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Saturday Session Log: 01/31/2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 01.30.2021




Cole does the recap and mentions the ship that came through the rift. They attacked a drone and met NOMAD from an alternative timeline. They found their way to the AI core and are currently standing in its center.



They are in a spherical room. There are power cables hanging and attached to the central spherical object hanging in the center. It is glowing outward and pulsing with light. Parts of it extend out, release heat, retract, and repeat the process. The drone they had seen earlier is making repairs here and there in the chamber.

They are still in contact with NOMAD, except for Clay. He does a thermal scan of the object. There is a lot of network activity from the sphere. Some sort of field is being created in the room where this object is. There also is a thermal exchange between this room and the outside. There is some sort of connection in network activity between the core and the people with him. His mic cuts off from everyone as he turns his network off.


Kiara looks at her messages from her contact. They informed her that they have boarded the strange vessel. She doesn't respond.


Abraxas looks for comms with the ships outside. He tries to recontact the ship they were on and suggests that they should limit their network activity if it is the NOMAD of old.

They agree to. Clay doesn't hear this. He is listening to some classic rock in his helmet. Valeera looks for a shielding over the central part of the core. She sends the data she receives to Abraxas (there is no shield around it, but there is a field around it). He suggests not doing anything rash.

She suggests taking down. They talk about returning to the ship. NOMAD tells them that they cannot leave the ship. Abraxas scans for other lifeforms. There are some. There is also something pinging his life sign counter. There are a lot of very faint life signs. He can't depict a number.

He asks NOMAD what kind of ship it was. NOMAD responds that it is a cargo ship. He asks what the manifest is. NOMAD says it is the usual organic ones. Abraxas responds that it is NOMAD's collection. He informs the Matrix vessel of the fact that it is a transport vessel and has thousands of life signs on it.

Clay starts tapping Morse code with his foot for a while. Allein doesn't understand what he is tapping; however, the rest can translate it to: “Trap. Network Link. Bad.” Abraxas turns to him and nods.


Kiara starts to investigate the ship, bow in hand. She leaves the room stealthily. Abraxas and Odessya head out to one of the not-so-faint pings of lifeforms. The closest group seems to have come from a breached airlock. There are vibrations coming from this area. It can be felt. Kiara decides to accompany them. The rest decide to stay in the central chamber. They mount Harvey and move quickly. They can see flashes of light ahead and several drones are being destroyed. They witness one soldier tearing the drone apart with their hands.

They raise their guns when the group passes; however, they lower them as they see who they are. Abraxas does a Triumvirate salute. The Forgeborn ask why they are there. Abraxas explains. He tells them that a couple are left at the core. The soldier asks why the rest are not Matrix. Abraxas starts to send the data of how they met. The Forgeborn invite them to stay with them. They accept. He informs them that it is a transport vessel confirmed by NOMAD. He also sends the data.

They are interested in the organic life and if anything is useful. Abraxas asks if they are willing to follow them to where the organics are. They accept. There are six others who are following the other Forgeborn. There are glowing sigils on their armor. They gesture for them to lead the way.

Abraxas warns them to not connect to the main net but rather contain themselves to the subnet. The Forgeborn reach back and switch something on their helmets. Their nets switch off.


Valeera walks up to the core. Clay starts to tap again in the chamber. He pulls out his knife and waits for the rest to acknowledge that they understood. Valeera understands, but Allein has no clue. Valeera nods and says: “Lets do this!” He looks for any openings. He sees one of the tubes open and there is a light inside it. He throws his knife at the opening. The energy field around the core catches it and throws it back at him at full speed. Clay sidesteps and the knife goes to its hilt into the metal floor. Clay looks at everyone else and back at his knife.

They scan the room again. The room is getting hotter, there is more network activity, and the room is pressurizing. Whatever Clay did caused something.

Valeera grabs him and touches his helmet to his. He says: “It's a BOMB!” She grabs him and tries to run away. Clay tries to take off helmet, but he sees an alert on his helmet saying that the atmosphere is not good. He sees that the oxygen level is starting to rise though.


