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Atlas Session Logs: 01/04/2020

ISR - Atlas

DATE: 01.04.2020


-A rather radical Clan Protian ship hails Atlas ship. The captain of the ship exchanges words with the Magrunn captain. The Protian is rather sadistic and has transported to their bridge. After exchanging insults and words, the Protians depart.


-Peter(?) describes how he used a weapon that uses one's own life force to do things. The more one draws from it, the

more one desires to use it. He is advised, by Meso, to be careful because it is very dark and dangerous. It is suggested that Peter and his crew stay at Atlas station. Meso goes off.


-Kyron is in the Rose Galaxy and sends his coordinates to Meso. Meso decides to go to the coordinates that Kyron sent to him and sees a Fellhammer battle barge sitting nearby. It's sleeker and a newer design. He waits for contact.

-At last, he is contacted and asked to join a quest.

-Kyron uses his mental powers to contact a sentient in the next system. Kyron seeks

knowledge from it in exchange for some of his own. There a@njfdk ^94kf:,dj~...

- - - Data on their interaction seems to be corrupted - - -

-Meso takes him up on his offer. His ship then is grabbed by the vessel and is docked with it. He is taken to a new unfamiliar star system (possibly even a new galaxy) and sees two vessels of similar design; however one is considerably larger than the other.

He is transported and is led to a station-like structure with a shining white light. {Note: Data here seems to have been lost in transmission}

The son is about to go into his rite of passage. He enters and vanishes into the light. Four days pass.

-Azalea arrives, walks to Meso, and asks if he is seriously going to enter the light. Meso seems unconcerned.

-Meso walks into the light, and his vision is blinded by light. His body is burnt up, being consumed

by the light. He becomes more powerful as a result of this rite. He feels a pull pushing him

out of the light, and resistance to it seems to only increase. He is commanded to step forward. Five days have passed.


-An old ship has been heard of in Unity space. The Magrunn ship, under Peter investigates. Upon arrival in the area, they see a squid-like ship which successfully defends itself from an attacking pirate.

-They communicate with it. At first, the strangers do not respond; however, later they reply. The aliens were there to investigate. They said they prefer peace but say it is not necessary.

-Peter warns them of the Viren and gives them their coordinates as a way to tell them where to avoid and to see what they will do. The strange ship warps toward the coordinates, and the Magrunn follow. Seeing the Magrunn are following, the strange ship tracks onto them with a beam.

-After some words, the aliens release the ship once they have reached the edge of Viren territory. The ship darts into the the Viren territory. Curiously, the Magrunn linger on the outskirts and wait to see what happens.

-The sensors pick up a viren ship which attacks and latches onto theirs. They try to warp off but it grabs them and begins to reach for the blight core. Most of the engineers are dead. The entire ship shuts down, and the crew make their way to escape pods.

-The alien ship rescues them and transports them to their vessel. They are 7ft tall machines, and the Magrunn with PTSD break down. (Gwenyth breaks down.) The aliens introduce themselves to be the Nazay. From interacting with the Magrunn they conclude them to be a very dumb unintelligent race.

-The aliens allow them to use their comms array which they use to contact Meso who is unamused by their predicament and considers keeping a closer eye on them.

-The Nazay are talking to the Meso and the Felhammer. They give the Felhammer the coordinates of their ship which has the Magrunn. Meso is on his way to pick them up. Both arrive together.

-The Magrunn are transported to the Felhammer ship. Meso looks similar to his original appearance he had, but he is taller , grander, and his armor has changed a bit.

-Information is given to the Nazay and arrangements are made for the Magrunn to be transported back to Atlas. Before they leave contact info is exchanged.



Written by Courtney Lambert

To see more of her work, check out her other blog posts and her own website!

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