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Saturday Log: 02/21/2021

ISR – Age of Unification

Saturday Session

DATE: 02.20.2021




Cole explains how that they started off with faking Allein's death. There was a debate over either killing him or working with him. They decided to freeze him cryogenicaly and stop his heart rate. Clay got a little money hungry and tried to scam some people. He had a run-in with Eden Grey. No one died, thankfully. They ended up making more money.

They used another vessel to not arouse suspicions. They passed a person named Polloq who asked them some questions. The first group passed. The second group found no guards at the estate. They unveiled the body of Allein to the brother who is confused. The boy explained that Uncle Polloq was the man who put the bounty on Allein and was framing him. The police arrived and a massive Creegar was landing in the area behind them. Polloq started to run, and the girl squad started to chase him.



Several officers have drawn their weapons and ordered them to stand down. Abraxas tries to disable the vehicles. They have lights shining on them all. Only one of the vehicles has weapons, trained on him. He tells Korin that he should get ready to cover them. The vehicle is damaged and is rendered inactive for a bit. Acid starts to eat away at parts of it. The guns are no longer able to accurately fire upon them.

Allein is slowly dying.

One of the guys slides his pin back and orders them again to put their hands up. Abraxas only is confused and just says that they are there to claim a bounty. He claims that Allein is dead. He says that they are being framed. The soldier asks by who. Abraxas points it at the young boy who holds his hands up protesting. Abraxas asks if they want to check the case.

They say they wish to and will if they all lower their weapons. They then tell them they should find the Marquen. Three officers approach and start to open the container. It starts to defrost and open itself. Abraxas taps on the console and initiates the injection of the antidote. Allein wakes up and breathes gasping. The officers jump back and exclaim that he is alive.

The captain orders Allein to be removed from the container and orders the rest to be arrested.

Abraxas looks to the rest to see if they want to comply. He tells Allein that they are not taking them in. Allein asks them why they are doing that. The officer says that they need to question them because bounty hunting is an illegal activity here.

Allein says that they weren't.

The officers start to. Abraxas then draws his gun and orders the rest to get ready. The Paladin's weapons are up and open. Allein says that they are only protecting him. Clay gets his gun up.

The officer would say that there would be a fine. Abraxas messages the captain saying that they would need more gun-boat diplomacy. Allein explains that they are trying to protect him and bring out the guy who set the bounty on him so as to catch him.

The officer says the fine will be less significant and that he can make a deal that he will help them find the guy who did the bounty. He also asks the guys if the rest will come peacefully. Abraxas looks at Allein, implying that he still wants to be paid. He holsters his gun and is appeased.

They do not mention the other group.

They start to go.


The girls are sprinting after Polloq. There are police vehicles and ships passing by. One has a box underneath it. Odessya and Kiara just notice this. Valeera is where Polloq was and senses that he went in a certain direction. She sees someone going by. She tells them to follow her. The girls switch and go forward toward the disappearing figure. Valeera uses her power, and it gives her a sense of the direction. Her jewel on her forehead is glowing, and her eyes change color.

Odessya is at light jog, following Valeera but not expending much energy. They can tell that their allies are moving quite fast in the wrong direction. They decided to not contact the other group.

They get to the City-scape that reaches up to the glass dome and stretches down into the ocean below. Subs on rails can be seen zooming below in the water.

Valeera gets a sense that he is in one of the buildings.

Vehicles are zooming by. Odessya looks around. She sees several Marquen who look like him but she can't see them. Valeera spins around and spots a particular building. She examines it. It is a club of some kind. They aren't sure what kind of club it is because the sign is in Marquen. Kiara just reads club. Odessya uses her camera to overlay it on her helmet and translate it. It says Club Nomhak. She comments on how it is still not clear what it is.

They all walk into the club and are instantly greeted by music of all kinds and many other “interesting” activities. There is a massive bar, a dance floor, and seating. There are scantily clad Marquen here and there, walking around.

Odessya stands with her hand on her hip looking around. She sees people eating, dancing, everywhere. There are lights. The floor of the establishment are also clear and lights are shining in the water, upward. They're casting a liquid effect that makes it difficult to see. She sees the bartender and he waves at her. Kiara slips into the background. Valeera and Kiara see booths that are more private with sound-dampeners with them.

