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Saturday Session: 4/10/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 04.10.2021



A group of bounty hunters, monks, and several unwanted individuals are forced to work together for the most part. This motley group has has been hired to complete several jobs – from investigating a collapsing rig to getting revenge for a bounty. They were sucked into an alternative timeline where Ackron and Olrius were working together and the NEXUS is intact. They make alliances with darkness and light: some becoming Prophets and others Rifters. Now they have returned to their timeline...who knows whether they will still survive or go at each other's throats!


Conrad gave the recap from the previous session.



They continue down the cylinder-like tube. Valeera goes back to the ship. Allein is stepping out of one of the chambers and just waves. He walks to the next hallway.

They can hear their footsteps echoing down the tunnel. They look for glyphs. There is a pattern on the ceiling. It seems to be just decorative.

Abraxas tries to use the knowledge base of the Matrix to research the place. There is nothing really on the structure in their databases. They say it seems to be found only recently and the info was traded to Nova and Leyla. They said the two waited to explore the disk world at the same time they are. The materials seem to be some of the same kinds of material used for the stone gates.

Odessya gets the feeling that the place has been empty for a long long time.

Allein sees a tech center in the room he goes into. It is all without power though. He looks around for power generators. A hologram turns on when he enters the room. Some power turns on the equipment. Some parts rise for him to interact with. He considers taking parts back up to the ship. He looks for information on the terminal. There seems to be a bunch of text and a few buttons. He asks for it to translate to his language and puts his hand on it. It does nothing. He asks his computer to translate it for him. The computer seems unable to detect it.

Kiara waves his hand in front of his face. A projection appears in front of Kiara when she enters the room. Allein however cannot see it.

Allein calls to Abraxas for help. He enters and sees them tapping away at things he cannot see. The projection appears in front of him. He sees a hand terminal. As he looks around, the projection follows his view. There are no nodes on it; however there is a node-like thing on the projection.

Odessya is also in the room. She sees five pylons in the room with orbs over them. She tries to hold the projection over one of the glowing orbs. She touches one of the five pylons that was glowing. She feels a tingling sensation in her mind when she does.

Allein sends Odessya a picture of what he sees. She sees nothing. She sends him and the others what she sees. He thinks about where he is. The projector brings up a map of the area.

Odessya asks what the place is. She asks about what defenses they have. She sees there are two drones on either side.

Allein is able to download the map layout of the place.

Odessya looks at the map and finds a vehicle. She follows the instructions on how to get to it. She finds a vehicle that is 30ft long. She hops in. She tells Abraxas of her find.

Allein turns on the machine with his mind.

Odessya discovers that the vehicle is billions of years old. She asks it to translate to her language. It scans her mind and then the language transitions to Common Language.

Kiara runs out of the room. She ducks and hides and asks for an explanation of what is going on. She goes to the sensors page. The alarms are all off due to deep storage. It is Ei-Kaylahk.

Allein asks if it can transfer the language to the main screen.

Abraxas goes to the screen and asks for the designation of the station. He asks for the manifest and it's contents. Firstly, it gives him a room layout. They seem to have a lot of “stasis pods.” The lifeforms in the pods have been dead for millions of years. The reason was evacuation. The reason is a Seraphim uprising. He asks for a list of rooms. There is no list. He asks for available vehicles. In the Deep there are more vehicles. Abraxas asks for an armory. That information is redacted as well as how to get the access.

Allein asks about the Seraphim status. It seems that the Seraphim were a lesser slave species.

Abraxas looks for timestamps. There are several billion years. Abraxas asks about who created it: Harbinger facility and the disk world Iback (one of four).

He contacts the Forgeborn. He is unable to. He tries a comms relay. He is unable to. It says it needs the Deep. He looks up routing to the Deep. It is about 10 km down.

Abraxas tries to contact the Triumvirate again from outside. As he tries to, the door starts to lower. Abraxas runs at it and yells.

Odessya fires at the door. It only makes a thee inch dent in the door. Abraxas gets up and looks at Kiara. He asks if she is alright. He helps her up.

HARVEY tries to open the door. As he does, drones appear from the sides of the hallway. They end up deciding to go down to the Deep.

They have 4 drones chasing them. The defender and blocker do not attack. The Red and other do and take 3 hp from the tank.

Abraxas aims at Blocker, the tankiest of the drones. He fires at it. He notices there is a beam that goes from it to the other drones. Part of the drone is blown away when he fires at it.

Odessya struggles to make the tank turn well. Nova climbs out onto the exterior of the tank. He fires at the drones. Odessya levels out the tank. Odessya fires at the shield.

The tank diverts its course from a blockage in the tunnel.

Red sacrificed itself for the blocker.

Kiara dies as she gets barrage of weapons' fire. Abraxas yells at someone to get the turret. Nova pulls Kiara's corpse and slides her to the side. He then hops into the turret.

Kiara resurrects, damaging those who are not shielded. She rises in the air, burning like a phoenix. She holds a sword in her hand and uses it to slash the drone into pieces.

They come to a stop. Odessya can see structures that seem connected to the ceiling. There are massive pillars of stone to allow everything to be stabilized. There is a massive building that is like a temple.

Abraxas approaches her and questions her gruffly. His cape smokes as he draws his gun. He asks if she is a Rifter, and she says that she doesn't know. He seems satisfied. He injects HARVEY with nanobots.


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