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[NPR] Nexus Progress Report 5/7/21



Here is the latest piece of artwork we got from Hugo! The Zakon race. A massive, hulking reptilian species with great power and intelligence. I absolutely love this piece, it gives such a great perspective to how they look and are for sure one of my personal favorite races.


We have decided on the last three races to enter NTE and how they will operate on a base level. All three have been named and each has a basic description, as well as some information regarding how they will operate.


Animate objects and inanimate matter like rocks or ice with their own crystals. They sling out their Kisaali crystals and attach them into whatever they want to animate. In a way, extending their own soul and the souls of their ancestry into the objects they animate. They can, although rarely do, reanimate inanimate corpses. Additionally, when one of their ancestors die, they can collect the soul of their family member and imbue themselves with it.

KiilKisaali are darker black/blue in skin tone and have patches of pale white/blue that appear in small portions around their skin similar to “vitiligo” on humans. Their Kisaali crystals are brilliant and semi-translucent vermillion red and appear evenly and symmetrically around the body. Although, the appearance can vary from one individual to another. The usual locations for the appearance of the crystals are directly in the center of their chest (their own soul crystal), behind the ears, and stretching upward, also other locations are on their cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, forearms, legs, chin, and other locations. The larger the ancestry, normally the more crystals that appear on the individual. Additionally, they also have pale white hair, with possibly small portions of darker hair.

The KiilKisaali are going to be the first race added, hopefully in the next update. The other two below will be coming later.


A species of rhino-like beings. They are honorable above all else, but when forced into combat they see no alternative than to utterly pulverize their opponents. They are large, but not as large as Zakon, and have multiple methods of combat, and are built into minor classes that will change their stats based on the chosen path. We don't have a ton of info on them yet.


Half humanoid and half spider, they are much like centaurs but focus on trapping and poisoning their opponents and are built around movement as well as strength. They are both seductive and menacing. They often times will take the path of least resistance, ensuring the quickest method to getting the job done, whatever that job is.


All in all, this week was quite interesting. I ended up getting sick and having to cancel both Saturday and Tuesday sessions, luckily I'm back at it again and we will be streaming/recording at our normal time this Saturday and Tuesday. I'm planning on getting fully back on the NTE train after my unexpected break, so prepare for lots more to come!

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Courtney L (Q)
Courtney L (Q)
May 08, 2021

Nice! I like the races. The Arachni and KiilKisaali sound fascinating personally.

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