Odessya gets an alert that an outside entity is trying to access her network forcefully. She shuts it down successfully. Kiara also has the same thing. She starts to reach back to her helmet. She asks for assistance, and Abraxas reaches over to help. He is however unable to. She accidentally switches it to full access instead of completely off. Her suit starts to malfunction and move independently of her. Data floods her system. The suit is no longer under her control. She starts to pull out her pistol.

One of the Forgeborn pulls out his gun. He demands why a ShenJen is there. Abraxas explains the situation and that NOMAD is overriding her systems. Clay was able to disconnect his network access, but NOMAD was able to download himself. Two of the Forgeborn start to have their armor move of their own accord. Abraxas opens his mouthpiece and yells: “Restrain them!”

Allein is successfully able to reboot his suit as his hand is forcefully being bent inwards. He is able to regain his control. He takes off the helmet and breathes the atmosphere.

Valeera chucks her pistol at Kiara's hand holding the pistol. It is successfully knocked out of her hand. Several are trying to restrain and fix the Forgeborn. One is fixed. The other has his head twisted back completely. Abraxas checks for weapons, but it is without weapons. Abraxas is concerned.

The field in the core is visibly vibrating in the room.

Abraxas asks what kind of unit they are. They respond that they are Lead Rank (very high in the Forgeborn). He asks what their abilities are and says the core should be removed. The field starts to resist. Valeera switches the network of Kiara, tearing out the network cable.

The one soldier reaches into the field toward the core. He lets out a beam that causes an explosion. The explosion incinerates him completely.

Parts of the ship is torn apart in places, as the ship starts to shake. The explosion is sucked out by the ceiling being torn off. A shield appears over it.

Allein is detaching his armor's arms and anything that could harm him.

They are now in the central room with the central core gone. NOMAD seems to be gone.

Abraxas tries to connect to the network access. He tells net-wide that NOMAD has been stopped for the moment. The tertiary network starts to turn on. There are pings starting to emerge.

Abraxas asks if the next network should be removed. The captains says no, but that the batteries are overcharging. He looks for an armory and looks around for another drone to take. He finds a drone that was torn in half and has Harvey gather it for future upgrades. He orders Harvey to upgrade with the materials. Harvey starts to gather materials.

There are many reports coming in of the batteries being overcharged. They try to figure out how to get off the ship. Valeera tries to contact the Matrix captain.

They beam out of the ship. For a moment, Allein has no atmosphere as the shield goes down. The next moment the beam has transported them to the ship. The ship is starting to get away from the transport.

They see the batteries start to explode. The ship is now in parts. There is energy fluctuating as it explodes. The ship is pulled into the glitch that opens up behind it.

Valeera sits down and relaxes. Allein goes to someone who can help him with his armor to make sure NOMAD is no longer in it. Kiara goes as well with him as he goes to engineering.

Abraxas starts to ask the Forgeborn and captain if they found anything. They say there was nothing discovered other than what Abraxas had shared. They also lost two of their number. He welcomes them to the loot Harvey took. He finds to his joy that the drone picked up the drone's gun (if slightly damaged).

The captain is replaying the video of the ship being pulled back. He zooms into the person in the background of the anomaly. It appears to be the Verge. They wonder at his purpose and his housekeeping of time.


Valeera looks for Twike who is standing at the door, breathing heavily. The Forgeborn sees him and draws his weapon. Valeera hugs Twike.

Abraxas explains why Kiara is still alive: for future use of information. The person says that the ShenJen can be his responsibility. Abraxas tells him that it was due to her that they captured one of the Clan Leau vessels. Abraxas ends the call with: “For the Triumvirate”.


The Forgeborn steps up to Kiara and informs her that she should be dead and that she is scum. If it weren't for her protector, she would be dust under their feet.

Kiara just looks at him and tells the soldier that she knows full well of the situation and thanks him for reminding her of what she knows of every day. She walks off.

The Forgeborn yells at her. There is a yelling match. Odessya just leans back against the wall, arms folded as she watches the situation. Abraxas leans back and calms the rest down saying that they should not argue with the Forgeborn otherwise they might not live. The Forgeborn disappear in a golden light to their own ship while saluting Abraxas' group and flipping off the other.

The captain goes to the bridge.


