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Saturday Session Log: 02/06/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 02.06.2021





Sean gave recap from last session.


Atraxas seeks to find the person who set the bounty on Allein. Clay looks for cloning facilities. The Confederacy has cloning facilities. Valeera suggests that they build their own cloning facilities. However, that idea is not wise.

Clay starts to set up files for his reports to Ava.

Abraxas seeks access to a private net. He tries to find some facilities; however, the information is limited to certain groups.

Valeera and Clay start to argue over Allein. Clay is impatient and wants his money. Valeera is mainly joking. He holds his gun out.

Abraxas seeks to contact Azael who refuses to help him because it has to with cloning and his previous experiences with it. They are talking about how to get the money while still keeping the other guy alive. He suggests that they fake it. Abraxas also talks about Ava to Azazel. He talks about the woman and Clay. He tells that Clay had been able to acquire a singularity crystal.

Abraxas walks out to see Clay cast his poncho back, revealing his gun. He tells him to not be messy if he does it. Clay responds that he likes messy. Valeera asks what Abraxas finds.

Clay turns to Allein and declares that it is time. Abraxas warns that the ship is probably rigged. Clay relaxes. Valeera asks if there is another option.

Clay suggests knocking Allein out. Allein suggests a slow-working poison to solve the issue of the scanners for proving that the body is “dead.”

They suggest that they could request help. However, they might need to have them be expendable.

Abraxas contacts his contact. He asks Corin if he wants to join their operation. He explains that the Triumvirate could not extend any resources for this so he needed his help. They set up a meeting point. (He asks Allein if he can stop at the station. Allein looks for deals but can't find any there.)

He contacts another person who seems to find that their operation to fake someone's death is a little weird. He tries to convince her to give them an extra ship. Valeera suggests that if ships don't work, then they could at least get weapons.

They land on Titus and disembark. Abraxas puts up a post offering Harvey's services for ship repairs. He got two of them.


Odessya and Abraxas go and wait for any jobs in the area.

Clay sets up an offer selling Pre-Gap alcohol. He sets up a meeting with the guy in the cargo bay. With the bay, dimly lit, Clay waits for the human to appear. Clay has Kiara nearby. He starts to sell him the whiskey. He asks to see the bottle. Clay messages Kiara to scuff up the bottle to make it look older. She does so. The guy wants to drink it. He asks Kiara to bring him the bottle. The man comments on his assistant. He takes out his shot glasses and stealthily coats the interior of the guy's tumbler with snake venom from the synthesizes concoction. He asks for the money in advance; however, the guy doesn't want to give him too much upfront. The guy drinks the poison.

As the guy gives it back, Kiara sees a smidge of purple in his eyes. He tells Clay that the shot has a bite to it. Clay comments that it does indeed have a bite to it. The guy believes Clay's statement that the drink is from 1989. He asks about the SheJen, and Clay tells him. The man says that he is very much interested in them. He says that he can tell how he is. He informs him that he will not pay him five million gu for Marquen whiskey which has a little bit of something in it. The guy them tells Clay that he is interested in the gun. He tells them that he is called Eden Grey. He tells him that he will offer the gun to him for 25 million gu. Eden Grey says he is not going to give him anything. Clay is not thrilled with that. Eden Grey says that mugging was not a part of the deal.

Clay sends Abraxas a feed. Clay explains to Grey his attachment to the gun and his desire for information about his past. Grey offers him a box. Grey takes the alcohol and leaves.


Abraxas and Odessya see Grey walk past them while they wait for the ship to dock.


Clay has been affected by the venom, but he somehow gets his body to not be as badly affected as it should. Clay opens the box and sees a little sphere in it, with a mist that seems to move when the box moves.

He looks for an opening and ends up smashing it with Daniel Traden's pistol. They are thrown back as there is an explosion. Clay doesn't feel different. Valeera however feels different as the crystal flares up in brightness, turns black, and then goes back to purple. Clay sees this.

Corin and Lenier step outside of the vessel. They ask if they wish to board the ship and leave the vessel there. They want to keep the plan as discrete as possible. They have seen the explosion there. Abraxas tells them of the situation and how he doesn't know the people he is lost with.

They catch up and tell them that Nova left and Walen went on a mission and has not returned yet. Zanara walks up and starts to talk to Abraxas. Zanara wants to go drink. Abraxas tells her that they all should go.

Zanara starts to saunter toward Clay. Clay then puts his visor up. Zanara asks him his age.

...Transmission Lost....

Valeera is in a daze as she walks back to the ship. Somehow her balance feels tainted, particularly when she gets close to Clay.

Abraxas brings up the plan to the newcomers as they are on the ship. They start to investigate the venom that they need. The venom they have on hand has one stipulation that they need to wake him within 20 minutes of administering it. The whole unit of the Tiandong volunteer to help.

Allein gives them the details of the situation.

...Transmission Lost...

The plans are discussed. Odessya, Kiara, Valeera, and Zanara are to distract and convince the guards. To keep the rouse legitimate, Abraxas shoots Allein in a way that is not lethal. They put him in a cryo pod.

...Transmission lost...

He asks Corrin if they should meet at the target's estate's front door like he asks. They still have Allein in the cryo pod with the poison ready for injection.


Valeera is still off. She talks to Solremrion. She tells her that the item that Clay received is called the Touch of Guile. She tells her that several others of her company have been touched by it also.

They start to head out. The second group is heading out five minutes after, following them. They all leave the vessel.

There are piles of Marquen everywhere. They have their family symbols everywhere.

They arrive at the door the house of the man and discover that it is a setup. Allein's older brother has placed a bounty on him and framed the younger brother. Abraxas questions this brother who is being framed as police start to arrive and others are being called in.

The older brother happens to have passed them and conversed with them briefly on their arrival on the planet. Abraxas realizes this and sends the message to Zanara. The girl squad then turns and heads to intercept the older brother who was standing nearby with his tablet device.



The players took the story in a different way than was expected or suggested by the game master.

Also, the transcriber's mind was preoccupied throughout the session, meaning that it was rather sparse this time.

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