Odessya asks Valeera is she senses him. Valeera says that he is there. Odessya asks Zanara if she wants to come with her and talk to the bartender. They both saunter over to the bar and accosts the bartender who is cleaning glasses. She explains that she is there to see him for business. He tells her he hasn't seen him. Odessya looks at Zanara and continues to explain her situation with Polloq. Zanara sees through him and yanks him down. She holds against his neck a small knife. She demands where he is and that he knows where he is. He gasps: “Third booth! Third Booth!”, frantically. She lets him go but not before scraping the knife against his neck and blowing him a kiss. Odessya tries to bribe him, but he doesn't want the money.

Valeera saw and heard what happened and starts to go to the third booth.


Back at the police station: The group is un-cuffed and in the waiting room. The captain comes out with data pads for them to fill out with their names, DoBs, and occupations. There are people doing paperwork in the background.

Abraxas says that if they want the information that they should talk to Triumvirate command. The captain said that they could have made it easier. Abraxas insists that they could have just talked to them and talked to Allein. The captain insists that they could work together. He signs his stuff.

They hand the data pads back and asks what kind of information it is. He asks what information Abraxas gave because he is not in any databases. Abrxas insists that they contact the Triumvirate for that information. The captain is exasperated and asks them to step inside.

They sit in an interview room. Abraxas tries to intimidate. He is getting mad because he is losing his bounty. He tells them that it was Governor Polluq who set the bounty on Allein.

Allein is shocked that it was Polloq. The brother states that he has been trying to stop the bounty. He explains that he found the bounty. He was attempting to right the wrong.

Abraxas says: “No bounty”... The captain says interesting. He starts to name off many people who had accepted the job from the brother. The brother is holding his head and acknowledging the names. The brother knows that the bounty was a criminal defense.

Allein asks why he didn't bring it up to the police.

Abraxas is getting madder that there is no bounty appearing. The police says that they have the information and that the governor will be arrested.

The police state that they need 15 million gu for the cell that was broken in the window. Abraxas contact the captain and then messages Allein that he won't comply with the police. He says he will not be paying for the family.

Abraxas then states that if his brother puts up the bounty again, they will make sure Polloq guy dies slowly. Allein asks the brother if he can pay it. The brother agrees.

He tells them all that they can go but that the brother is going to be arrested. The brother says that if this is the consequence for protecting his brother, then that is what it is. He tells Allein to make Polloq pay. Allein responds that the police seem to have it all under control.


They are set free and walk out into the main city center where the police car. The building they were in was huge. They didn't realize how big it was.

Abraxas looks at the transponder of the other group. He sees they are in a club at the edge of the city. They make their way there. Abraxas contact Zanara who says she is a little busy. Abraxas asks if he is there. Zanara says that he is on the third booth. She says that he will be enthralled soon enough. Abraxas says that they will hold him for ransom. He explains that it was a fake, but that they will insist on getting paid.


At the club, they are making their way to the third booth. They see an individual sitting there. His appearance is damaged. There is someone on the other side of the booth. The guy taps the booth a couple times when he sees the group. Kiara notices the bartender is gone.

Valeera goes out of eyesight and leans against it. She bangs against the wall. Polloq leans out greets her. She uppercuts him.

The guy with him holds his hands up and is surprisingly calm. The guy says it isn't his concern. They take him up, supported between them, pretending he is drunk.

Five people draw guns on them. They order the occupants dancing to go, firing into the ceiling. Odessya sends in an SOS message to Abraxas who is already outside. Kiara sends him another message.

Abraxas enters in calmly, loading corrosive rounds. As they enter, they see people running. The bartender has a gun. He tells everyone to shoot to kill and that the Paladin can take no concern of the building. The scarred guy pats his shoulder and tells him good job.

Abraxas fires at the closest guy. The guy is blasted apart, as his body splatters. Abraxas raises his spines as his anger is shown. One of the guys drops his gun and wipes the body fluids off of himself and weeps on the floor. The rest have their heads turn. Abraxas starts to infuse flux with his spines. He asks: “Who is next?”

A guy sets his gun at max charge. You can hear it charge. Abraxas points his gun and asks him again. He then tells them to kill. He fires at him. He is still alive, but heavily damaged.

One guy fires on Valeera. She smacks his gun away with her staff. It fires off into the corner.

