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Saturday Session Log: 01/16/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 01.16.2021



Nothing important.


None recorded by transcriber.



When they boarded the Matrix vessel, Odessya immediately goes to take a shower. Clay and Kiara accompany Abraxas to the bridge. Valeera looks for better weapons. She gets a pulse rifle from the armory.

Allein is in the restroom, complaining loudly about what has happened to his ship.

Clan Leou ships are pouring out of the gate. Clay thinks they should “scoobie” (get out of there). As they go to the bridge, they can hear different transmissions of the preparations that have been going on. Kiara is going through the Drake's messenger, scouring for new intel.

She is flipping through the main console and is searching for any talk regarding herself and any new plans that the Clan is making. There is talk of her. There are some transmissions to an unknown contact about finding her and eliminating her. She sees that their plans were accelerated for the gate because of the defector telling an outsiders. The gate is not ready though to be opened early.

Odessya continues to shower. She has turned the water to be very steamy hot.


Now everyone is on the bridge. Allein is on the opposite side of the ship, pacing back and forth. The guards are watching Allein pace, their heads following his movements like a pendulum.


Clay looks in the Matrix database for traces of Earth in it. He finds a mention of Earth (reference Earth Reconstruction Project). He hears of a loose cannon who has been given control of the planet and is running it as a dictatorship. He sees a profile on the individual running it. He sees that he has relations with the Forgeborn, who are responsible for the situation because of Kyron.

Odessya has taken the shower and she has rejoined everyone on the bridge. Her hair is wet but she uses a device over her hair to dry it.

In the distance, they see spikes of energy being thrown over the space around the gate. There is clearly battle going on there. There are Matrix ships there. Ships are warping in and out.

The captain of the ship commands his men to engage the enemy fleet. The sound and colors of the ship change as the ship enters into combat mode. The ship is now cloaked, as Abraxas can tell. In a moment, they are there in the midst of the battle.

Abraxas tells the captain that he wants his core repaired. The captain asks him to wait but informs him that he can have his engineers work on it after the battle. Abraxas tells him that Kiara might give him a tactical advantage. The captain turns his gaze to Kiara and asks.

As they are talking, Clay is using Stabby to target the wall. One person passes by as the knife flies by. The guy asks him to stop and drops Stabby on the floor. Clay picks it up and preps to throw again. Valeera uses her staff to lower his hand. Clay ignores her warning and resumes.

Kiara tells the captain information about the ship's vulnerability to piercing ballistic rounds. The captain orders the rounds to be loaded. Valeera suggests boarding one of the vessels. The captain dissuades her because of their tendency of exploding. He then asks Clay to stop throwing his knife. The knife continues to be thrown. The light panels flicker.

One of the combat guys tells the captain that the main cannons are offline. The guy who had passed Clay and initially requested Clay to stop tells Clay to get out. Abraxas slaps Clay on the back and orders him out. Clay pulls his knife out of the panel. The lights flicker, and the combat guy announces that the weapons are online again. [Transcriber's Note: this might have been due to a bad alert on the console because later the weapons are confirmed to be still offline.]

Valeera got an idea of a rapid chain of explosions if they managed to get a ship to explode nearby. Clay seems happy with the idea of causing chaos, as long as he gets paid for it. Valeera looks at the captain. Clay is very inquisitive of how much money he gets paid. The captain asks him if he likes living. Clay says he does as long as he has whiskey and money. Valeera tells him that she will buy him the best whiskey if he does it. He agrees to do it.

Then Valeera tries to figure out what to do. The captain asks them to go to the planning room while they engage in battle.

Engineering tells the captain that the weapon system is still bad. Abraxas has Harvey go into repair mode to repair the issue.

Valeera asks if the guns can be manned. Engineering tells them that there is no power to man them. Valeera asks about a power surge. Valeera goes to engineering with Clay at her heels. She asks the captain to identify a good target and aim at it. The captain tells his crew to find the target and keep the cloak maintained. She goes to the main tunnel, peels open the side panel and enters. She puts her hand on the base of the ship's gun and tells Clay to shoot her hand which she has outstretched from her body. Valeera summons the blessing of Solemrion upon herself.

Clay decides to shoot her in the hand with his shotgun. He shoots. The hand is blown away by the shot. Energy surges through Valeera and blasts through the conduit. The ship shakes for a second. Then they hea rthrough the hull the weaponry powering up . Valeera is severely wounded and crumples to the ground, holding her bleeding stump. She tells him to board the ship and cause mayhem.