Those in engineering take the armor. Part of the armor flips up as they put it on the table. They push it down and restrain it. They unplug the network, flush out the memory (didn't work), and pull out the memory card. They replace the card with a better one which upgrades his abilities. The man informs him that any personal information would have been lost on the card. Thankfully he had it on his ship as well. The engineer turns the armor on and it works normally. He says by the end of it all the crew will have Matrix equipment.

He informs them that they are flying back to the Marquen's ship.


Abraxs asks if the captain got any more information. He tells him that the ship got some outward information but any interior information was inaccessible due to something blocking them. He states that the ship must be 5 thousand years more advanced than them.

Valeera comments that the force shield was rather interesting and that it would be useful to replicate it. She asks where they are going. She is informed that they are dropping them off at Allein's ship.

Abraxaas exchanges information with the captain. The captain apologizes for his attitude earlier. Abraxas gives him an old Triumirate salute which the captain tries to imitate but unsuccessfully. Abraxas asks about his core upgrade. He is unable to phase. The captain tells him to go to the armory. Odessya hears this and desires to go as well. There is hint of a smile on her lips as she thinks about her previous encounter.

Abraxas sees this and tells her to not do that while he is doing his upgrades. She tells him she will wait outside then. He asks if she wants upgrades, and she responds that she would want some.

Valeera asks about her arm and upgrades. She is sent the information on the arm. She is told it can be upgraded and can be modified by her if she has the skill and knowledge.


Clay contacts Eva. She asks him how it's going. Clay sends her all the data. She tells him to get back asap, regardless of who she is with. Odessya and Abraxas can now phase due to their upgrades.


Valeera goes down to engineering and asks if anyone has been contacted to fix his ship. He says no and thanks for the reminder.


Kiara looks through Clan Leau's chatter. There is a lot of it. It looks like 80% of their ships got destroyed and there are still some conflicts left.


Clay asks Eva for pickup. She says no ships are available and no pickup is possible. He asks for closest vessel. She responds. She says that if she is with anyone he can bring them.

Abraxas asks Clay if they want to stay or go now. Clay tells him that he wants to go now because it seemed urgent. Abraxas messages the Matrix captain about a friend. He informs him of his suspicion of being linked to Lela Keen. The captain tells him to take his own ship to see her. Abraxas tells him that he should at least send the information to Acheron.

He turns to Clay and shows him his gun and heads out. Clay rolls his revolver. Abraxas inspects how Harvey's upgrades are.

They leave the ship. Clay is harassing Allein. He explains about Eva and why he is going and the situation. He wants his ship to get there. He encourages him that there might be jobs he can get to gt upgrades for his ship. Allein asks what kind of upgrades. He doesn't know, but explains about his armor and gadgets he got from her. He then bullies Allein till he agrees.


His ship is completely repaired. Somehow, despite the battle, the shipment of parts came through rather quickly. It can hold 120 people rather comforatbly. Clay tells Eva that he is on his way, how many people there are, and brief bio of who they are.

They boarded onto Allein's ship again. Allein decides to lock out Abraxas, Odessya, and Kiara from the ship's systems. The ship is nice and sleek. Abraxas tries to bypass Allein's counters. Allein then states that the two weren't a part of the deal for transport.

Abraxas goes up close to him and reminds him of several things rather angrily. He then tells him that Harvey will repair his ship at no cost and retires.

They are starting to head to Altec station. It is a ship dock. There is some spice on the station. Allein buys it up. He thinks about his original partner.

Clay asks about a place to drink. Allein points and says that he has a bar.

Allein gets notified that something is trying to access his network. He cuts off access. Allein sets a setting on his ship to have his ship explode if his heart stops. Allein reminds himself that he is getting paid for this.


Odessya: Because he locked you out of his systems?

Abraxas: This Marquen is irrational...and useless.

Odessya: A little too much. He is irrational, but he is a useful tool atm.


Kiara scans for any more messages on the Clan Leau ship. Abraxas goes to the SheJen and asks why she left. She tells him that she did not agree with the decisions she was forced to make and what they had her do. Abraxas tells her about Kyron and his situation. He tells her that seeing her gives him hope that there are others who share her thoughts.

