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[NPR] NEXUS Progress Report 3/24/21



Thanks to Hugo once again for the awesome artwork of the Marquen, one of our aquatic races! We have another vote up on the discord server for the next race as well.


Just like last time, we did some major work on Blessings. This time I didn't do much work on the physical layout of the Specs, but we did create over 50 new Blessings on our "Blessing night" and then several more as the last two weeks continued. We expanded on the Psionic and Tech Blessings most of all but did still add in some Physical Blessings too. We are trying to work on Blessings that aren't just combat specific, and are both passive and something that can be used outside of combat, while still being interactive and useful.

A few cool examples of new Blessings are listed below:

  • Bolt-On. Tech. Gain a single armor mod of any kind, on single-piece armor. Can be taken twice.

  • Cerebral Bank. Psionic. Store losses from psionic rolls as wins into a shared bank with other cerebral bank holders. Unlimited permanent storage.

  • Distraction. Physical. Give your allies + 2 wins to stealth upon stealth failure and allies are 10+ feet away from the character.

Character Sheets

I have updated the new character sheets to reflect all of the changes made these last two weeks. Specs are integrated better into the sheet, with potential listed as well. Damage has been modified, as well as the weapons and equipment list. Power has been changed over and I added a power section to the character sheet as well. I also updated multi-piece armor to reflect the loss of the weight section, as well as a section to the shields specifying shield damage.


Updated core PUD to simply just a flat power bonus, as well as specified a few things on the spreadsheet itself as well. Also updated their bonuses and stats.


We have updated damage types, and how they interact with the new shield system. Below is pulled directly from what we wrote down about the new shield damage system.

"Not all weapons deal damage to shields, some deal partial, and some deal full or extra.

Energy Weapons: Deal no damage to the target if the shield is up, however, it deals damage to the shield until it is dropped. Full shield damage is applied if the threshold is not beaten, and double damage is applied if the threshold is beaten.

Ballistic/Physical Weapons: Deal no damage to the target if the threshold is not beaten, deal damage – threshold to the target if the threshold is beaten.

Oscillation Weapons: Deal quarter damage to the target if their shield threshold roll is not beaten, and half damage if it is, with no damage reduction from the shield. Deal full damage to shields if the threshold is beaten. Once the shield is fully down, full damage is applied.

Particle / Ion Weapons: Deal no damage to conventional shields, but shields also offer no protection against these weapons. Dealing full Particle damage to the target, every time.

Linear Weapons: Can change between energy type damage and physical. (Taking on those aspects)"

Depths of Power

We have updated both Prophets and Rifters! Rifters now have the first Soremrion ability set laid out. Prophets also now have their first ability set completely built as well. The Tuesday and Saturday groups both forced our hands to push for a finish of this, but as this isn't directly died into the new update, it's more of a side update, so I'll leave it pretty sparse on information.


Weight was never really "alive", but we killed it either way. Killed it good.


We're several steps closed to the new update folks! We're looking forward to getting it out there! And then we can start focusing directly on ships again, they need love and we plan to make them awesome again. #makestarshipsgreatagain

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Courtney L (Q)
Courtney L (Q)
Mar 24, 2021


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