On the bridge, they see the cannon charge. The captain has them fire. The rail gun flashes and fires directly through the hull of an enemy ship and bounces off of another further back. The wounded ship's thrusters are deactivated, and the ship goes hurtling around.

Clay is beamed to the damaged Clan Leou ship by the crew aboard the Matrix ship. Kiara is indecisive and goes with Clay. Abraxas decides to sit it out because there is not much to gain from the opportunity and because he thinks a better opportunity will be there. Odessya stays with him. Allein is still venting.

Valeera is taken to the med bay and they start to reconstruct her arm. They make a fully Matrix hand for Valeera (100% machine and organic: both metal and organic bone working together as one). Valeera returns to bridge, and the captain tells her that, while her plan sucked, it worked. Valeera walks past Allein and asks him what is going on. He says he won't go into the same room as Abraxas. She tells him to stop complaining and passes him.

Odessya asks Abraxas in comms what his plan is. He tells her that they need batter gear and a better opportunity. They both go to the armory to improve their situation.


Clay and Kiara talk about their plans on how to take over the ship. They go over their own strengths and weaknesses. Kiara tells him about her plans to disable parts of the ship and possibly hijack it.


Abraxas gives the captain a link to the information he has gained. (Transcriber's Note: The information was not captured by the transcriber.)


Kiara is not used to the ship. The lighting is hurting her eyes a little bit (Side Note: she is Black Order). She has the layout of the ship in her head. There are shouts down the hallways, and various tones playing indicating various states of the ship's components. Their primary objective is to hijack the ship. Their secondary is to blow up the ship.

Clay follows Kiara, Stabby in hand. They are both heading to control. They consider disabling the door. Kiara talks about going from different parts of the ship, disabling parts of it as they go.


Back on the Matrix vessel, Allein is absorbed in his complaints. Odessya sees the ship and watches as the main engines flicker and the cells extend and retract as power gets flushed out. She gets a bad feeling about it.

Valeera sees a large storm start to form in the distance, around the edges of the battlefield. There are electric shocks pushing forward. Abraxas sees the ring gate, and there are glitches appearing around the gate. He also notices that on the control panel and on parts of the ship, he sees parts change color and shape.

Abraxas asks the scanner operator to look at a certain sector of the gate. The operator is frustrated with him. He opens the main camera and lets him see it. He explains that there is a Verge activity there. The glitches are to the northwest side of the gate. Some parts of it are affected, causing Leou ships to be destroyed.

Valeera tells them that Forgeborn are coming (Side Note: their presence is indicated by the storm on the fringes of the battlefield.). The captain complains about it. Odessya comments on the condition of the ship and its unusual activity. The captain checks and asks the ship to passively scan it. A massive wave emerges from the ship and an EMP blast sweeps across the whole area.

The Matrix ship's cloak disappears. Those in the ship hear the ship's sounds change color.


Kiara hears over comms that they are aware of the cloaked vessel beside them. Apparently the Leou vessel has no weapons online. Kiara changes her plans and goes to weapons. She wants to leave Clay to disable parts of the ship and take out people while she does things.

Clay only hears “kill people” and “weapons”. He then goes in the direction she tells him. She then keeps going forward. He hides whenever someone passes him, going down hallways. He gets to the weapons room where five people are maintaining the weapons. He sees that they are pretty close (3 ft of each other). Clay decides to fire at them, to catch them all.

Kiara still has Black Order clothing in her possession.


Clay hits several of them, and some hit the equipment next to them. Several slump over their controls. One turns with his pistol and tries to stand in the cramped space of the room. Clay them puts his hands up and when asked how he got there, responds that he “walked in the front door”. He is ordered to go to the wall and turn his back to them. The controls from the downed men are transferred to those who are alive.


Kiara sprints to the engine room. There are 15 people. One looks Kiara up and down and returns to his work. Her goal is in the center console by the reactor. The lead engineer is by the console. He looks at her and asks how he can assist her. Kiara enters and nudges the head engineer out of the way. The guy asks her authority. She tells him Black Order. The man asks what that is. He insists on what authority she has. His mind starts to poke at her. Kiara then unlocks the bio-metrics. The guy then backs off when he sees that. His mind retracts from hers, and he stops bothering her. She works through the codes and silences the alarm.


