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[NPR] NEXUS Progress Report 4/9/2021



Here are several pieces of artwork we got from Hugo!

The Dek Race:

A Sentinel "Archon:"


I ended up changing the Dek ability system over to the new damage model we are going to be using in the new update.


Strength: Added "Strength" which is what mastering a weapon gives you. It makes skill rolls significantly easier to get wins on. Making 3-6 a win, instead of 4-6.

Weakness: Added "Weakness" which is the opposite of "Strength" and can be granted by abilities or attributes. This causes the skill roll wins to become more difficult. 5-6 instead of 4-6.

Weapon Attributes

We created Weapon Attributes that are randomly chosen based on a dice roll. They affect higher-level weapons and can grant smaller special features. 1 out of 10 Attributes can be negative, however.


All in all, I have been insanely busy these last two weeks with work. I plan on jumping onto this more these coming weeks. We're so close to finishing this! Below I am going to list out the to-do list I have set up for what we need to get done, and the current status of the tasks. They're in no perticular order, more of what my brain what throwing out at the time.


Overhaul Combat, Weapons, and other additions [] (Pulled from Discord)

  • DONE - Create a new highest level damage, or a damage rating that is the highest average damage for reference. Do the same for shield changes.

  • STARTED - Create a spreadsheet that shows where weapons, at their base level, fit in the levels and what players should use at those levels.

  • DONE - Rebalance armor rating, remove weight.

  • STARTED - Adapt the list of weapons into the new combat damage, mod, and attributes. - Create an attributes list.

  • DONE - Establish specific combat rules, ensure defense rolls/reactions aren't given instantly, unless by race in a blessing.

  • DONE - Ensure defense rolls, reactions, and other actions are specified for an amount of uses per combat encounter.

  • DONE - Change the shield system to roll based, instead of damage based, but still allow shields to reduce damage by the threshold of the shield. (Physically write it out in a document.)

  • DONE - Adapt the list of shields to account for damage they take per hit to their threshold, with energy weapons.

  • DONE - Alter oscillation damage and linear weapon damage. - Expand on how reactions work. React when enemies are doing stuff, team mates are doing stuff, and other things. - Build a Flux system. - Build out how Phase works. STARTED - Change leveling to the new "Spec" system that was discussed. DONE - Really punch out how these different specs will operate, and how they are different from each other.

  • STARTED - Create three blessing trees for the races to spec into. - Built a list of 6 blessings to choose from, that races can start with, anywhere on the new blessing trees. At level 1, pick one for free.

  • DONE - Build the race potential sheet. - Balance the potential of the races based on play testing. STARTED - Finish the race save sheet.

  • STARTED - Create a weapon's mod and body mod list. Body mods are part of the armor mods list, but will be expanded upon. - Expand on the current mod system.

  • STARTED - Alter the character sheet to fit the above changes.

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