Another targets Abraxas. He is unable to dodge him. He is blasted to the ground.

Odessya is gunned down by being shot at point blank range.

Valeera summons the guile. She has a weird energy surround her arm and shouts: “Get back!” A shock wave emminates from her. She turns to the nearest guy who shot down Odessya and intimidates him. It is successful. He throws his gun out. Valeera holds him down on the ground and shoots another guy who got shot in the face by Abraxas. (The first guy who was intimidated is still bawling on the floor.) He is killed.

There are two guys left.

Zanara grasps the guy by his neck and instantly cracks his neck, throwing him to the floor. The last guy is against the wall, riddled with shots and hunkered against the wall. Clay pulls out his Maker (incineration gun) and says he doesn't appreciate what happened with his partner. He fires and the guy's body is incinerated. The clothes are is what is left. He walks up to the crying guy and puts him out of his misery.

The other guy has his hands raised and says he fully surrenders. Clay says okay and fires several shots into him. He flips his gun back and blows the smoke away. He then says: “Good night.”

Kiara tries to stabilize Odessya who is near her. She is able to have her wounds bound. She comes back to consciousness. She looks around at the bodies and blood. She is in a pool of Marquen blood. She wants her bounty money for all this effort.

Allein witnesses all this. He then takes his dear Uncle.

Abraxas is in a flashback. He sees him on a Tingadong vessel. He is back in a fighter seat. He sees the ground getting closer and closer. He wakes up in the club again. He hears disco music in the background. He is not happy. He goes slowly to Polluq who is still unconscious. He asks sternly to carry him instead of Valeera. She tells him to take the right side. He has his spikes out as he puts the man's weight on him. He stuffs a rag from a dead corpse and silences him with it.

Allein, Abraxas, and everyone agree to go back. He asks Abraxas to transmat them out. They all walk outside of the club with a barrier around them so that they are not visible.

The ship flies up over them and beams them up. There were aerial vehicles surrounding them as the ship invaded their airspace and they were protesting.

Odessya is not feeling very happy. Kiara forms a report.

Abraxas asks Allein if he is paying him. Allein tells him that he is going to. He sends the money over to him. The money transfer has calmed him considerably. Abraxas says that he will aquire the 20 million even if he has to rip it from the corpse.

Valeera looks at the tablet that was on him. She pulls it off. The guy is delirious and is unable to protest. Abraxas then asks her if he wants to carry him. She allows him.

Abraxas takes him and spikes him and uses his claws as he does. Allein seems perfectly happy with the pain his Uncle is inflicted with. Odessya follows Abraxas.

Abraxas takes him to the interrogation room. The room is rough, and painful looking in comparison to the sleek other passages. He allows Zanara and Odessya to accompany him.

Valeera goes to the bridge with the tablet and starts to try to hack into it. She gets past the first firewall, but she can't find anything important like financial statements. She sees all the communiques between them. There is an unnamed contact as well. Valeera asks the captain if they can hack into the tablet.

Clay steps out of the interrogation room.

They go to the interrogation room. Valeera uses the bio-metrics on the tablet to unlock it. She starts to tap through it. He sees Allein.


Meanwhile, Abraxas slowly and delicately fillets him. Valeera contacts the police and sends all the data on it to the police department. She says the his confession has been made and now we can have payment. She sends them the 20 million gu to everyone. She walks out of the room with the tablet.

Odessya inserts her curved dagger into his lower abdomen. Abraxas is surprised. He sees Kiara and accuses them of being traitors and working with Clan Leau. Abraxas removes the guy's jaw. Kiara walks up and applies her venom to the wound. He is convulsing.

Abraxas spikes the corpses head and drags him to a stasis pod. He is more composed but not satisfied. Odessya has pulled out her dagger and is cleaning the blood off of it.

Kiara joins Valeera and Zanara (who is pleased). Valeera, Odessya, and Abraxas contribute their money to help the crew involved. The captain asks them to search for Walen. She gives them information on his last known location.

Abraxas contacts Zanara privately. He tells her that her toy is in stasis and to make him last longer. He confesses that he wants to find more fish to kill and that he dislikes them. Zanara points to Allein. Abraxas says that Allein has not angered him enough.

Kiara sends her contact an update.



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