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Saturday Session Log: 01/10/2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 01.09.2021





The group was on the rig, deep in the gas giant, on the main central support. They had been fighting off the reconstruction drones. Allein and Odessya almost died because of Abraxas' mis-defining them to the drones in an attempt to stop their attack.

They found a glitch. Kiara was being a threatened by Abraxas and has a bounty on her. The rig is also starting to tilt.



Clay starts to wake up. He sees the rest of the group around him and someone whom he kinda finds familiar. He asks if he knows the boy. Kiara responds that she is not a boy but says hello back. She says she hopes she doesn't know who she is. He asks her for a good reason why he should not gun her down right now.

The headmaster inserts himself and says: they're not going to kill anyone. The rig is collapsing, and they need to get off the rig.

Clay doesn't want to be here for the rig to collapse. Malahanz also says that he would like to leave the rig and kinda freaks out that his hands are covered in Valeera's blood.

Valeera asks where the ship is. They look in the direction of the ship. The dome is collapsing and some gas is starting to leak into the dome. The level is five degrees off from natural.

Clay says he is going to run to the ship and going to take off. Valeera, Abraxas, and Odessya are all on Harvey. Abraxas offered his hand to her when they mounted.

The headmaster says he is going to find his own ride. Kiara grabs a part of the rig and runs with it onto the ship so that she is “still on the rig” and protected.

Parts of the rig are starting to break. The shuttle is out on a platform among the gas. Parts are breaking upward and out as they fly off. Parts are flying toward them.

They all are running. Harvey is trying to grab onto parts. A part hits Harvey in his side. Everyone on top is thrown. Malanhanz is smacked to the side by Harvey's leg since he was running by his side. He tries to grab a hold of the side of the station and he flies off.

Kiara sees another piece. She slides underneath Harvey to avoid one rock (who gets knocked aside). She then gets hit by another rock.

Harvey's other larger body parts hits Allein, and he is damaged. He manages to hold onto the rig.

Valeera sees the rock hitting Harvey and falls off. She manages to survive, but still is injured because of the fall.

Valeera is on top of Harvey. When he is hit, she is yeeted off of his back. Abraxas grabs the rope that flutters by (the one attached to her waist) and pulls her back.

Clay still runs toward the ship, despite the fact that it is clearly unstable and about to fall off. He sprints. The platform bends back and bends down, falling. Sean is now in mid-air as the platform is falling below him. The shuttle is falling away.

Odessya tries to lasso Clay. She tries and ends up smacking him the butt with the rope. He grasps the rope though, with his buttocks and legs, finding himself hanging off the edge.

Allein looks around for any other ships. In the sky, she sees a shuttle among the clouds, descending. They can hear it break the sound barrier.

They are all now, looking at the shuttle descending. Most see the rig peeling apart and falling. Ships and shuttles are all coming into the atmosphere. Some ships are tractor beaming parts of the rig. Some are being pulled down with it.

Others can see the shuttle descending coming directly toward them.

Odessya can tell that the shuttle is heading toward her. It has a different build construction, smoother, sleeker. It has extra thrusters on the side of it. It looks similar to something else. It has some markers that she cannot tell because of how far it is. To her, it looks like Clan Leou.

Valeera tries to stay awake. Abraxas is hailed. The persons say that it looks like they need assistance. The person wants the prize and wants to help them. The ship bee-lines for them. They all are blasted with hot air as they get hit by it.

He marks himself, Clay, and Odessya as the bounty hunters. Kiara sees the ship and runs. Odessya sees her and runs after her. The rope that is still in Clay's hands' catches her. He lets go.

Odessya grabs her by the collar,a and Harvey grabs her with it's leg. Kiara tries to attack.

Clay puts his hand on his hip and tells Kiara that he can bring her in warm or that he bring her in cold. He stands on his legs.

Harvey is now holding her. She gets herself free from them.

Valeera looses her temper, telling them that they need to focus on their lives and not on the money. Odessya retorts back at her. There is a Drake in the ship. Valeera stumbles toward the door. The Drake points the gun at her and demands the prisoner first.

Valeera faints and slides toward edge. Abraxas runs after Kiara. Odessya sees this and goes after Valeera. He tackles her and jams the tracker into her. He tells her to follow along and that if she has any information, that he has friends.

The ship fires right in front of them. Abraxas picks Kiara up, and tells him that he has the bounty. The drake says good. (The station drops down.) Harvey goes to them. He says that they are going along with the bounty. Kiara pretends to struggle.

Allein looks around. Odessya has grabbed Valeera by the leg, saving her from sliding off the edge of the rig. There is a massive crack forming between them and the rest of the station. Valeera wakes up to find the rig is falling. Allein doesn't see any ships nearby. He stays near the bounty hunters, given what he sees.

The Drake gestures for them to join them, as he holsters his gun. (Abraxas has sent a message to the Matrix about the Clan Leou presence). He gets a response. The Draje jumps out and grabs his rifle. The main guns are pointed at them. The Drake tries to grab the ShenJen. Harvey sees it as precious cargo and grabs him. The Drake insists that he just wants the bounty and that he is there to save them. Abraxas scans the ship. It is Clan Leou tech.

Another vessel is shooting through the clouds, cruiser size. It is not a Trade Federation ship from Valeera's eyes. It is a Marquen cruiser coming toward them. (Odessya is too focused on the situation with Abraxas to notice the ship's entry in the atmosphere.) The ship's presence dwarfs the others ships in the area.

Allein goes to help Valeera. The ETA of the ship is 5 min. Abraxas asks if the Marquen ship can phase. It is getting dicey.

The Drake says that if he gets picked up he will have the ship open fire. Odessya successfully seduces the Drake. He lets Kiara go and tells his ship to not fire as its guns ready. The crew refuses. Thus the rest start moving toward the shuttle.

