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[NPR] NEXUS Progress Report 3/10/21



I have been working off and on, on the Blessing trees, and have been updating the Physical Blessing tree with all of the current Blessings. They have been placed in locations that are indeed subject to change if we find a better location, but as of right now, I'm liking where everything is sitting. Don't mind the little bits here and there of the WIP materials. In the bottom right you can also see the mini trees as well. Everything here is WIP, and subject to change.


Speaking with Josiah, we decided to discuss the Draen race, which has hardly gotten much love. We decided to make them "shifters" that can change where their skill points are located within their skill tree, practically at will. I think this will add a ton of depth to the Draen, and I'm looking forward to seeing them used in future sessions.


We had some more artwork done during the last two weeks. The Radrian, depicted as a Radrian female wearing a beautiful red dress.


This was a pretty light NPR this week, as I have been quite busy with work and haven't found much time to do much system work, but as weeks continue we'll get closer and closer to the release of the Arms Race update. I know we're all excited to see how it works, and I'm especially excited for the future of the NEXUS Tabletop Engine.

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