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[NPR] Nexus Progress Report 4/23/21

Changes Artwork Here is the latest piece of artwork we got from Hugo! The Deovian race, with small freckles like colorations on their temples and small ridges on their ears. The character pictured is Layla Keane.


I added something I hadn't originally considered adding until a couple of days ago. But Backgrounds have been added! The player can choose a background for their character and receive a mastery of a specific skill or skill save from a list of three, based on the Background chosen. Backgrounds will also eventually benefit the character in other ways as well, including other attributes and additions such as items and possibly a Blessing? We shall see. I may eventually make race-specific backgrounds, but as for right now, I don't have any planned. Backgrounds will also grant starting funds as well since we had yet to make a system for that!

Along with this, Mastering a skill no longer locks it for later modification using your skill points.

Here is the list as of right now: (Little awkward sizing but at least it's readable)


In other news, Blessings have been counted up as to the total amount we currently have, vs what we need total. Right now we have a whopping 151 Blessings. Which honestly seems like a ton until it's put in perspective with how many we actually need: 363. Not including Blessing mini trees. So probably more around 375 or so. OH BOY! We're getting closer as we have been steadily making more and more, keeping them original and ensuring that none of them overlap in terms of usage or abilities. We want to keep them all unique so anyone can build a character that is completely unique and interesting.

We also went through and modified Blessings we haven't totally decided on yet and polished them up to get them working so we can put them into the trees.

Additionally, I also finished putting all of our current Physical Blessings into the Physical spec tree, which honestly doesn't even cover half of it. This alone just describes how much work we have to do to finish this update off. But it will be more than worth it after we're done, and we can move onto starships! And boy am I looking forward to it! Can we all chant "rebuild!"


This week was actually surprisingly busy and I didn't get a lot of time to work on things, but I'm hoping the next two weeks will be more open and I'll be able to get more work done. I've been tempted to set a release date for myself and the team, but I feel that would just stress me (and them) out. Especially because we just lost one of our largest contributors to something he asked to not be named. But we will miss him, and will be excited to see him when he returns! Fair winds JCapt!

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Courtney L (Q)
Courtney L (Q)
05 may 2021

I like the addition of the backgrounds for the players. You covered the selection of that rather well. Would Assassin fall under bounty hunter or would it be its own category? Entertainers might also be an interesting category? a LOT!😯

Me gusta
Cole Longacre
Cole Longacre
05 may 2021
Contestando a

Hmmm that's a good question. I'm thinking it might fall under Merc. Since they're more an individual who sells their "sword" for work. Although we could make it its own category. I do like the idea of an entertainer as well. In terms of Blessings... Yes... Yes it is... Lol

Me gusta
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