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[NPR] Nexus Progress Report 8/20/21



Lots of new artwork since I posted one of these last time. I won't post it here, but it can be found in the gallery. I also won't be posting artwork in here from this point forward.


We have actually moved into Beta of the Arms Race update, and are currently playtesting and building out the remaining bits here and there. Blessings have a ways to go but are being run as a list for now. As for the players, enjoy having your insanely OP characters, because the amount of choice will increase but eventually the path system will be implemented once we have all the Blessings filled out.

Additionally, we are also looking into adding something specifically to enhance the race experience called Aptitude. I won't go into a great deal on that yet until we've fully built it out.



The heart of our system, ships, are finally getting the love and attention they deserve! We are starting to rebuild this part of the system, practically from the ground up. They're going to become a much more tactical experience with their own skill sets and abilities. Ships will stay in line with how characters currently play while adding more indepth elements into their play. Ships have always been a very complicated piece of our system, so we are planning to slim down their gameplay while still keeping it detailed and entertaining.

We are currently working on weaponry, shields, and base gameplay. Hopefully, these will be up and running by December! But as I always say, I hate posting deadlines for this stuff, it's just my hope for now. My ultimate goal is to get these at least up and running by Season 9.


Let's hope I don't stop doing these right as I say I'll keep doing them again!

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