Clay whips out Stabby undetected. The guy looks at his screen and the two guys are exchanging some looks. The Drake is in front of Clay, walking toward him. He orders him turn to the wall. Clay acts like he will and then turns to stab the guy in the neck and pulls up. The guy gargles blood as the knife cuts through his nostrils, snout, and face. Green blood gushes out of him. The other two raise their hands in their seats. The one is hastily clicking. Kiara is going through the system, silencing and stopping the alarms this guy is sending. The guy who is setting the alarms gets Clay's shotgun in his mouth. The other is ordered to turn off the guns. Clay starts to countdown. The guns start to turn off.

Clay pulls his trigger, and the guy's head is gone. The remaining guy is ordered to stand up. He does so. (Those on the Matrix ship see the weapons disable.)


The head engineer is watching Kiara swipe away these important notifications coming from the weapons area, and his mind probes at her. Kiara tries to look like she is trying to fix the issue. She tries to fight the mental attack. She is hurt mentally as the guy's mind burrows into hers. Kiara decides to attack him. She does so and looks at everyone in the room as if to say “try it and you'll be like him”. She turns off the control panel.


Clay sends a message to Valeera privately.


Kiara runs out of the engine room. She holds her head and wipes her nose. There is blood.


Out of the storm, a large Forgeborn ship tears through. The ship is Lakol's (an Evix that has been enhanced by the Forgeborn).

Abraxas and Valeera see something. Allein looks around for escape pods and normal shuttles in case there are issues. He does know that there was an EMP blast that had disabled many things.

….Transmission data has been lost....


Clay has the gun to the other guy's head. He tries to communicate with him. He asks him to do something. The guy says he will try. The guy starts sniffling and raises his hands. Clay tells him that he didn't mean to make him cry and that if he does what he tells him he won't die. The guy goes to one panel and shuts down the entire ship. He tells him that he deactivated the whole ship. He says he did what he asked and a little more.

The guy says he wants to live and is named Twike. He is super short and is probably quite young.

Valeera is asked to beam him up. Valeera tells him that they will do their best to do so once the power is up.


Harvey is still working on the repairs on the Matrix ship.


Kiara sends a message to Abraxas telling him about the ship and that Clay is with her. She asks that they don't get killed if they pilot the ship toward them.

Clay is on the bridge of the Clan's ship.

...More data was lost...


Harvey continues to try to fix as Valeera assists. She finishes fixing the ship.


Meanwhile, Odessya peruses the armory much to the astonishment of the attendant there. He seems confounded by her audacity to go shopping while there is a battle raging overhead. She gets a grappling hook and an upgraded gun. She winks at the guy, blows him a kiss, and leaves. He sits there complaining as she does so about the fact that she didn't ask about the grappling hook or the gun and had the audacity to take weapons in the middle of a battle.

Allein goes there and sees the guy, still complaining to himself about Odessya.


Back on the captured ship, one of the guys points a gun at them. Kiara points hers at him and asks if he really wants to do it. She extends out her fins on her neck and causes them to change colors, trying to hypnotize him. He kinda zones out but breaks out of the gaze. He points the gun back at her. She tells him that there is a guy there who is not of the Clan who is getting access to everything. She asks if he wants to accompany her to the bridge.

The guy agrees. He then tells Kiara that if she moves he will press a button to explode the ship.


Abraxas asks for a status on the situation on the ship they boarded. No response. Abraxas turns to the captain and says the situation going south. The captain says that they could destroy it. He says that they could board it, but if they lose the ship and themselves then that is their problem.

Valeera beams up Twike. Clay takes out the most of the members on the bridge. The remaining crew have their hands up. One guy tries to move and gets shot. One guy sprints for the control panel. Clay tries to shoot him between the eyes.


In the engineering bay, the guy moves his hand to the button. He says he will scuttle the ship. Kiara sees glitches form around the guy. She tells him that he should probably look behind him. A machine forms behind him and stabs him. It tosses him aside and looks at Kiara.

Kiara thought it was Harvey but realized it wasn't. She fires an arrow, and the arrow disappears into a glitch. The machine advances forward and with each step another figure appears before her as it moves. It is now in front of her.

Out of her side eye, she sees that someone points a gun at it. The person is killed by a swipe of the machine. The machine vanishes. It appears on the bridge for a moment in front of Clayand disappears.


Kiara sprints. She can hear it appear and run. She can hear the sound of it behind her. People in the hallway join her and run.


Those on the Matrix vessel see weird things happening on the captured ship. Abraxas can tell something is wrong, and then a request pops in. His eyes turn blue, and he looks at the captain. The captain raises his hands and acknowledges the presence of someone higher than himself. Acheron tells him through Abraxas to board the ship. Acheron leaves Abraxas's body. He falls to the ground, coughing blood. He says: “You heard him.” He tries to tell him that he will try to get a party together.

