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Lotus Session: 04/18/2020

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

ISR -- Lotus

DATE: 04.18.2020



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space.

The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.


- Q's recap:

-Cole's recap: back aboard the ship and still on the planet


- Osius is placed in a medical isolation cell in a medical area. Talos is still examining him.

- Usi scans the planet because of the power source there. He detects a small amount singularity energy and quantum energy.

- Julianne plans to share the information with the factions to balance the power. Zeynerx moves the ship over to where the power source is. Valmara senses lifeforms down there, as does Zeynerx. Belial detects a singularity drive from within a structure underground. The structure is powered by some sort of quantum energy. There are a lot of thermal venting and a large numbers of life signs. He mentally reports to Julianne and requests an expedition with heavy armaments and harvesting equipment.

Julianne gives the okay.

- Valmara goes to the med-bay and picks up some medical supplies. She senses Osius and gets sucked into his mind and sees flecks of images of him being tortured and screaming. She recoils and finds herself being being shaken by Talos. She is crying and screaming.

- Usi feels a pain in his temple and rushes to the med bay where he finds Talos over Valmara. He is upset with Valmara for doing that. She apologizes and he is understanding because she did not know. Usi then feels a searing pain in the other temple. His brother feels it as well and falls off his bed, screaming bloody murder.

Talos sedates him. The pain in Usi stops for a moment, continues for a while, and it dies.

- Belial arrives in med-bay with weapons drawn. Asks who touched Usi's brain. He just walks away. Valmara tries to sense him to see what his opinion is of her, and and Belial feels a poking sensation in his mind as he leaves. Then Belial leaves and goes to gather his equipment.

- Belial, Cervius, Zeynerx, and Usi go down to the planet again, close to the location. The treeline ends abruptly.

There is an ancient structure with the old infinity logo on it. Cervius scans for lifesigns. He sees

thermal venting from the planet's surface. Around the structure, there are metal machines (3ft tall, bulky) with fluid-like arms that seem to be gathering the liquid in the vents, their arms glowing as the liquid enters their arms. The materials are being gathered and taken into the forest. He asks the captain.

Belial advises them to not be investigated because of a war that was instigated between the Lokin (sp?).

- Torin sees a Bishop. It has two very large sniper beam cannons on it's arms. The metal beings seem to be fueling the Bishop. He advises them to get into the structure. They begin to sprint into the building.

- The Lockin sees them. They continue to run. Cervius tries to grapple onto Belial to assist him. They get to the side of the building and find large bay doors taking up the whole side of the wall. The Lockin moves smoothly past the wall. Belial smashes the console and the doors open. They slip into the doorway.

- Valmara's ankle is stuck in a crack, and it is close to being broken. Cervius grabs the back of her armor and drags her inside. Torin locks the doors as Cervius slips in. Belial smashes the console for good measure.

- There is banging on the door, dust falls. It is pitch black. Valmara senses lifeforms, a few.

Usi senses a singularity, regular ones, across the whole structure. Belial sees structures, crates,

decrepit vehicles. The robot scans a pentos-class ship. The hardware is gone. Belial puts a beacon on it.

It's stealth core is still active. Belial takes it apart and integrates it, a task that will take time.

Thus his arms are busy while he is reconstructing the stealth tech onto the Lotus.

- Valmara asks who sees anything to use as a crutch. Usi says someone should carry her. No one volunteers. Valmara sticks a medi-pen into her thigh and creates a staff which has a spiraled top. The staff glows a green color and lights up a good portion of the room. Usi listens to hear if someone is there. He hears footsteps and lights begin to turn on systematically. Most take cover. Valmara's staff disappears. The robot hunkers into a fetal position and creeps behind a box.

- Off in the distance, Matrix soldiers in silver purple and black armor are seen. They walk through scanning things. One looks at the robot and looks at his buddies. He takes the gun out of the robot's hands and and throws it on the floor. It rattles on the floor. The robot seems pissed. The PPR of the one is charged and they are about to shoot the robot. The door closes, slamming. He shifts through the object and begins to cut through the ship door that Belial is in. Belial asks what they are doing when they ask him. They did not expect to see them.

They don't understand why he was there and why he wasn't informed. He says he is solely here for the core. The Matrix soldiers believe his deceptions. They take his ID card and toss it back at him. They ask about the robot. He offers it to them, and they reply that it is useless. They depart, but Belial asks about the transformation. The Matrix reply that they do not know but that he will.

- They notice something as they walk away. They investigate the vehicle where Zeynerx and Cervius are.

Zeynerx commands the soldier: "You do not see me." with his mind.

The soldier retaliates with a sarcastic: "Yeah right!"

Usi had jumped into the rafters and falls down on the soldier. Usi tears through his armor and back. The Matrix tries to lay his mind on Usi. The other three turn and one blasts at Usi in the back. Usi is badly damaged.

- Cervius steps out and tries to save the situation. The Matrix ask him why his Protian (Usi) attacked. Cervius tries to explain that he never gave him orders. Belial opens the door and yells at everyone, demanding the meaning of everything. Usi is kicked toward Belial. Belial does not want to be disturbed and demands them to leave them. The Matrix says he will stay.

- The Zalos sees Valmara and she makes her staff and stands. He only comments on the staff.

- Belial integrates the equipment. The Matrix lets him pass and beam back with his "Crew".

- Julianne is amazed by what she sees when they beam back. Belial emphasizes that the initiate

saved their lives through diplomacy.

-Valmara gives Cervius a copy of the map in exchange for information and a geode (since she likes strange rocks). (not exactly the deal she wanted but she was desperate for knowledge and kept her word.)




Who is who:

  • Belial - Conrad

  • Julian - Cole

  • Usi - Torin

  • Nyx - Josiah D.

  • Cervius - Josiah R.

  • Valmara - Courtney

  • Zeynerx - Peter

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