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Lotus Session: 04/04/2020

ISR- Lotus

Date: 04.04.2020



A ship called the Lotus was caught in a space anomaly caused by a thermal explosion. They are now far away from home and trying to make their way to familiar space.

The anomaly that pulled their ship also pulled Cervius, an Earther, out of his time and into another dimension where the Lotus is.


-Conrad's recap:


-Nyx is dying, but she is stabilized. Belial says no one except for him can approach Nyx. He carries Cervius. -Zeynerx tries stall the explosion of the ship by activating the fail-safe ejection sequence for the core. The ship's core is shot out into open space. It goes toward the edge of the bubble, bounces against its wall, bounces and is now drifting down to the ship again. The ships power is still on because the battery power is just enough to maintain power to it. Juliane is hailed. She demands to know what is going on. -Those on the Infinity ship return to the bridge and are transported back into the beaming room. The unconscious are placed on the beamer, and Belial exchanges heated words with the beamer. He insists that the human is under his protection. -The core gets closer to the ship and expands a bit. What looks like shattered glass surrounds the core. Usi tries to sense the core and hears malicious whispers in a tongue he does not understand. The telepaths feel a pull toward it. Usi tries to communicate but just continues tp hear the whispers from before. -They warp out through the opening tunnel they previously went through. Nemp comms to Belial. Belial insists that he will not return to the pilot seat until the task he has undertaken is complete. There is a loud clanging on the on Belial's end of comms. -Cervius wakes in the med bay. He is advised to go easy on his leg. He goes to the debriefing after setting up some armor tests. Juliane is in the ready room. She is speaking to the Keizen Septem. Septem reports the state of Nyx's spine's that were broken and that Belial was very hostile. Cervius approaches Juliane and debriefs. (*Nyx is still unconscious). -Juliane continues to debrief each of the crew in turn. -Valmar examines the the data pads. She finds a black box on the end her search. She goes to Juliane, and the comms officer is able to break into the box. Valmara sees an equation that appears to change. She thinks it's a map of the space they were in. Discussions take place on the bridge of what could have happened to cause the data tablet to be there. Valmara, after the data is transmitted to the ship, takes back the data, and keeps it (very close). - They leave the bubble and the new one has a planet. Valmara senses living beings on the surface. The ship scans the planet and finds structures. Usi sees a Matrix ship which just warps off, except he was the only one who noticed it. Usi notices something and suggests going to a particular part of the planet. Belial provides the location of a Matrix installation. -They do an overlay of the planet and check the coordinates. The structures on the surface look ancient. Belial walks into the bridge. They begin pinging the planet and receiving pings in return. -Usi, Valmara, Cervius, Septem, and Zeynerx go down to the jungle planet to investigate. It's mucky, and raining. They begin to head off into the direction of the structure. Most seem absorbed the scenery. -There is a lizard creature with wings who approaches from the front and attacks. Usi and Septem intimidate it, causing it to run off. Valmara is attacked shortly afterward by one from the back, most of her health leaving her in its attack. She leaps back when it tries to attack her again. Usi attacks the one by Valmara, but only draws blood. One of the other two growls. Usi growls back and continues to attack the closest one. This time, his blade goes through the ribs and damages it, causing it to retreat. He then attacks the one who growled at him and shoots it. The shot goes through its body. It remains standing, despite its being shot. Septem attacks and the creature is still alive despite the chunk of skin. Septem yells at it, and the creature runs away as well as his buddy who seeing him run makes his getaway. -Cervius is attacked from the back, and his shields block it from biting his rear. He shoots the creature. Valmara heals her wounds and fires on the creature; however it evades her. She tries to intimidate it, but it is not dismated by her. She claims it is lack of practice to save face. Zeynerx fires at it and kills it, blowing its head off. They skin a couple of the corpses. -They continue on and see the creatures again from a distance, watching and growling but keeping away from them. They get to a bunker and begin to hack the door to open it. Valmara and Nemp sense two life forms, but one disappears. Nemp senses one fading. They enter a room with bodies of Matrix. There is a battered Protian who is Osias whom Usi knows and who is his brother. Valmara gives Usi the med patches she gathered. There are lots of energy blast marks. The console that Usi was by was the one sending the sounds to the Lotus (which is still sending out pings). Valmara sees a panel that she doesn't understand. Septum comprehends it. -Usi sees the console and understands it as Olrius introduced to Loki etc and threatens them. Ieye is there in the scene. They find a feed of what happened in the room. Osias was attached to the seat in the center, and then he tears himself out and begins attacking those around him. He continues to attack anyone and everyone around him. In the recording, he tries to communicate to the console and then is attacked again. -They beam back to the ship with Osias with them.




Who is who:

  • Belial - Conrad

  • Julian - Cole

  • Usi - Torin

  • Nyx - Josiah D.

  • Cervius - Josiah R.

  • Valmara - Courtney

  • Zeynerx - Peter

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