He tells her about his situation: how when he woke up most of his crew was eaten by Viren and that he was out of his time. He tells Kiara that she has his trust and to not lose it. She tells him she doesn't plan to and that the same it returned to him.

Abraxas then goes into the cargo hold and tests his new gun there.


Odessya goes to the shower.


Abraxas is tapped on the shoulder. Odessya is showering and feels a tap on her shoulder. Clay also felt the same while drinking. He throws his glass on the ground. Abraxas feels a pull toward him. When she turns, Odessya sees a feminine form outlines in the darkness. She retracts the blade in her arm and wonders who and what that was. Odessya continues to look around the shower. Abraxas asks who is there. There is silence.

Allein walks in just as Clay throws the drink down. It is one of his favorites. He sees several bottles in a line on the counter. He pulls up any footage of Clay. He sees Clay taste-testing the drinks until he finds something he likes. Clay then looks over his shoulder at something and throws his drink. He makes Clay a less strong drink. Clay asks for it to be as strong as rattlesnake venom. Allein doesn't know what that is so he looks it up. He synthesizes the venom and gives it to him in a hazard container. Clay pockets it without drinking it.


They arrive at the station. Clay goes to Eva. They all go with him.

Clay talks to Eva alone. Eva expresses her interest in the fact the station is Clan Leau controlled. She calls for the ShenJen to join them. They introduce themselves. Kiara calls herself Lena. Clay looks at Kiara and asks why her name is that. Eva tells her that she wishes for her honesty. They talk for a bit more.

Eva allows the rest of them to come in. She has some information on Lela Keen with writing on it. Abraxas makes his looking at the picture of Lela and then her rather visible. She responds that she doesn't agree with her.

They talk about Eva (She is Lela's twin sister.). She mentions that they have dangerous cargo that, if in the wrong hands, would be bad. She tells Allein that she has deposited some money in his account for the delivery. She has a containment container which held a singularity crystal.

She tells him that she doesn't have a job for Abraxas. He sends her his details. She looks at them and puts them down. She looks them over and then tells them that she might call them later. Clay tells Eva that he can vouch for Abraxas, Odessya, and Kiara and their abilities.

She asks the rest to leave and for Clay to remain there. As Abraxas leaves, he tells the commander of the Matrix vessel. He says it is Eva Keen, twin sister, and asset. His message is affirmed. He notes the possession of a liquid singularity core. Apparently one of his compatriots was the one who acquired it.


Valeera and Allein go to sell spice.


Eva tells Clay that he has an interesting group. She asks Clay to stay with them and learn more about them. She wants to know of their whereabouts and that they might be future assets. She gives Clay an old revolver.

He recognizes the gun and loses control of himself.

...Transmission Loss...

Eva looks at him when he wakes up and comments that that was a long blackout. He asks if he was bleeding. He sketches out this logo he saw on the guy. It says “T.E'” on it. She listens to his story. She states that he must have gotten thrown through time on his earth.

She tells him of Terra Alpha and the tyrant who rules it. She talks about the Forgeborn. Then he tells her about his experience with them. She mentions that he must have not angered them. She warns him to not go near Terra Alpha. They continue to talk about it and suggests that someone must have gone through with him. He recalls that there was another person. Eva comments that only he was given to her.


Allein and Valeera look to sell the spice. They agree to sell the spice for 3,000 gu. (The buyer was at gunpoint.)

The police go after them.

They reboard Allein's ship. They're all talking about money. Twike is watching them and stretches out his hands for some. Clay gives him some money.

Atraxas goes over to Twike and give shim 1000 gu. He gives him a singularity grenade. He chuckles. Odessya pats him on the head as she passes.


Valeera suggests that they help Allein get rid of his bounties. Abraxas agrees as long as he has access to the ship so that he can do his job by having access to the main net.

He also suggests that the ShenJen access so that she can receive transmissions. Harvey starts to armor up anything up, but he isn't able to. They accept the job.

Abraxas looks at the bounty for Allein and finds that there is a bounty on him for 20 million gu. They then discuss how to get the bounty on Allein without killing him but getting the bounty on him.



The transcriber has been made aware of a grave error in the logs. Layla Keane is what Lela Keen is supposed to be. Similarly, Eva should actually be Ava Keane. Thank you!

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