Odessya messages Abraxas: “Do you wish for company?”

Abraxas: “Of course, my love.”


Kiara confronts the machine being. He says he has better things to do, and he stabs by her head and disappears. Clay is in the bridge.

Twike is hyperventilating and crying in the beam room. Valeera tells him everything is alright and that he is okay. Valeera beckons him forward. He barrels into her arms and hugs her. Harvey gives him a hug also. Valeera is very pleased.


Kiara messages Abraxas that Harvey's evil twin is on the ship. Abraxas tells her: “DO NOT ENGAGE. VERGE.”

Kiara: “Too late.”

Abraxas: “I hope to god you're still alive.”

Kiara makes way to bridge. She sees Clay standing there. His gun is pointed at the room. Clay asks if they should head back.

Clay asks Kiara to message the ship that they have control of the bridge. He then tells them to do a PA that the other crew should give up if they have a chance. Kiara says that the creature is killing Clan Leou ships. She sends out: “All available ships engage the Evix.” A lot of angry replies respond, but they do so.

Kiara sends Abraxas message that they have control of the ship. As they do that, more Matrix beam on the ship. They say that they should return to the ship.

Valeera is on the control panel with Twike still having his arms wrapped around her. He is very attached. Clay and Kiara beam aboard. Kiara pats Twike on the head and says they are safe. He recoils. Valeera says: “Friend.” He says: “No. ShenJen bad.” He goes to Clay. He gives him a gun as a reward. He takes it.

Twike still doesn't like Kiara and refuses her request for his data pad. Twike gives it to Clay though upon his request. He gives it to Kiara.

They are requested to be on bridge. They all head to the bridge. As they do, they see the gate still spinning. The glitch is still very visible and present. They zoom in on Majora Tech. It is blowing apart. It's main reactor is going critical.

A vessel flies away from it as it blows up. The glitch starts to appear. The gate is rupturing and tearing apart. The rift is opening. A vessel smashes through the rift. A network surge appears on all the vessels. The rift closes after the ship. Odessya takes pictures of what is happening on the camera embedded in her.

All of the people do not recognize the ship that has passed through the rift and is now sitting in the middle of the space battlefield. On the side of it is written: “12.10-LDR”. The ship's name rang a bell, but Abraxas doesn't recall much.

He asks the captain how many older people are in the ship who might have knowledge of the ship. He asks the captain to research anything with information on LDR. The captain says that they are going to fly toward the ship.

Abraxas tries to alleviate tensions with the captain. He reassures him that they are on the same side. He shakes hands with the captain and shares some of his knowledge on the Gap. He asks if any information has been found. The captain responds that none have been, except that what they used to have was redacted under that designation.

The captain wants to scan he ship and figure out what happens to the ship. He said it would be five minutes and in that time they should prepare.

Abraxas preps Harvey and asks Odessya if she wants to accompany. She said yes. Valeera gets better armor. They beam over to the ship with the captain. They all are in the ship. Allein is stone drunk when he is beamed down.

Odessya can see that the ship is rather exposed in the interior. The floor is made of conduits. There are maintenance tunnels everywhere. Others are detecting error codes and other things in the ship. The interior is not made for people in the interior. There is also no atmosphere here. The ship is about half the ring in length (the ring can hold 50 ships going through). Half the ship is about 80 km long.

Abraxas tries to contact the Forgeborn at the captain's request. He is unable to contact anyone. He has also lost contact with the Matrix vessel.

Abraxas tries to connect with nodes on the ship. He has access to it, and the commands are in binary. He tries to do the same as with Harvey. The drone that is nearby starts to scan around and act in a way that makes it uncomfortable. Abraxas feels an outside access trying to get control. He warns the captain. The defensive subroutines are activated.

A certain subroutine starts a defensive setup that Abraxas and the captain know. They start to attack the drone. Harvey takes metal and attacks it.

Odessya fires into it. She tries to interface and something else is there. It is NOMAD. It seeks to know the year and other information. It rings everyone else. Clay and Kiara do not answer.

Abraxas questions it. NOMAD tells them to follow the drone. They do. Abraxas and Odessya and everyone else ride on Harvey as they follow the drone.

...Transmission failure...




  • Some of the information from the transmission was corrupted as it was being received. Hence, why portions are missing from the transcript. [Aside: It could also be the fault of the transcriber losing concentration from having been up over 22 hours that day. ;)]

  • NOMAD apparently has big significance in the ISR universe, from previous encounters with him. He is extremely dangerous.

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