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[NPR] Nexus Progress Report 5/23/21



There are a few pieces of artwork in this NPR this week! A few from Hugo, as per the norm, and a new artist commission made by Raxxis.

The first piece is an Unavali.

The second is a Protian.

Finally, the last piece is a reference piece for the Lotus, and I'm very happy to see how it came out.


I worked on the Blessings over the last two weeks and got the current ones we had listed into the Tech tree, so it's coming along well! The Physical tree is also coming along well, I just need to take the ones we listed in our Discord server and put them into the spreadsheet, for addition onto the tree. We've also made a few extra Blessings here and there that will increase the variety pretty heavily, and I'll be very happy to see when they're fully added into the spreadsheet.


And here is the reason this NPR is actually so late this week. I ended up working on Equipment and Armor/Body mods pretty heavily over the last few days as well.

The mods listed above can be used on the body, or armor, unless listed otherwise, although there aren't many new ones, the ones that have been added are going to significantly change how some characters are played. We also listed out the original pieces of equipment, as well as what they are used for. Additionally, we increased the number of total equipment by a very large amount. As you can see to the right, it's quite a hefty list, and we plan to expand it even further. I'm very much looking forward to when people start utilizing these in the campaigns, and eventually how everyone will use them in the future.


This week has been another fun one! Work hasn't really let down much but I've managed to work on this more than usual. I plan on getting this update done before mid-June, but all in all, I don't want to set a 'release date' if you will. Putting that kind of pressure on myself and the team, whom we have shortened down recently, isn't exactly the best option. Especially when this passion project isn't exactly bringing in anything as of yet. But one day hopefully, it will!

Additionally, we had to cancel the Saturday session this week due to a lack of possible participants, which is understandable as lots of folks are busy!

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