The Marquen ship is in war mode. The shuttle gets dragged. The Drake looks like he is annoyed by the timing of the situation. Harvey grabs him. The Drake tells Odessya that she played him well. The shuttle is destroyed by a single blast by the Marquen vessel.

The Drake is given an ultimatum by Abraxas: help them or die. The Drake decides to join them. Clay considers shooting him. He then tells the bounty hunters that the Drake can be a meat shield if needed. Clay acknowledges.

Allein finds himself being hailed. Another ship appears through the clouds, tall and thin in appearance. On the side, it says Blood Swan. It says that it is interested in him because of his ship.

They are group hailed by the Blood Swan. The clouds are all very quickly nearing them. They need immediate pick up. The Blood Swan comes up to them like the Clan Leou ship. It asks how many are there. There are nine. The nine are beamed up into the Blood Swan. The Matrix are notified that they are now in that ship.


They are now in the ship that has been cloaked. Valeera is concerned. The captain says how interesting their crew is. Valeera just leans against the wall. The woman tells them to give Valeera medical support. The other man by has dual Kopeshes on his hips and takes her to the med bay.


She points to Allein and demands to know where his ship is. He says that his ship is grounded. She says that his ship must then be in the system. She says that she thinks that Marquen family put the bounty on them.

The Marquen ship tractors the central part. A fifth of the rig is saved so far.

The woman wants to know why the Marquen put the bounty on him. She says that she will fly back to a station. She says that the Marquen have something she wants. She wants to know if his ship is still intact. She wants the regenerative properties of the filaments on his ship. If not, she will chuck him out an air lock. If he wants, though, he can know who placed the bounty on him. She says that she wants the properties, and could add more to it. She says she wanted to kill them all.

Abraxas tells her that the Matrix would be on her. He points the gun at Allein. Now the woman and the Abraxas are talking over the situation. They are arguing over their own lives, the bounties, and Allein.


Reven, the guy who took Valeera to the med bay, asks her how she is doing. He slaps a medi-patch on her arm as she braces for pain. Reven says that talking to her was depressing. She says that he would be depressed if he were living two separate lives in a same body. There is someone sitting in the corner of the room, watching her. She has a mask on, and says that she understands the situation. She says that she knows who she is.

Valeera asks what she knows. She responds that she knows whatever she told Reven. She says that her name is Vespus, the hacker. She likes tech. Valeera says that she likes eavesdropping as well. She says that she is having her annual blood transfusion.

Valeera says that it is not every day that one gets thrown off the rig that was her home. The woman continues to talk in her high, cheery voice. She doesn't stop talking. She says she is totally not addicted to medi-patches. She rips it off Valeera's arm and puts it on her. She walks away, saying ta-ta. She makes a mental note to hit her in the face.

Valeera walks in on their situation. She comments on Vespus. Abraxas tells her that he knows where his ship is. Odessya nods. He then says that they could use the maintenance drone to cut the fin of his ship and then give it to her. She asks the ShenJen who she is. Kiara says she just sells spices. The captain shows disbelief. Kiara responds that she has a very boring life. As she speaks to the woman, her messenger beeps. The message says that they have been captured and are heading to the rig now. She shows the woman. The woman says that she hates how normal she is. The ShenJen continues to talk. The woman tries to shush her. Valeera tries to contact Solremrion.


The woman points the pistol in Abraxas' hand at the ShenJen. She explains that she would feel more comfortable with her covered. Abraxas says that he gets more if she is alive. He returns the gun to Allein.

Valeera asks if she can be backed up, if she needs to do something. She is acknowledged. She tells them to take the fin, take the bounty, and don't shoot him. Abraxas sends the coordinates, being tired of negotiating.

The woman scoffs. The woman still wants to shoot Allein, but will be satisfied.

Abraxas mounts Harvey and gives his hand to Odessya. The Blood Swan swoops into the station port, without declarations since it is cloaked. It stops by Allein's ship and cuts the fin off. The woman asks where they want to be and hopes she doesn't see them again. They are beamed on the ship. He activates the tracker on the ShenJen. A figure of the Blood Swan flies through the station. Then it vanishes off and warps.

Abraxas then says that he still needs to finish his transaction. He turns to Arcon (The Drake) and tells him that he will get a cut as well. He tells the ShenJen that she got out of it easy, calling her a defector. He gets a message. He gets scanned by Abraxas. The Drake says he will get to see it after he gets his cut.

The Matrix arrives. They are all teched out. Abraxas tells them that he has information to sell for the ShenJen and that the Drake possibly still has ties to the Clan Leou. The Matrix look at the ShenJen, one walking around her. They say that they could give him more for her.

The Drake's message is showing. The message says that activation is soon. Abraxas asks if they recall what happened when the gate Majora Alpha was last activated. The Matrix respond that is was an Andromeda Gate.

They all notice on the visual screens that. The gate starts to spin up. The screens say “Majora Activation”. The Drake laughs and says that they are all doomed. Kiara basically says that “I told you so.”

Abraxas asks them to be taken aboard. The Matrix asks them what Kiara knows. Abraxas tells them that they can do whatever they want with the Drake. They kill him. Kiara takes the drake's Communicator. Abraxas takes the Drake's gun. Odessya comments that she now feels sad. They get on the ship.

The gate activates and ships pour through the gate. They are definitely Clan Leou.



They got 2000 gu or 1000 slvr for the bounty.

Artwork by Courtney Riojas.

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Cole Longacre
Cole Longacre

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!!! It was tons of fun!


Courtney L (Q)
Courtney L (Q)

Overall, this session was quite fun. Time-wise the session was perfect, but it was difficult to end it because of how invested I felt in it. Lots of chaos, in-character arguments, and fun!!!!

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