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[NPR] Nexus Progress Report 6/19/21



I let an extra two weeks go by so we have quite a bit of stuff to cover. The first being a new race sketch! First, we have the Genoan!

Secondly, we have Prakkam.



In the past few weeks, I have done some general work on the Blessings, but they haven't been my main focus, as I try to switch around my workload to ensure I don't get burnt out on one specific topic, I'll be getting back to them in the next two weeks.


In terms of the equipment, unlike the Blessings, it has been much more of my focus over the past weeks. We have added more equipment to the list and also created a new weapon type, Quantum Weapon Frames. These weapons are built around mods, and most be modified before they can be used. They have no base skill until the body modification is chosen to designate the skill. They work by altering damage types based on the types of Quantum crystals loaded into them. Dek can also utilize these weapons far more easily as they can charge themselves up and output their energy into the weapons. I will also be adding an additional path to the Dek abilities to allow for more advanced use of the Quantum weapons.


In addition to the Dek ability tree, we have also built out Dek Quantum powers more as well. This allows for fuller control of their abilities through different colored Quantum. I'm looking forward to seeing how people use their new abilities as they expand.

Also for the races, I have added the new ones to our lists and starting working out their stats and basic attributes, this will take a while but I don't plan on having all of them done right away, anyway.

Random Additions

There have been a bunch of random changes and additions as well that I'll simply fit into this section.

Death Saves: These have been updated to increase roll difficulty, which includes causing all negatives to count against one's own Nerve, and all positives counting towards the win total, which has now been increased to 6, from 5.

Regen Dice: Created Regen Dice, a way for players to heal themselves outside of combat and can be returned on Rest, and additionally will be granted on level up.

Rests: Allows for regeneration of Nerve using Regen Dice, also is now 'landmark' that must be used to regenerate abilities and other things. Each race has a different Rest time.


I have started on a character creation manual for new and returning players. I have also started creating a leveling manual that will explain what all needs to be done when leveling up.


I don't plan on taking more time off from the NPRs, I mainly missed it two weeks ago and didn't want to throw off my schedule, so we'll be back to regularly scheduled NPRs every other week from here out!

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