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NEXUS Season 8: Unifying the game system.

During this next year, and the latest Season of ISR, Season 8, there will be lots of new updates in the making to fully unify the NEXUS system as we proceed into a new era of our community. For everyone here, we thank you for working with us and really appreciate it.


Save Yourself Update (Current)

  • Continue to work out bugs and balance newly added systems

  • Add needed additions

  • Complete unfinished chunks of the new systems, such as race skill save leveling.


Weapon and Combat Update

  • Update weapon damages and level them with armor, as well as the new level cap.

  • Add weapon mods, balance current armor mods.

  • Expand on equipment.

  • Make combat more simple, but keep the optional complexity.

  • Other combat related items.


Starships Return in FORCE Update

  • Rebuild ships from the ground up.

  • Starships have always been the center of ISR and NEXUS, let's treat them as such.

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