to her, but that something is watching him.

Clay puts the touch of guile back in his pocket. It shrinks to pick his pocket.

Abraxas and Odessya are relaxing given that they were injured. Abraxas is preoccupied with finding out who said that they were pleased with his work. He feels like he is being watched. He looks around and tries to ask what someone wants and who is there.

He hears a wind enter his room. He wants to know who she is. She tells him to continue on his path. Abraxas looks around and checks his weapons.

Abraxas looks at Walen's last details as they near the place where he was last seen. Walen used to do some side jobs with the Trade Fed, and some other places. He had his own ship, but it looks like both him and the ship have vanished.

Abraxas tries to contact Azazel and Ackron. He asks Azazel if he can track him. He informs Abraxas that he is no longer on the network. He doesn't seem to have left them; however, he is gone. He thanks him for his looking into the situation and to report when the search is complete. Abraxas gives him the archaic salute.

He hears a knock on his door. When asked who it is, Clay responds. Clay informs him of what happened while Abraxas messes with his corrosive rounds. He says he knows someone like an angel devil woman appeared and called him her child. He also says that someone is watching him. He tells him some stuff. Clay just continues to do what he is doing. He closes his door.

Abraxas is a little bored but is convinced that the same woman contacted both him and Abraxas. He picks up the orb and says that it is how he talked to her. He asks what it is. Clay tells him that he doesn't know what it is. Clay explains that he had focused on it and been sucked into a fever dream. Abraxas suggests that they do that again.

They do so.


Kiara notices one of the tablets blinks again. She opens it. It blinks again in the upper corner. She realizes that the tablet is sending out a tracking pulse. Kiara picks it up and sprints to Abraxas' room. She is yelling his name and then pounds on the door.

Kiara declares herself and says that they have a problem. He tells Clay to continue to focus and goes to her.

Clan Leau doesn't track like that. Therefore, it must be Black Order tracking them. He asks when it started blinking. Kiara said she noticed it the previous day. She said she didn't notice it or think anything of it.

He asks if she has her own communicator; however, it is not Clan Leau. He is in contact with an ally. He is wondering if she is trying to double-cross them. He tells Azazel how to track him in case something happens.

He tells Acheron about the situation as well and that they may need assistance.

Over comms, they hear: “We are approaching the station now.”

Abraxas tries to disable or spoof the tracker. Allein is giving the station his docking info. The station has tractor beams to draw the ships inside instead of the docking arms. He closes off the back end of the tracker.


Odessya suggests putting the tablet on another ship. However, the tech is too valuable.

He contacts Malcom of the Forgeborn. Malcom asks them what it is about. Abraxas explains the situation. He tells them they might need assistance.


They are now docked in the station. It is a rich, trade station.

They undock, while Kiara remains on the ship and is panicking over the fact that the Black Order is after her and is trying to figure out if she needs to do anything because the people she is with are not responsible.

Allien is quite thrilled with the amount of goods available.

Abraxas looks for tech upgrades for HARVEY. He stops by a coder shop that has better reputations and seeks their assistance. They guy asks him what he can help them with. HARVEY comes thumping up behind him, and the Deltan man there is thrilled to see an old repair drone. He asks him to fix him and any corruption in his coding.

Valeera goes to the armor and weapon's shops. She sees a Swift symbol (A small bird with it's wings outstretched). hanging over one of the doorways. She follows more of these symbols that seem to be rather hard to spot. She enters what looks like a window-less cafe. A guy is seated at the bar and is washing a glass while she passes.

Odessya and Allein are looking for armor. She finds a Mark 2 Hybrid Armor and buys it for 140 thousand gu.

Abraxas checks on HARVEY. The guy is thrilled with having worked with the robot. He asks if it is able to be bought. He asks him for 30 thousand gu.

Abraxas borrows 1 mil gu from Odessya.


Valeera asks for a drink, a powerful one. He asks why she was here. He asks what he can do to find her under the Bird.


The rest of the crew starts to improve their armor. Clay, Odessya, and Abraxas go into the black market. There is a Magauran at the bar. Abraxas greets him. He asks for anything unusual that is being sold, upgrades, weapons, etc.

Odessya asks if there are any jobs available, like blackmail or espionage. The bartender suggests that she should look elsewhere.


Valeera and Abraxas see a portal outside the station and a ship flies out, cloaks, and fading. Abraxas messages everyone he contacted that: “They have arrived.”




- Transcriber came in later into the session than usual.

- Cole regrets his prices.

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