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[NPR] NEXUS Progress Report 2/25/21

Hey folks. I'm going to start doing a bi-weekly progress report I'm going to call "NPR" as stated in the title. I'll be going over changes and additions that have been made within the last two weeks, as well as some other information on possible changes and thoughts.




There have been significant alterations to the Blessing system, mainly what I have already posted previously in another blog post. It pertains to changing the Blessing system from a far less pleasing sprawling blessing tree, to a far more condensed and visually pleasing set of three Spec trees. How far a player can venture in these spec trees will be determined by the race they are playing.


There have been significant changes to a couple of races. The Dek especially. They have a new set of abilities and a skill tree to match, following a similar design to the Spec trees. They also have small sets of mini trees with ability sets given to them by the Quantum they consume. Using a similar design to the Spec trees, and also including mini trees helps us also unify the design of the system, and marching forward this design is going to be used for anything it can be applied to. Below is the current design for the Dek ability tree, although another branch will be added at some point to even the design out and even out the ability sets.

Additionally, Radrian have also received new abilities and we are working on growing their race attributes further. There is currently no physical skill tree associated with them, but when it is created, it will be significantly more linear than the Dek abilities.

Equipment and Mods

We have been working on weapons, mods, and other equipment as well. For weapons, I have been trying to unify the types of weapons and marks of them in relation to the overall player level. As of right now, it is not all of the current weapon types, but as we continue it'll grow to accommodate all weapon types. Across the very top represents the "Grade" of weapon, while the horizontal row next to the name of the weapon represents the weapon mark in relation to the level of the character (1-20).

Shields and armor have also been updated with corrected values, but I was stupid and edited the current spreadsheets instead, so I have been compensating during the sessions... Whoops!


Lastly, I have been working on updating the economy system, adding items to the list of our price chart, and balancing their prices. This will continue to work in the background as we go, as I don't see a need to make an update specifically for the economy, at least not as of yet.

Let me know your thoughts on this week's NPR in the comments. I may also make a forum section for these, but we'll wait and see.

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